Saturday, May 21, 2011

Back With My Sharing

hi dear friends ,

hope and pray that every thing is under control in your blessed worlds,i been missing you guys but was not able to get along,

actually i had to be in my in laws house because in our home some construction work is being done ,my husband wants to alter upper story to our house so he decided to do it during the summer vacation as he can look after the work well this way.

it is great pleasure to see all of yours kind words and visit,i really appreciate it and feel so blessed to have all of you as friends,

today,i stayed at home and asked my husband for a favor that place my pc in guest room for me and many thanks to him that he did it inspite of all his business,i hope i will be able to use it regularly now,
one of my blogger friend ARIES from krazy monkey tales passed me an award HAPPY BELATED MUMMY:S DAYS ,i am thankful to her for her love and support always,

i want to share it with all wonderful and amazing mummies out there who love and support their kids unconditionally and beyond the limits,

they are proof that there is some creator exist who love us more then us and to make our life on healthy and peaceful ways he has blessed us with such remarkable guides ,protectors and friends,
i salute them and just hope that all of us just recognize and respect positions and importance of our dear moms in our life.


  1. Today is the day the Lord has given you,rejoice and be happy!

  2. hOpefuLly we're always loved By our God,,

    blogwalking me..

  3. Hi, ,Happy Belated Mother's Day to you, its still May, so still alright to wish :P

    Nice blog you have here!

  4. Thank you Baili! Glad to see you back.

  5. Hope to see you regularly an enjoy hospitality of in-laws.

  6. Thats is a great award. Have a good stay at your in laws

  7. Congrats fr winning the award..I regret I can't accept this award..u know the reason..:)

  8. congrat for those award :) Best wishes 4 u always..

  9. Happy Belated Mother's Day :)



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