Tuesday, May 24, 2011

got along

sitting against the shady tree,

looking at the flat face of lake,

a simple guess am trying to make,

why it is still,why seems so sad,

is there any clue,that i can make her glad,

while i was having these thoughts,

a leaf got down on its heart,

then scene changed just in a while,

her flat face played with a smile,

a breath stuck in my lips,released,

dont know why,but felt strange peace,

i got key, to open her heart,

hold tiny stones in my hands lot,

then two friends,sat together,

we cried ,we laughed for hours,

to break your love one's silence,

all you need is a lovely sentence,

sentence which shows you care,

believe me expressions are always fair.


  1. A few kinds words can be the key to unlock another's heart.

  2. Words with love can do the magic

  3. Nothing is lost by kindness and love.

  4. Words are powerful weapon, it could kill someone or make someone really happy. Have a nice day to you, dear

  5. it is good to have a good friend :-)

  6. It's a lovely to hear your words..it makes me smile..it feels good.

    Thanks for sharing this my friend

  7. OMG shabana!i sooo miss you..hahaha!hope you're doing fine :) :D :D


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