Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Dipped In The Sense For Gratitude For Happiness I Experienced These Days!!!

Hello Dear Souls !

Hope Enjoying the experience through physical appearance  thoroughly!
Sorry that due to Eid Ul Adha we got so busy with travels we made to my native village and other places specially after arrival of my younger son from Karachi . Trying to update you through some photos that show how amazingly nice time we had with loved ones and as family.No time right now for details so sharing just images to give you idea .We are leaving for home on 21 of July.See you guys properly soon then as i miss you all so much !

reason to put this image at first is it shows my feelings i experienced during this vacation which brought me many joys i was looking for thankfully ! the little happy girl is daughter of my cousin with whom we visited Khanpur dam last day that is near to my native town.

this pretty young lady is thirteen and daughter of my younger sister , she and her younger brother were adopted by by their biological father last month . it was joy i waited for long as they were living miserable life with their mother and her current husband. i am so grateful it happened .she shred this photo on Eid day ,her first Eid with her father and you can see how serene and happy she looks here 

i met one of my dear cousin after twenty years almost ,she has vision problem in which people can't keep eyes open during daylight though they have good eyesight otherwise. we both were so happy to see each other after long time ,she is married to pathan man and has four sons and two daughters who are studying well ,two are doing jobs including one of her eldest daughter .it was pleasure to learn that life of my cousin was joyous and prosperous eventually 

on my niece wish we took her to visit dam near us ,she is on right with mother beside and aunt ,unlike Rawal dam Islamabad Khanpur dam had little water ,hubby told that it was due to khanpur dam provides water in surrounding towns and is alloweded more water after making this supply satisfactorily perfect,more than hald of it was empty sadly the day we visited 

few days before Eid we took our youngest son to Pirsova a hilltop picnic point where he enjoyed seeing statues of different extinct dinosaurs in Dino Valley 

Biggest relief of this vacation was meeting my younger sister after ten years almost though we all were shock to see her as weak and lost ,her eldest two children who were living with her then are standing on her left and right in this image ,her younger children from present husband are also here ,boy four years old standing before his step sister and girl two and half years old held by her father on most right . image was taken when we visited grave of my father together the day we met in mid June . will share details later 

dino valley pir sohava 

            my son got back on 8th July he told he had nice time there and made lots of  friends 

our younger son called us before one day from Eid day and we had plenty of happy chat ,afterwards he sent his selfie on my insistence ,we miss him most on such happy days when gathering of family means so much ! yet i am thankful for internet (after my dear creator who makes everything possible )for providing such opportunity !
another happy news arrived from Saudi Arabia by my nephew who got his driving license eventually after six months and he got his monthly income start finally thankfully! if you remember he had left for Saudi Arabia on 12th of January 2022.

while our youger son was still in karachi we went to visit Murree Patriata though we did not ride chair lift instead we did soem real hiking with our youngest son and spent some truly joyful serene time together .

That is all for now dear friends ,See you soon hopefully .
you all are in my thoughts and prayers always! please stay smiling and spread joy around! you will have it back in double believe me !


  1. Good to hear from you Baili and enjoyed your happy family news.

  2. Glad you're having such a good and fun vacation surrounded by family and friends!

  3. Wonderful family photos. It is such a beautiful family.

  4. Such a lovely visit with family and friends. Continued enjoyment, Baili!

  5. What a lovely post and beautiful family photographs.

    All the best Jan

  6. Such a beautiful family my dear friend. I am so glad you got to see so many relatives. Be well and blessings to you.

  7. It is lovely to see your family through your eyes and photographs.

    My favourite photo is the one of you and your hubbie. You look so beautiful and comfortable together.

  8. It's always good to connect with family and support one another.

  9. Lovely to see and read your update, lovely family photos and I do like the photo of you and your husband...gorgeous photo. Take care.

  10. In Macau we are again under confinement.
    New COVID wave.

  11. Such beautiful images! What a lovely post with your family. That last photo of you and your husband is fabulous!

  12. I LOVE the last photo Baili! And everyone looks so happy! ☺☺ Interesting that you mentioned your cousin's eye problem. Alex has a LOT of issues with sunlight, he has to wear sunglasses sometimes even in the house during the day. But his vision is just perfect at night! I"m going to do some research into this. Do you know if there is a name for this disease?

  13. Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures, Baili! My favorite is the one of you and Ali at the end of the post. I'm glad that you had such a lovely time with different family members. I am so grateful for the internet too, because it has allowed me to see the faces of my loved ones when I couldn't see them physically.

    We are leaving early tomorrow to see members of each of our families whom we haven't seen since before the pandemic. I am very excited. Terry and I are over Covid now, although I have lingering asthma. We're flying out of Las Vegas to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada to see Terry's family. Then we're going on to see my family in Nova Scotia.

    I look forward to hearing all your news, my friend. Much love and hugs to you!

  14. It was wonderful to see this new post, Baili, and especially to read about your family visits and also to see your relatives. We are looking forward to visiting with family this coming Sept, so I know how happy these visits made you, my friend. The last photo of you and your husband relaxing was lovely as you both look very relaxed.

  15. Glad you're having such a good time with family and friends! Enjoy yourself!

  16. Wonderful photos, Baili!

    Your cousin's daughter's green and blue dress is so beautiful. I love the lion swings too. What a fun idea.

  17. Really wonderful photos. You have such a beautiful family.

  18. What a wonderful photo of you and your husband at the very end of your post! I am glad your nephew is making the most of his opportunity in Saudi Arabia. It must be a relief to everyone concerned. You live in such a beautiful country. I'm so glad you got the rain!

  19. It looks like were having a wonderful time with your family :-)


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