Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Dear God ( poem)

hey dear friends hope all is going amazing in your beautiful worlds,and everybody is enjoying a new change in climate,and ready to say warm well come to miss winter,each season has its own unique colour and we must say thanks for these blessings friends,god bless you all.

thanks for giving me this while,

thanks for life and thanks for smile,

thanks for being so around,

thanks for healing all my wound,

thanks for making realize,

has to fall,one day each rise,

thanks for keeping away from cheat ,

thanks for living in my beat,

thanks for family,thanks for health,

but you are my real wealth,


  1. Cool! That's a beautiful 'hello' to God. :)

    Fine and wish the same with you Baili!

  2. nice blog!
    you have a new member! :)
    lovely greets-
    maren anita

  3. excellent .. world will be a better place if we all wish for the same for everyone around us ..

    God bless


  4. Nice blog from Sindh Pakistan. You have really admired God Almighty.
    We have to be thankful to Him under all cicumstances.
    God bless Pakistan by freeing it from degue virus and flood related woes.
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    You are most welcome to join my site.


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