Sunday, July 22, 2018

Time To Get Back To Home Sweet Home! and Glimpse of Our Visit To Centaurus Mall and HillTop Restaurant

Hello   Precious  Friends!

Hope   and  pray  that   all  of  you are   enjoying   the  ups   and   downs  of   life  with  dare  and   courage   as  i  know   no  mater   how  hard  the  task   is   ,your   STRENGTH   is  tougher   than   it  anyway :)

we   are   leaving  for   home  (khairpur city)  tomorrow  and   i   wanted  to   say   hello  to  you  all   as   journey   is  quite   long   and  life  is  unpredictable  so   it's   good   to  share  my  feelings  that  i  really  missed    all of  you SO  MUCH!!!

sharing   with  you   some  pics  which  you  may  be  find  interesting   though   my   camera is  weak but  trust  my  effort  ! 

 this  was  our  early  visit  to  mall Centaurus  in  Islamabad in  fasting  month  Ramadan so  was  not  as  much  crowded  as  it  is  now   days ,our  after  ramadan  visit  pics  are  not  here

we   were   there  little   early   as  real   crowed  begins  after  evening after 7pm and  i  liked  the  calmness

 kids  had  burger  and  we  both  coffee  ,prices  were   4  times  more  than  normal  we  find  on  shops  out  of   mall


outside  the  games  section  my  youngest  shakes  hands  with  his  one  of  favorite  character

 This  was   our  visit  to  highest  eating  point   in  the  capital  city  where  view  is  breath  taking   but  food  is  not   as   fine  as  we  expected  ins  pite  of   higher  prices

By  zooming  i  tried  to  capture  the  monkeys  who  seemed  so  friendly  with  roaming  crowed   though   i  was  scared   any  of  them  could  take  away  my  phone   as  once   the  snatched  banana  from  my  hands  when  i  was  girl  and  walking  to  my  school  from  shop  in  breaktime

  tried   to  capture   the  panorama  photo  of  city  before  entering the  eating  hall

 we   were  able  to  share  our  joys  of  present  moments  with  our  eldest  son  through  whats up so  it   was   not  hard  to   smile  from  heart!

 When sun  slipped  behind    the  hills  we  entered  the  the  open  hall  of   Monal  Hotel   as  desire  of  evening  tea  was  pulling  us there

 when  night  fell  the  lightened   city  sparked  with  all  it's   beauty  and  charm ,melodious  slow  music  was  creating  magic  around  with  breeze

Kids  had  burgers   and  both  of  us  had  tea   which  was   not  according  to  our  expectations  though  bill   was  nearly  3000 rupees

  It  was   after  Eid   so   place  was  packed  with  visitors ,little  downpour  enriched   the  glory  of  moments as  no  one  looked  concerned  about  it  and  thank  god  it  did  not  rained  until we  got  home

I   truly  enjoyed  being  at  the  top  of  the  city and  this  is  because  of  i  am   basically  from  a  valley  and being  on  hills  brings   my  childhood  back  inside  me

    love   is   magic  ,without   it   everything   is  meaningless!!!

 We   will   get   in  our   city  on  24th  of  july   (inshallah) ( by  the  grace  of  God)

restoring   the  home  will  take  atleast  3  days , I  am  feeling  so  happy   and   excited   for  getting  back  to  my  home  as   i  truly   believe  that  

"THERE  IS  NO  PLACE   LIKE  HOME"   it   gives   you  sense   of   love   and  warmth  which  is  not   possible   in  rented  places  or  hotel  rooms .

I   am  happy  that  month  of  December   is  crawling   nearer  in  which  we  are  desperately  waiting   for  arrival of  our  eldest  son:)))

Take  Great   Lovely   people  because  You   Are  Precious!!!

Yes   ,you  are  ,  just  need  to   REALIZE   it !

Each   breath  given  by  God  has  Purpose   ,so   we  must  find  it  and  fulfill  it !

God   Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Love your photos Baili. And monkeys! Yay!

  2. So lovely to see your photographs.

    Safe travels home.

    All the best Jan

  3. It looks like a wonderful trip and thank you so much for the photos! Inspiring pictures from heaven looking downwards at earth... But a shame the food was not so good. Hopefully the view compensated for the food! I hope you got home safely and are now feeling happy surrounded by familiar things.

  4. I have so enjoyed the pictures of your vacation. It helps me know more about your country. The vacation has been good for you. You look refreshed like a young girl.

  5. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos, wishing you a safe trip home!

  6. Have a safe trip home. Home is the most comfortable place to be.

  7. what an amazing trip ! Beautiful views, you all look so happy and relaxed,, the night time photos are so beautiful and give a wonderful perspective,, I know you are anxious to see your son,, December is coming fast!

  8. End of hollidays??
    I know the feeling...
    Have a great week.

  9. I am so happy to see a post from you, my dear friend! Your vacation seems to have agreed with you all because you all look contented and relaxed. The view from the hill is beautiful; it's unfortunate that the food was not so good but still expensive. Sometimes there is no choice but to pay whatever is asked and put up with it. Have a safe journey home. Yes, December will be here before we know it. Time goes so quickly as we get older!

  10. Uma interessante reportagem fotográfica. Gostei principalmente do seu aspecto sereno…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  11. I loved the photos! Thank you for sharing them with us. What a lovely area. I'm glad you had a wonderful vacation with your family.

  12. I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading about your trip. I hope you arrived safely back home today.

  13. Beautiful photos, dear Baili! That view from the hill is amazing! I'm glad you had a good time on your vacation. :-)
    Have a lovely week! ♥

  14. I hope thsat you are now home and resting after your trip. Your description and photos give an insight into this special time away. The scenery with the panorama of the city from the hilltop restaurant looks beautiful. The family photos are heartwarming too. It was good that you could be in touch with your other son and you must be counting the days until he returns at the same time taking each day as a blessing.

  15. Thanks you, Baili, for sharing these photos and telling about your trip. It was lovely to see you and your husband relaxed and happy. Yes, it seems that eating out is always more costly in popular places. I know that yiu are looking forward to being home and wish you and your famiky safe travels. We are also traveling and will not return home for several more weeks. Happy to read that your son will be home in December.

  16. Have a safe trip home! Love the photos!

  17. Bless you too Baili its lovely to see pictures of you and to know that you have had such an interesting holiday. I suspect you are a good cook and do so with love so possibly you won't find food in restuarants that's as good as home! Have a safe journey back, do hope someone has watered your pretty courtyard garden for you. Betty x

  18. So good to hear from you! What an amazing trip! Loved seeing all the beautiful photos! Big Hugs!

  19. I really enjoyed your post and hope your travels were safe to home. Love your photos because I so enjoy seeing life and cultures in other countries.


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