Saturday, September 17, 2011

A girl in the valley! (prose)

sun was moving behind the hill slowly but its rays were still hot,everything was still and silent except caw caw of that lonely crow who was sitting on a odd looking tree which was half dead and half alive,

the cries of crow seemed strongly belong to this tragedy,he was sitting on a dead branch and his eyes were stick with green side where few lashing branches were seemed teasing him,

she was not sad but current atmosphere around made little dull and gloomy,even she knew that it was just a side effect of environment deep inside she felt her skill to enjoy this timely disappointment and fell on her chair to feel the depth of it,

behind her closed eyes there was an unfinished chain of such sad alone moments which brought no one along to share their burden,the moments when she desired to see a friend beside when her eyes are opened,

moments when she wished to feel a hand in her hands which can deliver her power to fight back when she feel so tired and about to give up the battle of life,

she felt stepping in the desert,where she is walking alone since centuries,without tasting a drop of water,under the sun,her throat was dry and tongue was like piece of sand,thrust made her life less,

suddenly she opened her eyes with some kind of noise,and saw the sky which now completely covered with black and grey cloud,some of them were so high but some layers were as down that seemed hugged the hills tightly,

whole scenery was changed,wind pour life and movement in everything around her,layer of lashing grass over hill was playing with wind joyfully,fresh air was playing with her hair,she took a deep breath as she want to hold inside the new recent gift of environment in deep of her soul,

she stood up in the window and spread her both arms widely,in that moment she had the feeling of peace and happiness,atmosphere gave her this realization as she has a friend,and this friend is NATURE which could not see her sad and alone,and gave her chance to feel the bright side of picture again,

she accepted the love of her friend and once again front of her open eyes there was a loooong chain of beautiful golden moments,when she suddenly found support of her friend when she desired,her soul became a bird floating over clouds and under the wet cheeks her lips got smile which enlighten the whole Vally.


  1. Hey Baili ... greatt goinggg.
    finally another nice piece ov writing form you...
    Nature... yeap a good buddy :)
    Baili em feeling so down nowadays... :(
    dnt know why... just wanna run away from this world...
    love x

  2. I like the painting, really touch with little girl face that innocent

  3. beautiful lines baili..poetic one written in prose format

  4. Came over from Nrigirls.

    loved the lines ...
    keep smiling ..


  5. You seem to have a beautiful soul. I hope to keep in touch. I am now following.


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