Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Stuck Between The Battle But With A Way Out

I find myself quite lucky to be optimistic . I don't know whether i inherited this quality from parents my mother specially who was despite of all her complains about suffering of life gave her was an optimistic person .I can say this because i hardly saw her wearing the stress shawl and avoiding family or duties as house wife and responsible and caring mother. It is right that she was swept away by the wave of  nostalgia  once in a while .The strongest hits of that wave were few among which most powerful was lamenting over her died son at very early age (13 or twelve).

But it would take her an hour or two to get hold of herself back and she was again an amazingly strong and cheerful person who then seemed only thing in whole world so precious and loveable.

When i try to figure out what makes me as hopeful and faithful i realize it is the pattern i am able to see in things . The pattern that attracted me always so powerfully . The pattern that my became more obvious and and eloquent with time . I see unification and connection in everything existing here  in this universe. Today it makes me happy that science has the same opinion  that everything seems to make it's journey in circle and is connected . 

I feel that unseen form of energy is the "real thing " actually and  matter is it's just a "fabric" 

I know so many what ,why and how rise after we reach to one conclusion .But don't you too feel that no matter what is the form or wherever the fabric of matter is visible ,energy hidden behind this fabric has same behavior .Dark or bright ,strong or gentle ,good or bad ,hard or soft kind or cruel so on..

The energy wrapped in any form of matter seems to basically of two types. The whole game of life and universe is based on the battle between both energies . 

Scientist have proven facts that everything existing in the universe from single particle to larger bodies have counter parts  and both parts are destined to repel each other . This repellent behavior is the whole story in which scenario of life and universe has been written.

Why then it is not possible that the Energy we humans are made up of is also of two kinds ,"positive energy " and "negative energy"

The concept of angle sitting on our both shoulders is well comprehend with this theory i believe.

So from the very beginning when first human being came to existing he contained  was actually a bundle of both energies positive one on one hand was to make him rise and shine with wisdom and strength and Negative on the other hand was to break him down to destroy him to whither him away into pieces .

But why ,God could have make this easy for his man if wanted to but seems like he does not want to put us at ease at all . He probably want us to "locate and realize the reality of battle we are put in as humans" and then want us to "be careful"  with this battle between both types of energy within us.

What is our role in this fight . Are we allow to play randomly and stronger let the side win naturally ?

And the consequences of each victory will shape our destiny automatically ???

No we are forgetting one most important thing here ,the crown put on our head before we were sent there was "free will" 

Free will that separate us from other species .

I believe that the whole game is about this " freedom of choice" in reality .

Between the battle of  both energies within us How we use this "free will" and what choice we make is the

 "Main Act of the Show"

The God who seems to love his creations so much as he has provided all we need here in next thousands years  .

Should we expect from that God that he is unkind and cruel to his men ?

It Is hard to believe for me because pattern in things tells that how everything is the reason the existence of the other which explains that love and support is basic theme of life.

We loose his kindness when we make wrong choices only .Even If you don't believe in God you might believe in law of attraction or laws of Nature which are ultimate and irreversible . 

These laws that has shaped universe and life here  prove that we reap the fruits of our choices most of the time .

So being careful while making choice is crucial always. This carefulness is the obedience of laws that rule the world and breaking divine laws can never be beneficial .



  1. It is SO much better to be a positive person than a negative one!

    1. i know with so much modernity ,knowledge ,stuff and lifestyle it is shard to look back and think about such things that originate us .no one want to waste precious time of life in thinking about God and or even if He is there for so many ,seems so old fashion and funny
      but what about Laws of of physics that govern this universe and life .
      How can we expect "laws and patterns" in something random and formed accidently ???
      everything big or tiniest here including us and Whatever we design or invent also points out towards some divine force and intelligence .take example of games we play ,why each game we loose with slightest mistake ? why we cannot run this show oppositely with different laws ?
      why "goodness "belong to heroes only ?
      Though Huge and full of complex systems but life seems to designed like a game where we have to struggle for being positive by knocking out the negative energy or it gets ahead and dominates the victory spot in no time
      this "struggle" is essence of the game of life because without it every success is "tasteless "

  2. Replies
    1. believe me i am not dear Christine specially on worldly bases

  3. This is a very deep post Baili. The power of choice. Sometimes we make choices on impulse and I think that's where negative consequences normally result. Well thought out decisions take a lot of time, knowledge and sometimes courage! ♥

    1. so true dear Rain that taking long time to think and decide seems impossible in rush hours of today . but if our struggle matters and the energy and time we direct towards something (which probably can be wrong choice for us later) it is essential to pause and think before taking step .
      we know for our wrong choices is responsible our attitude towards life and everything .
      if we know the value of life which is really short and unpredictable and if we know that breaking Divine laws can be disastrous we will be thinking surly and carefully before taking any step .as scientists say where we exist there is no thing like "space "we are living within "energy fields " that work as
      " Greater Surveillance" than fixed in any atm room and through this surveillance we are being watched and our thoughts are being Sensed by Creator and Nature ,nothing is hidden from that who has made all this with tremendous wisdom and enormous power and for purpose which seems that to who he has made and blessed should acknowledge his presence and Bow before His laws thoughtfully and unconditionally

  4. "We loose his kindness when we make wrong choices only."

    Oh, this hurts my heart, Baili. I believe He waits for us to choose His ways again. With a broken heart He waits.

    1. dear Sandi if you give me a glass of water in the time of need i am sure though you won't ask for it bluntly but expect a sense of "gratitude " from me
      what about that Whom we don't know directly but every creation and the principles upon which creation works reflects His presence .
      Must we not look around and feel the reality that this test we are put in or game we are sent to play is real and for the reason
      when we don't pay attention we see consequences are horrible
      being careful in thoughts and actions while thinking He is there watching us is only way out in my opinion

  5. You have deep thoughts, yes we want the optimistic side of ourselves to win and as you wrote, "Breaking divine laws can never be beneficial." Have a beautiful day friend.

    1. As we have to make effort for everything we want in life dear Terra we have to struggle for achieving the state of "positive approach "
      those are blessed who born with positive mindset and rise from the ashes even life treat them unjustly
      but those who born with Negative mindset see darkness in everything ,i think even God and sun is their enemy. No matter how blessing pile up on their door they remain cynical and dark .Always millions of mils apart from the "true sense of joy and peace of mind"
      Such friends need to work more on their attitude and for this all they have to do is to wake inner eyes and see "reality " everything" they have including life ,health and family and abundance of blessings they can't count are given to them by only One Creator so in turn He deserves and wants Gratitude so he can liberate them form this misery

  6. I strongly believe in freedom of choice, baili.
    We decide our faith.
    We choose between those conflicting energies.
    And it's up to us to make the right choice and prepare our sons and daughters to follow to same path.

    1. each of us is born with this gift which is second precious thing after the gift of life dear Pedro
      but if ponder carefully Most precious gift comes with More Responsibility .
      How naïve are we to take this gift granted and pollute it with wrong choices we make blindly and hastily .
      Fate is in the Hands of God but we have given opportunity to shape our destiny with "right choices"
      we can avoid this dangerous approach by opening our hearts and seeing the Truth spread around us ,in us

  7. Thought provoking post Baili. Negativity seems to come so easy to some people, to be Positive is much better for ones self, in my opinion.

    1. very well said dear Margaret
      we see so many people taking "short cuts" and we also see that those shortcuts lead to success which is "short lived " or disastrous sometimes .
      Negativity attracts far powerfully because it works like "short cut " full of illusions which feels fun and easy way out from the complex looking situation for those who don't like to take long path full of hurdles though we know that only this path can take us to the actual destination which will be permanently our with the bonus of the "sense of the achievement " and above all pride of to doing the right thing

  8. So much to consider in life, and very well said, Baili. I've always thought that Earth is where souls come to learn and that's why we have so many choices. It's so much easier to do the right thing in life, but sometimes we need to experience the opposite to learn what that is! x

  9. How true dear Karen that "it is so much easier to do right thing in life"
    yes it is always easiest thing to do right thing in life but again it depends what kind of attitude and we have how we played from the beginning ,if we have realized that we made mistakes earlier ,broke hearts or broke laws that were supposed to be followed strictly .And this realization has changed us and made us to try to make up for mistakes we made and stay alert in future to repeat them .
    Because if see carefully there is no place for mistake in life ,and if there is ,is only to learn from them and never repeat .not like do whatever and get away with it . I believe Nature does not let us go without making us pay for what we have done wrong though Her ways vary in type and time
    Souls ,yes i think souls are the real inhabitants of the universe and we are their Fabric that they have been changing since beginning (my opinion)

  10. I too am an optimist. Like every other person in the world I have suffered extremely sad losses. After a mourning period I can remember the good times and be grateful for the experience. Life is too short to be unhappy all of the time. Why not enjoy what we are given?

    1. dear Emma none of us is sent here to live happily ever after because life on planet seems to be designed as complex game or test .we all go through different circumstances good and bad happy or sad our times and levels vary only .
      What i have found most helpful thing to stay positive is Faith and an unconditional faith with patience and consistency .
      we mistake tasks and challenges with miseries that come to us because of others instead of linking to them as part of the design of this game or test . We make mistakes be unkind and be cruel as we think it will change everything for us for better . but Nature does not work this way . We all have to face our tasks and challenges that will demand patience and ponderance ,undefeated faith and non stop effort to get through .we cannot avoid our fate but yes we are allowed to shape our destinies with these traits

  11. This is a deep post ...
    I try to be a positive person.

    Take care, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. thank you dear Jan
      this is best we can do for ourselves

  12. A very interesting post! Having a positive attitude is a great way to get through life. No matter what I go through, I try to remain optimistic. My husband is always happy and optimistic, and his wonderful attitude is contagious to all those around him -- especially me!

    1. dear Martha sorry for late response ,actually i took two days break from fasting previously to recover from dehydration now again fasting for more two days .
      Having a person in life who owns an healthy attitude of life ,positive and optimistic light minded is priceless gift :)
      you indeed are lucky and so do i by the grace of God :)
      yes hubby is an optimistic person ,always charge with positive energy ,kind smile and light delightful humor specially when someone he finds bit down around him He has gift to bring smile back on his or her face . I am deeply grateful for this and i feel that his influence on my reserve and serious nature has been so obvious in these thirty years of our life we had spent together .
      i see most of the families have at least one person with positive energy that keeps the things easy going for them but there are such few to who lack absolutely anyone with positive approach and intensity of environment seems terrifying

  13. When we dwell in the negative, we get drawn deeper in hopelessness and gloom. When we choose to dwell on the positive things in our life, there is so much to be grateful and that gives us strength and hope.

  14. well said dear Nancy
    Sometimes i find so many similarities between religious doctrine and scientific ,As in holy book our maker ask us to
    "look around and ponder and this ponderance will bring you realization that i am all around you speaking through my creations so you can have faith and be grateful for all countless gifts i bestowed upon you ,and once you are grateful and content with everything you are given ,i your God am happy with you and send you more showers of blessings beyond your imagination"
    On the other hand scientific research discovers
    "laws of physics or laws of attraction" principles installed in the veins of universe according to which we all get what we deliver to our surroundings "
    isn't it striking and wonderful .
    Does any body think that why it is so important to "be grateful " why our creator want us to be content and happy with life we are blessed with because we know that none of us perfect life .our lives are mixture of ups and downs and sad and happy events than why we are asked to be grateful all the time ?
    i think life works like indeed a test or game ,in which we are put into various situations equipped with brain and mind (both counter parts to each other along with power of will power and freedom of choice so we can balance) to face and solve and improve throughout the life .
    Very first things Allah want us to do is Contemplate so we can sense that how beautiful and flawless is this scenario of life and universe .
    Second thing God Insist us to be Grateful because only a grateful person is harmless to others around him ,an ungrateful person is blinded with so many worries and selfish desires and dangerous for all around him .

  15. Hello Baili,
    Wonderful post, I try to stay positive. It is not good to be stressed out, very bad for your health. It is good to remain optimistic. Take care and have a great day and happy new week.

    1. it is hard but practice to stay calm and positive makes things better dear Eileen

  16. So interesting to read you. I identify with so much you said.

  17. thank you sooo much dear Sandy !

    1. wish we could meet for tea or coffee or wine ...and lunch some day - it would be great talking with you.

  18. oh this feels an honor to hear from you such offer dear Sandy and i wish i can arrange such meeting .how pleasant and wonderful that be wow :)))

  19. Being positive creates positive energy around us.


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