Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Trip To City Lagos In Portugal By My Son

Hey  Amazing Hearts !

Hope beating with hope and positivism despite of all the odds and challenges life offer because i believe that you have insight and courage to do so :)

Being Thankful for beautiful weather keeps me more happy than usual.  Nature could have given us a one pleasant weather forever but it is not in the nature of Nature of course . Diversity is crucial tool for learning . If i was swinging the swing of comfort always while singing a merry song i would have never learnt the treasure of learning and a little bit wisdom i have today am hundred percent sure of this . Floods of various tests ,storms of ups and down and strong gusts of odds shake us awake us and push further to move ahead and that is divine beauty of life believe me :)

Okay i won't bore you with my simple silly talks but want to share with you some delightful glimpse of my eldest son's trip to Lagos in Portugal as you know my son is staying there for a month before coming to  Pakistan . His weekdays are quite busy but he is managing to take small trips on weekends to explore beauty in surroundings . He had booked for a dolphin show on Friday night probably but later he realized that the show is in city Lagos which is six hours away but he did not cancel the program and left with one of his new friend whom he had met online i believe . He when called on Sunday seemed very happy about his trip .He told he had so much fun with so many dolphin there . He liked the city too but he had to get back so they hardly spent some hours there and left for home .Sharing some photos hope you will like them as i absolutely loved the water the intriguing formation of rocks and dolphins ,I am not tired to see videos :) I uploaded one video but i don't know it will play or not as in past i could not make them play i don't know why .

if seeing the dolphins in photos is as exciting how much fun it must have been for my son and his friend to watch them from so close wow 

we are living in the pool of divine energy which has numerous forms and shapes and each has unique beauty ,message and purpose ,there is Magic everywhere but we got so used to it so don't feel it anymore ,so never loose the child within you so you can enjoy the each breath of life as a wonderful wonderful gift :)

such a precious sight !!! i feel so serene that my baba is having opportunity to fulfill his dreams ,this is most beautiful feeling for a mother indeed , the deep blue water looks incredibly beautiful oh i can sit there for ages lol 

how nicely authorities has managed to facilitate the visitors i am impressed ,our country specially northern areas have incredible natural beauty but hurdles of the ways discourage visitors to visit there ,i find it  surprising when i see how  many people still go to visit the northern places that are famous for their mountainous glory and cooler weather in summers but i wish government pay some attention to make tourism easy and places accessible for tourists  .

We attended the khatna ceremony of Allah Bachaya on Sunday in city almost one hour away from us .But i will share it in next post hopefully !

Wishing you all ,all the joys ,health and peace in the world dear friends!
Stay blessed with Faith so you can have wings of hope which makes you keep flying higher no matter how strong is the storm !

enjoy the video if it plays please .


  1. Enjoying every moments ! Good for him !!!
    Have a nice day !

  2. Your son is in a lovely place there. The video came through perfectly. He is laughing and full of wonder as he watches the dolphins. I know how anxious you are for him to be with you. The time is getting closer.

  3. Thank your son for sharing this lovely trip, so happy for him.

  4. The video played for me, I did enjoy it :)
    Such wonderful photographs too, a lovely trip.
    I am so pleased for your son... and the time is getting nearer to when you will see him. So wonderful.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  5. What a beautiful coastal area! Wouldn't you like to go there?

  6. Video worked fine...love dolphins, we often see them swimming parallel to the beach in summer. You have a handsome boy there.

    "Magic everywhere but we got so used to it" Very true!

  7. He went to the South, Algarve.
    Spent many happy moments in Lagos.
    Portugal is a beautiful country, baili.
    And with a very high vaccination rate.
    Tell you son to go to Porto, by the river (Ribeira and Gaia, Port wine).
    He will love it.

  8. Looks like a good time! The dolphins, sea arch and other sea rocks are awesome!

  9. Video works for me and the pod of dolphins are wonderful to watch, such amazing creatures. It's good your son had the opportunity to see them. Thanks for sharing Baili. All the photos are lovely.

  10. The photos and video from your son are wonderful :-)

  11. Hi Baili - the pictures from your son are great - what is really lovely is that he even filmed a dolphin for you :) he's a good boy

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  13. What wonderful photos that you son sent to you, Baili, from the Portugal trip and to have seen those dolphins so close! The weather and the food also looked great as did your son. he certainly is enjoying his travels and so nice of him to share with you and then you to share with all of us. And, the video did work for me as well.

  14. Absolutely beautiful photos of the life your son leads. Have a happy days.

  15. Lagos é lugar muito tranquilo. Que bom o seu filho estar a gostar. Tenho a certeza que ele está a gostar de tanto azul: o do mar e o do céu.
    Muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  16. What a beautiful place! I enjoyed the video very much - thank you! Your son is having some wonderful experiences; this is the time to do it, while he is young and strong :)

  17. O Sul do nosso país, é muito agradável, e tranquilo, nesta altura mais calma em termos turísticos... no Verão a agitação é bem maior... mas nesta altura do ano, dá mesmo para usufruir verdadeiramente dos lugares visitados, sem grandes aglomerações, o que em termos de pandemia, é muito bom, poder fazer com segurança!
    Adorei as imagens, e o vídeo! Que bom saber que o seu filho, ficou com tão belas recordações do nosso país!
    Um beijinho! Votos de continuação de um feliz domingo, com saúde, para todos!


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