Monday, February 19, 2018

Trip to Rural Village Last Day

Hey  Amazing  People!

Hope  and  pray  that  life  is  beautiful   at  your  part  of  land   and   temps  are  dropping  form  shivering  point(hopefully) .

I  bet  your  heart  is  listening  the  voice  of   spring  which  is  moving  on  her  tiptoes  towards  your  gardens :)

Hope  in parts  of  land  where   are  summers  now   days  weather  is  start  to  be    pleasant  and  chilly !

Here  in  Pakistan  where  i  live (southern  part of the country)  weather  has  changed  almost  suddenly .We  took  off  our   sweaters  and  jackets  inevitably  as  we  wish  winter  could  stay   little  longer  because  our  summers  are  SCARY!   

50 plus celsius  remember?

Since  few  days  i  was  little  out of  my  routine  as  we  received  invitation  for  child(boy) 's Sunnat  ceremony .I  don't  know  about  other  religions  but  in  our  religion (islam)  each  boy  child  has  to  pass  trough  this  tradition .I  don't  know  either  how  to  explaining this  to  you  .But  i  can  tell  that  most  of  people   here  celebrate  this  like  huge  ceremony  and  family  and  friends   are  invited  to  participate   Child  gets  gifts  and  people  who  attend  ceremony  are  served  best   food  and  musical   programs .

My  whole  in laws  family  had  left   to  attend  this  ceremony  two  days  ago ,  but  like  always  i  avoided  the  most  noisy   and   crowded  part  of  ceremony  and  went  on  last   day   just  to  participate  the  calmer  part  in  which   families  sit  and  chat  with  served  food and  then  tea  and  refreshments later  before they  leave.

I   know   this  sounds  quite  rude   to   not  attend  the  main  event  but luckily  after  almost  26   years  my  in  laws  know  me  better  now   and  they   know  that   such  functions  don't  belong  to  me  anymore  as  in  youth  i  enjoyed  them  though  but  in  this  age    i  can't  stand  them   so   i  am  forgiven  for  my  delay  on  such  occasions.

I  like   final  day  of  ceremony  when   people  get   tired  of  singing  and  dancing  and  sit  after  turning  of  the  high  volume  of  music  and  exchange  their  thoughts  and  views  with   each  other   .I  like  specially   when  people   ask   questions  about   each  other's  well  being  and  how  they   doing  ?

what  is  going  on  in  their  lives.

Because  i  go  in  such  gatherings  after  long  times  so  such  conversations  seem  interesting   to  me .Either  i  take  part  in  them  and  get  involved   with  their  all  kinds  of  topic  to   make   them   feel   that   i  am  not  different  then   them  as  they   think  often  (because   i  am  from  northern part of country  totally  different from herein many  aspects)

In  such  events  sitting  arrangements  for  gents  and  ladies  are  separated  . The  child who  went  through  this   was  son  of  my  one  of  daughter  of  my husband's  eldest  brother .I  spent  two  hours  there  and  enjoyed  my  time  with  my  few  sister  in  laws (sisters  and  wives of  hubby's  brothers)

I  drop  gifts  and  some  money  as  gift  to  mother  of  child .This  was  sunny  and  breezy  day   and  i  managed  to  take  some  photos   while  driving  home  to  share  with  you .

                    we  left  for  this  village  at  1pm

 both  sides   of  road  were  embellished  with  date  tree gardens

              these  one  i  took  when  we  were  returning  home  before sunset almost 5pm

  i  found  these  huge  grass  lace  beside the road  interesting 

this  one is  also  at  returning  time ,water of canal looked  serene and appealing!

this  one is taken by my youngest son who always love chasing these goats and chickens whenever he visits there 

    beautiful girl in brown dress is the grand daughter of my  aunt (father's sister) holding her own son

 this  is wife of hubby's brother ,she was trying to keep her eyes open as they sang and danced whole previous night together 

 youngest  sister of  my  husband  who  is  married in same village ,she is teacher  in primary  school in village (we spent 1 hour at her home)

another wife of of one of brother in law who has retired from army two years back she is 15  years younger then her husband  with  5 children

on  right my elder sister in law with her daughter who is married and have three children
 (with her newly born baby boy) you can notice her heavy gold jewelry  which is permanent part of  getting  ready  for any ceremony   here .

 I  too  have  light  set  which i  wear to  be  familiar  in  such  environment. 

this  photo  is  taken  by  my  youngest  son  while  i  started to  get  ready for  leaving   for  village .

this  is  all  for  today  ,hope  you  liked  the  very  different  environment  in  these  images  where  life  still  is  quite  backward  yet  peaceful .

please  take    great  care  friends!

stay   strong  as  you  are  and  love  you  creator  ,love  yourself  and  all  around  you including  your own  loved ones!

God  Bless   You ALL!!!


  1. Wonderful post and you must have enjoyed the time with your relatives. I admired the beautiful ladies including yourself, I love the dresses. The joy of blogging is that you meet all kind people all over the world and learn about their customs and traditions. Your landscapes are great too.
    Regards from Holland.

  2. Que tenha corrido tudo bem nessa cerimónia que é vosso costume. Gostei de ver as fotografias. Estão todos com ar sereno e feliz.
    Uma semana abençoada.
    Um beijo.

  3. Wonderful pictures. I can see why you prefer the calmer and low keyed parts of The Sunnat ceremony.

    Here in New York it is still very much winter. The night before last we got about 13 centimeters of snow.

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. What a nice gathering, and people with kind and cheerful faces! I never did like very noisy events, and always prefer to sit and chat!

  5. Large family and like the colourfull dresses. Here is cold... Greetings,Joan

  6. I enjoyed learning about one of your traditions. I appreciate the focus on family. We are no different that way, Baili.

  7. such beautiful photos, you all dress so beautifully! So feminine, the colors are amazing, the jewelry is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this,, its wonderful to read and see so much about your country!

  8. Such a wonderfully heart-warming post, dearest Baili!
    How I love those amazing photos and I'm so glad you enjoyed the time with your family.
    Gosh...those elegant clothes...and such beautiful ladies wearing them!
    Your country looks gorgeous...oh how I'd love to see it for myself someday!
    Thank you so much for sharing this...I love learning about your customs...:))

    Have a wonderful day, my dearest, Friend!

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  9. Lovely pictures and portraits !!!!
    Have a nice week !

  10. Hello Baili, and thank you for following my blog, A Whisper from the Almond Valley!
    You have such an amazing blog here!
    Your home country is beautiful place and people so lovely.

    Have a wonderful day!

  11. So many beautiful women, all dressed up and having fun!

  12. I loved seeing your family, their dress/costume and jewellery is beautiful (you are too, you have a lovely smile and a kind face). I think I would have gone along for the full on celebration, singing and dancing myself! I do like a party :)

  13. Dear Baili, thank you for sharing both the story of the ceremony for the young boy and also the photographs of your trip to southern Pakistan. I so understand your going there for only the final day. As I've aged, I find myself less able to stay for in length of time in a large gathering. Like your family, my family has accepted this and knows that I will always be the first to leave and that often I need to go and lie on someone's bed and take a nap. We are fortunate that our families understand our needs. Peace.

  14. A birthday celebration is wonderful fun. All the pictures are exciting to me. I think you are looking rested and happy. That is good news.

  15. You look beautiful thanks for sharing this important event!

  16. I think most religions and cultures celebrate the age where a child becomes an adult. The traditional age seems to be around 13, though in today's world, at least in the US, sadly most children don't really get an adult brain until around 22-26.

    I'm like you, not liking the singing, dancing and such as much as good conversation.

  17. It is nice to get caught up on family news, and special days like that one allow us to do that. And it is always fun to get dressed up and eat special foods! Everyone is at their best :)

  18. Photos are delightful, especially the one of you. You are beautiful and seem to exude grace!

    It is the same with my in-laws and me. In the old days, I was right in the middle; now, I am on the sideline if I am there at all. Good for all!

    It is so interesting to learn of different cultures. Thank you for sharing.

  19. Baili, it was wonderful to see the scenery and more so the wonderful faces of your family and the colorful dress the women were wearing. I agree with you on avoiding noisy get-togethers and it seems you did not miss out on family time entirely. Your photo too was lovely and thanks for including one of yourself, my friend.

  20. This sounds like a fun visit! Everyone looks so happy and seem so close. What a blessing that is!

    Date palms! I was surprised to see them, though I am not sure why. We don't have them here. They look so exotic to me!

  21. I do know what a Sunnat ceremony is :)
    Lovely photos of the family and a beautiful lady and photo of you :)

  22. Thank you for sharing about this lovely ceremony! I am with you, I like more quiet times, then loud noisy times! LOL! I loved all the photos! Such beautiful women! You look so pretty! Big Hugs!

  23. first off i love your posts about family, tradition, customs, dresses etc. I feel like I'm right there in the midst getting to know about what you all celebrate. I would be more like you if we still had big family events - waiting awhile and just going for the visiting.

  24. Have a wonderfull time and a excellent rest of week.

  25. I'm glad you had a good time at the ceremony in the village and did what you felt was comfortable for your situation. Thank you for sharing about this ceremony. It was a good opportunity for relatives to gather together for a happy occasion. Lovely photos of the participants and the country scenery Baili. Wishing you a good week.

  26. Sounds like such a nice time with so many lovely women. I always enjoy when you share about your family and your traditions. I can completely understand about going at the end when it's quieter. I don't enjoy noisy settings anymore. I prefer quieter gatherings. There is so much greenery where you are. How pretty! We still have a lot of snow covering everything.

  27. You and your ladies look SO PRETTY!!! You have such a sweet smile goes with your personality sweet lady. :) Thank you for posting those photos, especially of the date trees!!! I've never seen that!!!

    I'm like you...gatherings exhaust me not only physically but emotionally. People don't quite understand it too much, as I always opted out for personal reasons. They just saw me as a snob or something - EVEN IF I explained it to them! I guess that's why I've become more of a loner, I prefer it that way! :) Alex is the same, we are quiet reclusive people, good match. :)

  28. Thank you for taking us along with you, dear Baili - I enjoyed seeing the beautiful countryside and all the lovely women and sweet families. I particularly loved seeing the beautiful dresses and jewelry. It is always so nice to put on a pretty dress to honor a special occasion for a family member. I agree with you that enjoying the time of peace at the end of the celebration to have quiet and meaningful conversations is the best part. Wishing you a lovely week. Hugs and blessings xo Karen

  29. such beautiful landscapes and i really like the pretty, colorful clothing. it is so bright and happy!!

  30. An interesting post, Baili. I did some hunting about on Google to understand the Sunnat ceremony. I can see how it would be a unifying and important tradition. It made me smile to think of your youngest sone chasing the goats and chickens with his camera. I've done the very same thing! LOL I enjoyed the beautiful clothing and jewelry that you and your female relatives are wearing!


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