Friday, July 27, 2018

Imran Khan's Victory Seems the Victory of Common Man!!!

Hey  wonderful  people!

As   you    know  that  in  my  country  Pakistan  elections  were  being  held  on  25th  July!

And   yes  i  always  hated  politics  because  it  has  99.9 percent  corrupt  people   who   though   chose  by  common  men  but  once  they  hold  their   seats  they  exploit  the  same  people  for  their  selfish   personal   benefits .

Since   my  country   formed  in  1947   there  are  certain   politicians  who  belong   to   certain   feudal  background are  ruling  as  leaders  and   as   citizen  of  Pakistan   i   know  how   much  injustice  and  corruption   has  licked   away   the  basic   sense  of  humanity  and  right  and  wrong  because  empty   stomach   knows  no  ethics  and  empty  head   is  house  of  devil (talking  of  jobless  youth who  is  loosing  their  sense   of   good  and  bad   and  is  misguided   by   evil  leaders  to  fight  each  other   for  the  sake  of   their  fake  monster  like  leaders  who  try   to   keep   these   innocent  people  just   unenlightened  and  ignorant   so  they  can  be  puppets   easily  in their  hands.

Imran Khan  who   belongs   to  the  province   where   my  homeland  is,  formed   his  political  party  " Pakistan  Therek e  Insaf " (means   revolution  for  justice) in  1996  who   grew   rapidly   in  the  country  though  was   threatened  and   opposed  by   established  parties   like  pmnl  and  ppp  most   of  the  time.

The   revolutionary  ideas   of  party  founder  imran   khan  got   so   popular   and  wellcomed  by  crushed   public  of  our  country  who   is   witnessing the   worst  states    and   disastrous   ways   of   old   cruel  and  cold  blooded  politicians.

First   time   in  my   life   i   wanted  to  cost   a  vote   because  his   speeches   and   accent   had   some   honesty   which   compelled  me   to  do  so  .

Not   only   his  words   but   his   actions  and    moves   were  revealing  his   strong  faith  in  God  and  in  his   own  vision!

   Today   i   feel   happy   that   he  has  won  from  5  seats  he  stood   for  election  , he   has  won  115  of  272 seats  in  national  assembly and  is  strong   candidate   of  prime minster  post!!!     it   shows  his   fame  and  the  belief  of  public  in  him!

I  still  remember   the  moment  when  he  gave  victory  speech  after  wining  world  cricket  cup as  captain !  his  spirit  of  leadership  shines  through  his  cricket  career  of  2  decades !

He   wants   to  make   our   country   a   welfare  sate  where   every  body  has  
equal  rights   and  this   is  basic   necessity   of  today  i  believe!  he  wants   to   Finish  the  corruption  and  revolutionize   the  whole  machinery  of  
govt!  and   for   this   he  needs   a  good   team   so   he  can   go  on  with   his  perceptions!

I  BELIEVE  IN  HIM  and  i     and   pray   that   may   he  God   bless  him  with  honest   and   loyal co   workers   and   may   God   bless  him  with  strength   to   fulfill  his   promises  and  to  bring  prosperity  and   honor   to  his  nation  amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. "empty stomach knows no ethics and empty head is house of devil"

    So true. Desperation leads people astray and emptiness is not good for the head or the heart. We have to believe in something or we will fall for anything, as the old saying goes!

    It seems to me that there is A LOT happening in our world, so much that seems to me to be God moving.

    I don't know Imran Khan, but I know you and you like him. That speaks well of him. Praying for him to do good things.

  2. such an inspirational post!!

  3. It's nice for you to have confidence in a leader!
    I don't like politics, and what's going on here is making me nuts!

  4. I have been following your election with interest. I don't know much about the candidates so I really cannot give a decent comment.

  5. "Hope and a future" from Jeremiah 29:11, is what all are praying for!

    A wonderful post!

  6. Thanks for this information, all the best to your country!

  7. Your countries politics and the elections have been in the UK news a lot recently.
    May all work out well.

    All the best Jan

  8. I hope this works out for your country and that it's an example that other countries can follow.

  9. Sandi said it best. I hope he does want God wants for your country.

  10. Hope he is everything your country needs in leadership at this time.

  11. Can be the start of new era for Pakistan.
    I hope that it will be the case.
    Have a great week.

  12. Desejo que seja uma nova era para o seu país e que esse líder não vos desiluda nunca.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  13. Looks like your dream came true - I am sure you are right and he will be an honest and trustworthy leader for your country.

  14. I hope everything works out well for your country!! Big Hugs!

  15. There are a few good politicians in the world and it is heartening to think that your country has elected one of them. I hope he can bring the change that you and your fellow citizens need! I think that team sports teach a lot of skills that are useful in life in general, including governing a country.

  16. Oh, dearest Baili...I, too, am hoping and praying that he will be a good politician and will help heal the suffering your country has endured for far too long.
    He does have a kind a person who inspires trust. I do believe he is right for the job, and I am really happy for you! :))

    Much Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  17. I hope that he serves your country well with his leadership.


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