Tuesday, November 2, 2021

My Son Staying In Lisbon For A Month


My eldest son called us from Lisbon on Sunday . We misunderstood when he told us about his flight last week ,we thought he will leave for Lisbon on Saturday so we expected his call on same day before leaving before the flight .Anyway it was pleasant surprise to learn that he was already in the Lisbon and calling us from hotel . It was 8 am there in Portugal Lisbon and 12 pm here in Pakistan . He told it was long exhausting  journey due to various tests on the way ,as he left from London at six in the morning and  arrived at 8 pm in Lisbon. He fell in sleep at once after arrival as he was so tired. He woke up early next morning and called us while strolling the streets in the surroundings .He was looking for a restaurant  for breakfast but everything seemed closed may be because of Sunday late opening .But thankfully he found a restaurant opened later on higher part for which he walked upwards slowly while taking to us ,sometime showing us the views and sometime clicking on my insistence as i found streets of Lisbon quite fascinating . Sharing some of images with you guys ,hope you too enjoy the peek into old looking architecture  and stony paved streets :)

                   Portugal is a beautiful European country and i bet it is mostly crowded with visitors  

Saturday night people sleep very late mostly so therefore Sunday morning  rests in peace for a while which my son liked as this way he could visit more relaxingly  and taking photos was easy too 
i have read in my text books about Portuguese invasions on different nations in past and their architecture seems to display to some extent such as the use of elephants in war was common  back then.when it comes to learning i feel so helpless .life is too short to learn about how things worked on earth and how various nations behaved throughout the centuries .i am thankful for the peace that people of this world are experiencing from few hundred years .i know nothing is perfect and strategy for dominance on this world has taken new shape still i believe that there is open game for each individual and victory is a right for who plays fairly or more insightfully .

my son was standing beside the sea when he called ,i was happy to see ocean so close to him of course but it felt close to me either :) i love travelling and i want to see different places with unique beauty and geographical features  .i can't do it but i am truly so happy that  my son is able to do so ,i think being parent it's  bigger joy than  that i might have felt during personal experience because the success of children bring more happiness to the heart of parents you know this :) we are having feeling to live through our kids now ! may the peace and joy be for all parents amen!

i liked these murals ,very intriguing ,below are dustbin i guess ,we see how neat the streets were and this is because people realize their responsibility as citizen to keep the city clean and don't stop using dustbins .i think such behavior forms with proper upbringing and educating people from early age ,it is hard to alter good habits later because mostly people grow in the nature they have already and very rarely try to break the shell and move further for betterment in their personality which i find sad and unfortunate . i think bad habits must be part away slowly as we throw away trash after cleaning our house .

another interesting wall art ,reminds me days  when i used to watch cricket match on tv with mom and we would see in audience many women with really interesting hairstyle like flower or fruit basket fixed on head ,that was amusing for villagers like us who make simple braid :)

no matter where the bench  are placed they speak familiar language ,they offer comfort and moment to stop and take breath deeply is better so we can realize what was the all run about and was it worth it or not .

my son took this image when he reached in the hotel yard ,standing there view was commending and gorgeous  ,it is amazing how slight change of place adds the charm to our cup of tea isn't it :) i always think of  hill top or beside water when think of having tea during outing . mixing clouds in the cup  makes me feel i took the sip of divine  sky :) 

what fascinates me about Europe is these  roof of same color which make a spectacular view over all ,we see travel show often and each time roofs of this kind make seem to make Europe unique and very attractive .

mom used to tell that our city Karachi was called city of lights once and trams were common local ride for people ,our country is progressing very slowly on some levels but over all it seems that things are going in reverse ,many Asian countries who became far later than ours has jumped ahead of us far ahead . i wish and pray that people of power here realize how badly they have dealt with situation and start to reset their priorities ,common good before personal advantage . as inhabitant what else i can do except doing my duties fairly and pray that other do the same !

                                   i  find drive on sloppy roads fun ,do you have such roads in your city 

this is nice how ancient buildings are protected and groomed in Europe ,we have many huge ancient places that are waiting for attention of the authorities ,it is annoying that why our government does not pay attention towards improving old sights ,facilitating areas of them so tourism can bring good fortune for people of the land.

i did not expect to see Rikshaw ride in European country ,it is common here but extremely noisy ,i wonder if it spreads less noise pollution there . 

I think this whole walk of my son took one or less hour ,stepping down was easy so he reached his hotel soon . I forgot to mention that my son has decided to stay in Lisbon for a month because he is coming home in December so he wants to rent a place in London on return.This way he can save some money he would have to pay  if he had rented a place in London in November . He told that he chose Lisbon because of affordable resident and weather. He said he always wanted to visit different European places and this way is fulfilling one of his dream too. He called next day and showed us the whole apartment which was part of huge building .Building has so many apartments for visitors from all over the world. Apartment has very nice living area down including kitchen ,bedroom was on upper part . He will work from home and explore the beautiful countryside on holidays . We were happy to hear that . It is 2nd of November ,only 29 day more to meet our child!

Thank you for bearing with me precious friends!
please keep treating yourself kindly and all around you!
may faith be your shelter to save from harm that brings negativity of daily life amen! 
God bless you all!


  1. YOur son is having such a wonderful time exploring different countries, Baili, it's so good for him to have this experience while he is young. I think Portugal is worth a visit and I haven't been there although my friend goes twice a year (it's not far if you like in the uK!). I can understand how keen you are to have your son home safe :)

  2. Thank him for sharing Lisbon with us.

  3. Lisbon is a treat for the eyes!

  4. Wow! These are just amazing photos. Such an adventure for your son. Thank you for sharing with us.

  5. He is smart to experience as much as he can before he has a family of his own. He picked a beautiful spot for this adventure. I agree with you that we hope our children will have more than we do.

  6. Any time we have family travelling, we are always so relieved to hear from them. We loved Lisbon when we visited. Such a colourful city! Hope your son enjoys his stay!

  7. This makes me want to visit Portugal.

  8. I'm sure you son is going to love Lisbon, baili.
    It's a wonderful city.
    But advise him, if he has the chance, to also go to Porto.
    Direct train ride, about 3 hours, and it's also great.

  9. Lovely photos Baili that your son took. He certainly is getting around different countries which is a great experience and a learning curve in many ways, such as food and cultures. I know you will enjoy having him home for a visit before he goes to London...take care.

  10. Those are beautiful pictures of Lisbon! I am happy to know your son can have this experience. I know you are looking forward to having him home in December. That will be a wonderful reunion for all of you!

  11. Lovely pictures ! Hope your son will enjoy his stay !
    Portugal is a beautiful country !
    Have a nice day !

  12. With regards to Portugal you're right, as 5 centuries ago it was the world's main economic power. Its multi-continental trading system stretched from Macao (China) and Timor (Indonesia) to Brazil.

    Beautiful pictures taken from the hotel yard in Lisbon! I also like the murals and those charcteristic alleys made with cobblestones.

    It's great to hear that in less than 4 weeks you will meet your child. Thanks for sharing the images of Lisbon, Baili (I have never been to Portugal).

    May everything go well and be blessed!

  13. Lovely to see these photographs, I hope your son will enjoy his stay in Lisbon.
    It will not be too long now before you will be seeing him :)

    All the best Jan

  14. Such a beautiful place and so nice that your son is able to stay there and explore. Oh, to be young and adventurous again! I agree that as parents we want our children to have these wonderful experiences even if we can't ourselves. You must be so excited to see your son soon! Blessings xo K

  15. Que grande e boa surpresa ver imagens da "minha" cidade por aqui! :-)) Que corra tudo pelo melhor na estadia do seu filho, no nosso país, Baili! Ele decerto apreciará imenso! Aconselho-o a visitar Sintra, e os seus palácios e monumentos mais icónicos, que proporcionam cenários de sonho, e que decerto o encantarão também, e não fica muito longe de Lisboa! Adorei as imagens, de lugares que me são bastante familiares!
    Os Rikshaws que menciona, cá no nosso país chamam-se de Tuk-Tuk, não são pedalados, mas motorizados... e de facto, apesar de serem muito populares nos passeios turísticos por Lisboa, não são de facto uma das soluções menos poluentes... pelo que têm gerado alguma controvérsia, desde que se popularizaram pela cidade, e calculo que em breve haja mais legislação e controlo sobre os mesmos...
    O cavalo e o elefante na base da Estátua da Praça do Comércio, simbolizam o triunfo e a fama, na ação dos portugueses pelo mundo, pela Europa e India, no tempo da descoberta do caminho marítimo para a India, e das respetivas relações comerciais, cheias de obstáculos, num mundo de então, em descoberta e cheio dificuldades e conflitos... O esclavagismo, fez realmente parte da história de Portugal, neste período de descobertas marítimas, e afirmação económica, religiosa e política... mas o nosso país, também foi dos primeiros países a acabar com tal, o que continua a ser um imenso motivo de orgulho para Portugal. No momento temos outro motivo de orgulho: Portugal é o país com maior taxa de vacinação do mundo. O nosso país, tem uma sabedoria muito própria... reconhece muitos dos seus erros, tanto no seu passado, como no presente, e tenta evitar outros, acho que a sensatez nos caracteriza, em muitos momentos determinantes da História... a vacinação tem sido um processo pacifico, ao qual a grande maioria dos portugueses, tem aderido sem questionar, já que tal, é sinónimo de salvar vidas... e ao contrário de tantos outros países, em que a vacinação é vista com desconfiança...
    Um beijinho, Baili! Muitas felicidades para o seu filho, e que em breve o possam abraçar, e celebrar assim, a reunião da família!
    Tudo de bom! Feliz fim de semana!

  16. I can just feel how loving and proud you are in this post. I'm so very glad your son is able to travel now. I hope he returns to you happy and well, and full of all kinds of new stories to share.

  17. What a nice Lisbon city tour from the comfort of my computer and thanks to your son, Bali.we would very much like to visit Portugal and Spain and so many other places, but fear that may not happen for the near future. So nice that your son is able to travel.

  18. Very nice blogsite! Thanks for providing this site. Photos you shared in this post look great. Greetings from Turkey. Happy day.

  19. Desejo que o seu filho se sinta bem em Lisboa. Fiquei encantada ao ver as fotografias que ele tirou aos lugares e monumentos que tão bem conheço. Obrigada por partilhar.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  20. Hello, Baili. What a pleasant surprise to have a call from your loved son! To be curious and adventuresome to broaden one’s horizon is always commendable. Lisbon looks nice and beautiful. I’m not sure the COVID-19 situation of Europe but so lucky for him to be able to travel around. Time flies and soon you’ll be seeing him again. In the meantime, I hope he has a super happy and fruitful time there.


  21. I love the views of Lisbon, it is a place I have never been.

    I know what he means about the additional checks due to Covid (to keep people safe from the disease). It makes for a fun trip to be draining. This is why we have not ventured abroad for now.

    Hopefully your son will be with you soon xx

  22. I enjoyed the photos. Seems like a good idea to get a place there and then move to London after that. I know you will enjoy having him home again for awhile.


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