Saturday, September 3, 2011


Today when I move the curtain,

I saw the smiling new sun,

Its light was fresh and smooth,

In a moment, it mend my mood,

My garden had so many blooms,

Air blown away, all my glooms,

With cup of tea ,on my rocking chair,

I found around me, everything fair,

I lay against ,and thought the day,

Yesterday,which had gone away,

Its sun looked stranger to me,

Things were as,were not meant to be,

Felt lonely under golden sky,

Thought what happened, to me and why,

It seemed, I will never be fine,

Forever,just pain was mine,

But see, its you again,

Who did not let,break up the chain,

Thank you, for holding my hands,

less,who plant in the sand.


  1. Nice post and lovely photos. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead. Stay happy always and happy blogging

  2. How beautiful. Being English , you know how we love our tea, the words 'With cup of tea , on my rocking chair, I found around me, everything fair' was music to my heart.

  3. loved the rhyme and interlineal theme..

  4. You're a poetess, sister.

    Wosnderful poem.

    Salaam from Makkah,K.S.A


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