Tuesday, May 10, 2011

feeling much better

hey friends,

i was almost kidnapped by my mother in law for previous week,

actually her two grand sons were getting married and she wanted me to attend all the ceremonies of those marriages, so before starting all this she came to me along the parents of grooms i mean the elder brother of my husband and his wife and invited me ,but i refused politely because i was not feeling as well to join such parties,

at that moment she accepted my apology and left normally,but after two days she came again and almost dragged me to her home,
she said that she is not leaving me alone for feeling sad and thinking about my father all the time and it is good for change to be among lots of people and cheerful environment.

what surprised me most was her behavior,because we lived in same house for 16 years but i felt failed in my each effort to develop nice warm relationship between both of us,she was unhappy with me since beginning,

actually she did not want her son to marry me because she thought that due to my weak health i could have not be a successful wife and mother but my husband did not agreed and married me against her will,

i heard all these stories after my marriage through the wives of my brother in law,and decided that will do every possible effort to win her heart,later in few years she became bit nice to me but her cold behavior was still between like a wall of Berlin,

and now i saw her suddenly with huge change,she kept me all the time along her during the ceremonies and took great care of me,she told me that she want to admit that i was the best daughter in law she had,she loves me and she is very happy that i performed all my duties so well,

i was listening it with all my heart ,it was more then i asked for ,
we hugged each other and cried a little ,it made me feel much better,i thanked my dear lord that he took one relationship from me but gave me back one too,

i think such relationships are true soul of life,without them we are so lonely and empty,sticking along in every up and down is real meaning of love.

god bless you all friends.


  1. Touching to read Baili. Thanks for sharing...

  2. its good to know that both of you have started feeling good about each other, sometimes it does take little longer to understand someone i suppose....

    Best wishes,

  3. Sometimes people change, and change for the better. Cherish this change, and take it as gift from your mother in law on the Mother's day. Happy mother's day to you and your MIL.
    Take care,Rama.

  4. Baili, I am so happy to read this post, and I hope you may find more such relationship happiness. You have a very kind spirit, and its great to meet you as a blogger friend : )

  5. I haven't come here, and in fact blogged, for a while. I hope you are well. Anyway, it seems to me a collective behaviour that we tend to neglect what surrounds us, especially things and relatonships that we take for granted. Only through paying attention to minute details, we discover life at a different level.


  6. You have told such touching story about yourself.

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  8. Shabana, I was so happy to read this post. What a wonderful thing. I am so glad that your mother-in-law has opened her heart to you, and that you had never closed your heart to her as well. What a blessing.
    I love what you said about how you thanked the Lord because even though one relationship was taken from you, you were giving another one back. What a beautiful thing that is!
    Sending much love your way~

  9. Hi, thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. First of all, congratulations to the newly weds.
    It is okay to feel sad about someone's passing. But there is time for moving on too. Your mother-in-law is right. She doesn't want to see you sad all the time. You have a very strong support system.

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