Saturday, February 3, 2018

In the Ocean Of Time and Fish Curry!

Hello   Dear   Friends!

hope  and  pray   that   you are    are   flowing  smoothly   in   the  ocean   of   time 


  flow  of  water   sometimes   bang   us   backward  and   sometimes   push  us  forward   


Sometimes   we   find    this   flow  calm ,  and    think  that  now  we   are   able   to   create   harmony   with   waves   around   us   and   nothing  wrong   is  going  to  happen  again   

But   suddenly    some   heavy   wild   wave   push   us   forward   and   bang  us   in   some   rock   of   hardship,

We   feel   stabbed  and   fainted  

It   takes   while  to   understand   that   it   was   just   a  one  more   net   or    hurdle   thrown   by   waves     upon  us

Moving  helplessly  here  and  there    we   slowly   compose   our   energies  to   focus   on   our   flow 

I   could   have   use   word  "TARGET"   instead  of  "flow" but    believe  me   

We   are   the   targets   here   at   the   point   of   time   who   can   pull   trigger   any   moment   to   make   us   realize   that   

It   is   TIME  who  spends   us  

and   HE  does   it   VERY   carelessly !   

Because  he  knows   that   it  is   HIM   who  has  VALUE ! 

It  is  HIM   who   has  POWER  to  last   forever! 

We      in   the   strong   flow   of   water    are   just   like   tiny   dust   particles   who   have   no   power   over   themselves   though   we   are   illusioned    as   string 's   enlarged   shadow   front   of  light   seems   huge   

Who   created  us  in  the  endless  ocean  of   TIME ?

From   where   we  have   come?

To   where   we   will   go  ?

Who   has  TIME  to   think   about  it  :)

We   are  lost   in   the   sea   of   time   still   starving   for   time   for  ourselves 

How   Weird?

Time   is   playing  with  us  ,creating  ,  spending  , making   disappear    and   then   creating   others   like   us 

What   a  joke !

Those  ,  Who   can   understand   the   game  of   time   can   play   back   better   and   can   steal    some    drops    from   this   ocean   to   make   a  bubble   balloon   out   of  it.  

This   bubble  balloon   can   roll   over   the   surface   of   ocean   without    drowning   

This   ride   over   waves   can   reflect   the  meaning   of   this   short   and  unpredictable   journey!

This   journey   may   have   some   meaning !

Meaning   which   triumphant  our  existence,  that  time   did  not   just   wasted   us  !

We   did   not  let   him   do  so!

instead    we   used   it ,  to   keep   us   alive   even   when   our   visible  appearance  is   vanished.   

And  we   did   this   by   flowing   by   the   rules   and   virtues   in  RIGHT   direction  !

Right   direction   which   is  mentioned   through   the   laws   of  nature .

Until   we   follow   these   laws   while   flowing   in   the  ocean   of   time,   no   one   can  make   us   loose   the  rhythm  of  " Successful   Existence "!

leaving   you   with  the  photo   of  my   yesterday's   dish  "fish  curry "  as  in   winter    here   fish   is   very   popular   food  because  it  keeps  us  warm  with  it's  high  nutritions .

i  like  fried  fish  more   though  but  my   weak   stomach  did  not  allow  me   to  do  this  luxury   so   thrice  a  weak   we  cook   fish   in  various  ways  .This  one  called  fish  curry  hope  you  will   like  it !

after  preparing  curry  i  put  fish  as  lyer  upon  the  slices  of  potatoe  and  left  it  on  stove  for  45  minutes   .when  it  was  ready  i  lift  the  fish  from  above  and  put  the  curry   in  separate   pot

 these  utensils  are  more  than  30   years  old  ,wedding  gift  by  mom , 

hope  i  did  not  bore   you   guys  if  i  did  sorry  as  i   enjoy  writing   what  is  currently  going  on  in  my  silly   head :)

Please  stay  blessed  with   faith  and  positivity !
these  will  keep  you  happy  and  happiness   is   what  we  all  do  for  isn't  it?

God   Bless  You  All!!!



  1. wise words and delicious looking curry

  2. Your fish curry looks delicious, I love food! Beautiful thoughts on time, you are such a good writer.

  3. you are never boring at all , I enjoy to read everything you write,, and this looks delicious!!

  4. True woords,about the curry.... can not eating it much also trouble with the stomac,but the tast -I Love it! Greetings,Joan

  5. That fish curry looks so good. We also eat a lot of fish. It is delicious and healthy. I also love curry. Have great week!

  6. Your fish curry looks amazing and unfortunately a type of food I cannot eat too because of stomach issues. Spicy and I do not go well together. I pick and choose carefully. Have a blessed day!

  7. Your meal looks good, makes me wish I could eat curry.

  8. Such delicious looking food, Baili.

    I still use some of my wedding presents too.

  9. I love reading you ....and poetic in a way .....

    .."though we are ILLUSIONED as string 's enlarged shadow front of light seems huge". Wise words. There's so much more to what you wrote and i appreciate your wisdom. I reread it a few times and really like this. Love the table setting and food photos. really nice.

  10. You are a poet with a great philosophical mind! I love this post.

  11. Beautiful writing. I can relate!

    The fish curry looks delicious!

    "Please stay blessed with faith and positivity !
    these will keep you happy and happiness is what we all do for isn't it?"

    Yes! :) The other things are, well, just things.

    Blessings to you too, Baili!

  12. I always enjoy reading about what is going on in your head. It is the true you.

  13. I love reading your posts and they are NEVER boring! :) The fish looks great! I love mine fried too but my stomach can't take it much either, just once in a while!

  14. " We are lost in the sea of time still starving for time for ourselves."

    What a wonderful observation, baili. I have never thought of it this way before.

    Your supper meal looks so delicious! You are right that fish is very nutritious. We have started eating more of it lately also.

  15. It is always very enjoyable to read your posts. You have a very kind soul. And your meal looks so delicious!

  16. Wow, I like how you cook your fish curry. I'll try to cook it like this next.

  17. Hello Baili, I really enjoyed how you shared your cooking photo with us and also explained your method. We all need food and have to cook but in each of our countries we do it differently don't we, and so it's always very interesting to me (and others, as you will see from the various comments), when you write about the meals you prepare.
    You have very deep and meaningful thoughts about life - that too is always interesting to read. Thank you for sharing with us, I don't visit as much as I'd like to - I seem to be slower at everything the older I get lol :D) Kind regards, Sue xx

  18. I love fish and along with your words of wisdom the meal is perfect.

  19. I like fish. And you have a wonderful way of sharing your words of wisdom. Thank you.

  20. Yes, dear Baili, we should always be flowing by the virtues in the right direction. I like how you put that, and it has powerful meaning. Although I'm not a fish lover, your fish curry looks very good. The sauce looks tasty. I hope you have beautiful February days.


  21. Many questions which is good, we learn from asking questions whether it be to a person or writing it down - it makes us think.
    You curry and fish does look lovely. I can say I've never had curried fish.
    We do our fish differently here at home - we grill it, or put it on the barbecue, can cook it in the oven with lemon juice and so on...

  22. My wyfe is a big fan of fish curry.
    Not so much...
    Have a great week!

  23. Bali, you posts are far from "boring" as you put it. I always admire your ability to put into words how you are feeling about yourself or the world around you (and us). I hope that your stomach ailments will be going away soon. I am not a fan of curry dishes, but liked seeing your meal preparation.

  24. Um texto muito filosófico sobre a vida (este grande mar...) e sobre o tempo que é tão breve. Depois oferece-nos um gostoso caril de peixe...
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  25. I think it is truly lovely that you have utensils that have been used for so many years, were given by mum and are clearly part of every meal time, it's so special! I think that those who practice meditation may have found the art of stealing time and also of using it well! there's a saying 'time flies when you're enjoying yourself' and it's so true, when having fun the minutes whizz by! I don't like fish myself but can see this is a very healthy and protien rich meal, if it tasted of curry I would be tempted to try it as I do love curry!

  26. p.s. never boring, it is very interesting to read about someone the other side of the world, her day to day homemaking and family life, and that's why I blog!!

  27. Lovely thoughts, dear Baili - so many questions we all have, but you are right - the truth lies in our hearts if we just listen and go with the flow. Your meal looks delicious and especially nice prepared in your treasured pan. Sending hugs and hopes for a lovely week. xx Karen

  28. I love your words! Thank you!
    Your food looks so good! Yummy!
    (Thank you for your beautiful words on my blog! Love you too my friend! Keep Being You!)
    Big Hugs!

  29. The cycle of time waits for no man.

    It is for man to understand the cycle of time...

  30. What a thought-provoking post, Baili, and beautiful. I loved your ironic observation of our being lost in a sea of time while being starved for time. I wonder about the same questions that you do. I think most humans do. I've decided that the most important thing is that I get to be, even for a brief time. It's had to wrap my mind around such a miracle. It's up to me to make the most of the time I am alive, and for me its meaning comes from the people I know and care about. All the best to you, dear Baili!

  31. You NEVER bore us Baili!! I love seeing how you cook and reading your poems. :)

  32. I love what you wrote - you are a deep contemplater/thinker , quite awake you are. your fish meal looks delicious! And I love the present moment - no time like now.

  33. I always love reading your posts, dear Baili. I love your thoughts, and it's always interesting to glimpse a bit into your life.
    Your fish curry looks very delicious! :-)


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