Monday, July 25, 2022

We Are Back And I am Thankful For your Kind Visits During My Absence To Your Blogs !

First of all i want to thank you all of you who despite of my long absence (fifty days yes) still kept visiting my blog ,this makes me feel blessed and thankful for having you all as blogger friends! i will be visiting you all since now hopefully!

We got back from our beautiful Islamabad trip on 22 July  Friday morning . As you might know far better than me that whole  Asia is experiencing long spell if rainfall which makes me so happy despite constant absence of power as seeing the environment clean and breathable is deepest desire of my heart. I am thankful for this joyous opportunity by  mother Nature! Me and hubby both fell ill two days before leaving Islamabad but it is hard to find doctor during rains when roads are flooded outside.  Hubby got his first medication today as he found one of the clinics opened. We are being late in keeping our house back to its neat and arranged manner because of sickness but how enough we can thank to our eldest son for his gift of automatic washing machine that  has been proving  itself incredibly helpful during this tough time.  After Eid Ul Adha we visited Kashmir (free part of Kashmir) .It was quick decision by hubby and before only three days before our return date so we had to keep it short .I think the tiredness because of that long journey made us sick later. It took us eight hours almost to reach Muzaffarabad capital of Kashmir we spent next whole day while visiting it's few famous points and set back to Islamabad on the same evening which was exhausting for our age obviously . Though i am feeling speechless when i want to describe the beauty of this heavenly valley dear Friends . River Neelam remains highlight of the whole trip lacing the all curvy dangerous valley. Yes single road warps the hills throughout the way and which makes it bit scary though most of the road is wide enough for vehicles to cross but there are really few places where it gets narrow which provides the risk for rash drivers . Accidents are therefore common specially during rainy  seasons when land sliding is common.We heard about such heart breaking accidents that took place right one day before we arrived there ,a bus fell down in the Neelam river and many people lost their precious lives .Another accident happened the day we returned ,a car slipped in the river with groom and bride and two other ,all four died but two children were saved by authorities miraculously . We saw crown on the way while we were returning who was looking t the place of accident ,some were taking selfies which was beyond my understating. Over all we found the people of Kashmir incredibly kind and helpful in transport and restaurants which was pleasing indeed.  
Sharing some glimpse of our one of the most joyous day in Kashmir. 

the restaurant we visited had beautiful garden area beside river which had swing too ,how can one resist it when surroundings are such magical ,despite of bright sunny day day was cool and breezy ,hubby asked me to sit on swing and when i did he started to push me to swing as it was high and i couldn't push myself by feet .children standing around giggled on this and i joined them smilingly as well. 


This was upper Neelam one of the highest point of margalla hills . Below things looked little including zig zag river Neelam. We are standing in the resort where many families were staying for summer holidays 

wherever eyes could see views were breathtaking and captivating ,now i knew why Kashmir was called " a heaven on earth" since always  

Wherever eyes could  see views were breathtaking and captivating. I now knew why Kashmir was called  "heaven on earth" for so long 

hubby insisted for this trip because he wanted to take it when our younger son is still with us ,due to issues regarding constant  rainfall his joining to university is little delayed for orientation at least though classes will start according to schedule in mid August hopefully 

if you can ignore how weak or thin the baby horse is you can appreciate the frame of image taken by my younger son ,like his eldest bro he is nice photographer actually ,whole family of this baby was wandering there in the resort 

i have bought some books from my fav book shop ,i found these while evening when power was off ,i told the shopkeeper about topic i was interested in and he guided me towards where books were racked .
i had started Secret History of the world while i was there and i am finding it very intriguing though lets see what writer actually wants to point out .will share with you all obviously  as soon i finish .
that is all for now .thinking of you all with best wishes and prayful heart!


  1. Lucky you that can travel with your family.
    We are still trapped here.
    Have a blessed week.

  2. Welcome back Baili, you have been missed. Sorry to hear that your husband and yourself are not well, get well soon. Photos are wonderful and do love the happy family ones. Take care.

  3. Your book titles tell me that you made some good choices.

  4. What lovely photos, Baili! So much joy in them. I especially like the photo with you on a swing! What fun. No matter how old we get, being on a swing is sheer joy. It's nice to see you so happy. Have a wonderful and blessed rest of the week!

  5. Sorry to read about you and hubby having medical issues when you were away, and the rainfall sounds intense ... but thankful that you had a good trip and are now safely back home.
    Your photographs are all lovely to see, and I especially like the one of you on the swing - such fun :)

    Take care and enjoy reading your books.

    All the best Jan

  6. Welcome home, Baili, it was nice to find this post and to read about your adventures. It's unfortunate that you and your husband were both ill during part of your trip. But the photos of you on the swing and with your husband and sons look so happy, so glad to see you recovered nicely. The lack of rainfall is a problem all over and even here we have been forecast to get rain several times in the past 2 weeks with only clouds and continuing hot temperatures, like so many places. Your choice of reading material will keep you busy for awhile.

  7. I am sorry to hear about the illness. Hope you both are fully recovered. I read about torrential rain in Pakistan. Very sad.

  8. Wow, enjoyed your whole post and now i will google some of the areas you mentioned ...I always do that when people post a region i haven't heard of ...the photos are great and it's hard to resist a swing...even if one is an adult. I never pass up that chance. Anyway good to know you had a great time with your youngest along also.

  9. It's so beautiful there. I really like the swing photo. A sad story about the bride and groom. I am sorry to hear that you and your husband are ill. I hope by this time you are better. The books look very interesting. I know you will enjoy them. Have a happy day.

  10. You look like a young girl in that swing - so carefree and beautiful!!

    I had read about the bus going off the road and the deaths - how tragic. And then the second accident you spoke of - very sad also.

    I hope your and your husband's health is improving.

  11. You have been having rainfalls and we have been having unusual heat waves in the last few weeks.

    It is sad to hear about the accidents causing deaths. I can't understand anyone who would take photos of such things.

  12. I love the photo of you on the swing, Baili, looking so carefree and having fun! Thank you for posting it. I have heard about the beauty of Kashmir throughout my life. It's tragic that such a gorgeous place has been a place of conflict for so long. It's great that you and your hubby are creating happy family memories for your sons.


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