Sunday, July 31, 2022

Torrential Rains And Photos From Visit To Pir Sohawa Resort The Dino Valley


 It would be a lie If i would say that  i did not like the recent torrential rains here in our small city of Khairpur despite of all the mess and damage they have caused specially to the owners of Date fruit gardens. Yes July and August are decisive months for Date fruits survival on trees and getting down by large number of labor but heavy constant rains that stayed for more than twenty five days i guess spoiled the delicate fruit while they were getting ready to pick up.This is sad indeed but what to do that rains in this area have become really Rare and we see hardly any clouds in the sky or or get some drops of very short down pour like literally for minutes are so:(

Set of rains started few days after our arrival in Islamabad and lasted until we were back though it took few short breaks (one two or three days) but thick clouds kept sky covered meanwhile. This was long time dream so i was happy to have such weather that saved us from scorching sun for while at least .But it does not mean i don't feel sorry for all the loss people experienced because of it .During more than thirty years of my say here i saw it second time that mother Nature did not care about Date fruits ,otherwise she had been favoring the owners of date gardens always. We as human totally depend on Her instinct with hope that whatever she does has reason behind it.

Sharing below some photos from our visit to Pir Sohawa in Islamabad. 

you can imagine the beauty and peace of this place through first four images that i took from google image , Pir Sohawa is rapidly developing resort and town loaded with breathtaking views . People of capital city  on weekends head hilltop resorts like this to spend some serene joyous time with family and friends ,being foot hills of Himalian mountains and close to Murree Pir Sohawa has gorgeous weather quite cooler than islamabad laying in it's lap below 

what else can make one happy who starves for clouds and rain for most of the year ,roads and tracks heading upward offer pleasant walks as well for hiking lovers ,i can dream only about days when i will be able to take such walks 

we haven't go to this particular  resort i think ,because one we visited was situated  earlier to it and had different look and view below 

journey upwards start from the Faisal Mosque from ride takes forty minutes almost to reach Dino Valley ,it is my most favorite journey in the capital city as it gives not just lovely environment to breath but splendid scenes all around ,most of the people during drive stop their vehicles and take photos while standing on the edges of the roads.

it was not weekend so when we arrived in Pir Sohawa Dino valley there were only few families wandering around ,the train like ride behind us took us upward in the restaurant and for this entry that took hardly five minute fee was handsome believe me 

the jungle behind we can see had so many statues of dinosaurs who were making various voices too ,this resort has great appeal for children who love dinosaurs and who doesn't ,my youngest son seemed so excited to see all his extinct friends who seemed quite alive with movements and noise they created .impressive job authorty had dome to amuse kids i must say   

we had to sit pose on the insistence of my youngest son ,he took many selfies with this one too  

place was arranges amazingly ,i wish i had a better camera to take some good photos 

the band of cute dinosaurs was playing and singing ,my son joined them as well 

took this one while sitting on the table and waiting for lunch ,jungle above was filled with children 

the serene and magical place to spend some lovely time ,we enjoyed our three hours there and then returned to the city for shopping and dinner .

I am visiting you blogs though for some reason my own laptop is down and i am doing this post through mu youngest son's laptop which is not allowing me to comment but only blog .so i am visiting and commenting through my smart phone until my laptop is repaired .
Me and hubby are mostly recovered though we still have some symptoms of flue and light fever i wonder why .
Wishing you all health ,peace and happiness in days ahead dear friends! 


  1. Yes, what spectacular scenic views! And I love those dinos, lol. I guess the price of dates will go up in the stores this fall, then. I like dates, both for eating as fruit and for baking. Yum, yum!

  2. All of the pictures are lovely. I must admit that I agree with your son because I like dinosaurs too.

  3. Thank you for sharing these lovely photographs, I do like the dinosaurs :)

    All the best Jan

  4. The landscape in wonderful.
    Have a wonderful week

  5. You found a beautiful place to visit and it looks like you had a good time.

  6. What a beautiful place to visit, the photos are really lovely. Seems you are improving with your health, so take care and get well soon.

  7. It is good you had some rain to replenish the earth’s supply. Too bad for the date crop but they must have done well for years. I Imagine date prices will go up now.

    The dinosaur park looks like fun and your youngest looked like he had fun too.

  8. Spectacular views, Baili! Such a lovely place to visit. That dinosaur band is adorable. I really like dates, so I hope the prices don't soar. Hope you and your family are all well. Have a wonderful week ahead!

  9. That first picture of Pir Sohawa is really nice. Rains are playing havoc in many parts. of the world. In Kerala it is red alert as of now.

  10. Hi, Very insightful thanks for sharing this and hope you like my articles below.


  11. Thanks for sharing these photos, Baili, and it looks like you all had a wonderful time on the trip.Rain is badly needed in so many places, so I am sure it was most welcome. I hope that you and your husband will be feeling better soon. Sorry about the laptop being ill as well, Hope that it too has a good recovery, my friend.

  12. What spectacular scenery and wonderful photos - thank you for sharing them. We cannot change the weather, so we might as well enjoy the parts of it that we like :)

  13. lovely pictures of you with your loved ones :)

  14. What a fun place to visit - enjoyed all the photos. The train looks like the one they have at our SkyPark Santa's Village up in Rim Forest area not to far from where we live.

  15. How fun, Baili! I love dinosaurs and would enjoy visiting here so much. The resort and scenery are lovely. I'm such a chicken. I would find driving down that switchbacking road scary.


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