Sunday, August 28, 2011


hey friends

hope all is wonderful in your beautiful worlds,

i was away from computer for some days,as my son took it along to the hostel ,yes finally god made my dream come true guys and my son got admission in one of the finest university of the county which was his desire and our ambition,

he has great hope and confidence in himself that with his hard work and

devotion he will be able to get scholarship for next four years, within a month his teachers seems so happy with his performance and so we are,

my wishes were never so high but all i wanted from my god that may he make me able to give my kids nice education and healthy way of living,and i pray that he will make it happen.

after holy month of ramadan here in pakistan, our lovely yearly festival EID is so near so i am also busy with the preparation for the biggest day of celebration joy is in the air and excitement is on its peak,almost every day we go to the market for shopping which is still unfinished,

when i see my kids happy and enjoying all this i pay thanks to dear god and ask or same joys for everybody on earth, and remember those beautiful days when i was a kid and my dearest parents were doing same,now i can feel their feeling,and how can say i thanks to dear lord for blessing us with his biggest gift PARENTS.

have a blessed life friends and keep smiling.


  1. Happy to read the good news . GOD bless

  2. Best wishes for your son... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  3. Ed Mubarak, and all the best to your son.
    The circle of parents and children making each other happy is a never ending circle, and it is natural to keep going on and on. I happy that your prayers have been granted.

  4. Have a happy celebration of your EID...

    I am very happy for you that your son reaps the reward of his hardwork..and being a parent there is nothing more special and important than to see our children prayers go with you and your family..

    I am so happy to see the image of the Virgin Mary above as I am and my family are devoted believers of her as she is an example of a loving mother.
    Thanks for sharing this.

  5. Congratulation to your son and happy celebration to you

  6. Happy Eid and congratulations to your son and I am sure you are proud of him.

  7. So pleased to read of your good news, my best wishes to you and yours.

  8. Hey shabana!so that means you're a muslim? :) if you don't mind me asking... :P That's good to hear!my friends celebrated the EID too!And glad to hear that you're son is doing great in the university!Best wishes to you and your family! :)


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