Wednesday, October 27, 2021

The Stuff Of My Life

Hey Precious Friends ,hope  enjoying  the changes in weather ,moments of life with all the diversity and challenges they offer and yearly happy events that bring families and friends together eventually no matter what :)
want to say Happy Thanksgiving (sorry if late or early) and all the joyous times it brought to you all!

There are few days to November ,a month after which we are expecting our eldest son to visit us from London after three years ! prays for all travelers may they reach their destination safely by the grace of God! He is calling and texting almost everyday to ask what gift we like him to bring ,how can we ask for more as he is most desirable right now ! May lord bless us with moments together amen!!!

Weather is  splendid ,beautiful ,breezy and slightly cloudy. These shorter days of mild winter are gift for people who live here in extremely hot southern Pakistan. 
My flu is gone for now but i know it will keep coming back as usual throughout the winter. Things like these when happen frequently one learns to live with them and this is one of the best gift from Nature to man for survival i believe. Unlike your part of land we don't get any shot before winters .People who suffer with flu go through self medication or visit to the doctor when it is inevitable. We do the same. 
As i mentioned always winter is season for outing in southern part of the country  specially due family visits so we are  having guests often thee days .Few hours back i had to get up to attend our second visitor of the day ,she was wife of my brother in law and her younger daughter. She usually spend whole or more than half day with us during her visit .But she was in hurry because she also had guests at home . Why she choose to visit me if she had her own guests at home ? Actually she lives in same house that we left fifteen years ago. Last day i made a quick visit to see my mother in law and for doing some quick cheap shopping with another sister in law who often offered me that i should join her so she can show me shops where clothes are quite cheap in sale . I had to return within three hours before lunch time and therefore i had no time to go to her and meet.She was super curious why i did not stop by her for the first time as if i am angry with her or else. She is having some issues with my mother in law and almost whole family so she thought i too left her by taking others side. I  calmed her and promised that it was only a matter of time and nothing else. They left while ago. It hurts me when long time relationships break away only because both parties believe in their "truths" but not reality in actual means. If i have left people because of their bad and rude behavior i would have nobody to call family member. We should remember that everybody is just a human like us and can make mistake and deserve second chance .

Anyway last day it was my first experience of shopping which i did without hubby . Hubby has great acquaintance  here in this small city so he does not like to take me for shopping in local markets. He prefers therefore to shop in Sukkur city 25 km away from here. My mother bought me things before my marriage. I hardly accompanied her because i hate wandering through crowded markets . Hubby did so for me after marriage and for many years. I think i go with him since thirteen years or more. And it is since five or less years that i am understanding how to shop really i mean the sense of buying good stuff out of bad etc.
The wife of my youngest brother in law is quite active in shopping thing and helps all relatives and sisters in laws who come for shopping from out strike of our city. She advised hubby often to convince me so she can show me how to buy cheap yet better clothes from local market. I have been delaying this for two years almost. But yesterday i decided suddenly and hubby dropped me at her house immediately . This was my third visit to this market in thirty years and first time without hubby . In past I twice came with my eldest sister in law but returned back from th half way when saw crowed .For my youngest sister in law it was just a pat of routine also so she put her burka on and got ahead ,i followed her quietly . She must be fifteen years younger than me but her confidence was older and firm. It was eleven am so market was on it's beginning point with almost none people around. That was relief which supported my confidence little bit. She took me to few shops where clothes were very cheap and quality seemed  okay. I need hem to wear at home so i was fine with it. It was impressive the way she bargained though i she could not surpass hubby in bargaining skill certainly. I bought five dresses in five thousand rupees including scarves which i think was cheapest shopping ever . We could buy two dresses hardly in same price from Sukkur . That made me happy because i am not fond of expensive clothes .i buy new when older are torn away. I feel annoyed for dresses i have to buy to wear on wedding ceremonies .They are very expensive and used only once or twice . I repeat such dresses on many ceremonies unlike others though .I less care if people take notice and make ridicule. Women here are extra sensitive for such things believe me . See dresses i bought for the season. 

                            My sister in law selected bright colors for me but i choose these instead 

my younger son asked father to buy him a revolving  chair one and half month ago ,so hubby bought him this one from local market in fifteen thousand rupees .

 hubby ordered  this water cooler online which arrived yesterday ,i am happy that a new blue came to sit before eyes :)

We visited two of my sister in law last week .It was a gorgeous day so bike ride was truly pleasurable . My two middle sister in laws are married to two landlord broths in village half hour away from here. Passing through gardens and farms while observing rural beauty lightened our mind and soul. It was huge family gathering and full of fun. We left after having lunch before sunset.It was again a soohting beautiful experience .
My reading are at pause because of other business but i am enjoying thoroughly what ever color life brings to me because i know each aspect of life has unique  beauty to experience ad message to absorb!
Thank you for bearing with me sweet friends!
Keep blooming like flowers who exist for while but spread beauty and happiness to every eye and heart that glance at them as this is true essence of living!
May Faith be your shelter always to save you from harm of negativity brought by everyday living!


  1. It's always nice to have something new to wear! I like the dresses you picked -- very beautiful details on the fabrics.

    1. we got more family visit and all liked my choice like you dear Debra :)

  2. Wow Baili you have had a lot of family time. I am glad to hear you son is coming for a visit. I really like the dresses. The fabrics are beautiful. I had to look up what 15,000 rupees is to US dollars. $200 and some change. So not a bad price for the chair. I know he will appreciate it. Have a wonderful day.

    1. like my own family back there in my native town i have huge family here too dear Nichole ,hubby has five brothers and three sisters and other many relatives so there is lots of visiting among family and so many events .as because our summers are extremely hot we try to visit each other in winters which are mild .

      we are waiting for our son desperately and with countless prays!
      yes things with fine quality are imported so we pay in rupees which equals the dollar payment in your part of land .

  3. How exciting that your son will be visiting! Even if they're not bright your clothes are very colorful.

    1. dear Kathy we are so happy and grateful that things got back to their place and we and so many other parents will be able to see their children eventually !

      pics are taken by my younger son's camera which has high quality still i can't understand clothes in these images do not look as nice as they are ,they look dull though they are delightful actually

  4. Great to hear your son will meet your son after three years. I hope your son will have a nice journey ✈
    I like your younger son's chair.

    All the best!

    1. world went upside down in 2019 dear Giorgio ,our son had promised and plan to visit home (us) every year regularly but Covid turned things into mess suddenly and for whole global family indeed.
      i as parents can say that it was most difficult time for parents who were waiting for their kids to come home and meet them.
      this is grace of God that world is going to back to its normality and my son will be able to visit us in December hopefully !

  5. Beautiful dresses, so glad you will see your son soon!

  6. You have certainly been busy. I hate shopping. I even order my groceries online. When I go to the store to pick them up I just give them a call and they bring them right out and put them in my car.

    1. online shopping is getting popular here either dear mimmylynn ,it certainly saves time and energy :)

  7. Family relationships can be difficult. You are torn between different family groups. I hate shopping. My wife does it all.

    1. yes they can be dear Red
      there is two sides of everything so is relationship ,they are most lovely thing to experience if both parties have respect and care for each other ,on the other hand if both or one of them is selfish or egoist things can be complicated .

      i tried to stay away from family politics always throughout my life and thankfully i am only neutral person in my family here or there in my native village .
      it is easy to take cozy side but i think it is better to make effort and try to make both parties patch up if someone listens to you .it make me happy if people make peace between them.

      shopping is last thing i want to do except during vacation when i enjoy it little bit :)

  8. My two daughters are also in London.
    And I keep despairing because I don't know when we can reunite again.

    1. pandemic shake the world specially for parents who has kids studying or doing jobs in abroad dear Pedro

      i had no idea life will bring such shocking times before us that we will starve to see our child for as many years .if it was not technology it might have hurt so strongly .
      hope you see your daughters asap amen!

  9. You have chosen some beautiful new dresses Baili! I hope you enjoy wearing them. The chair for your son is very nice too and looks to be of excellent quality. I'm sure he was very happy with it. I hope you and your family are well!

    1. thank you dear Bonnie

      my younger son unlike his elder brother likes shopping specially from online ,hubby was not satisfied regarding chair .he preferred to buy from local shop so it he can change as if piece was defected .my son loved thoroughly .

  10. I love the feeling in new clothes although I hang on to my "older" clothes for long before I donate. Do you wear dresses everyday? It's always interesting to learn how other cultures do things. I'd love to see photos of you in your new clothing!

    Sending love,


    1. thank you for stopping by dear Jane

      no i don't change dress everyday but after one day or two ,yes i am lazy about it :)

      i will try to keep in mind so i can share pictures with new dresses on

  11. I like your clothes and I feel your excitement in getting new ones.
    The chair is looking comfortable.
    Take care and I'm pleased you are over your cold/flu and surprised to read the flue vaccination is not available to those who wish to have it.

    1. i felt more excited about buying them in less price dear Margaret ,i am since beginning quite less fond of having new clothes or fashion i mean all that women love normally . i loved extremely light color in my teenage even such as i had three white dresses which i loved to wear mostly ,sky blue and light green. though dresses that i had to wear on family events were bright often because mom would chose accordingly .hubby was so kind to bring me same clothes as he would buy for himself in early years of my marriage . my sisters in law would laugh when they would see me wearing manly clothes with cuff and collar but i liked them ,with time i learnt to feel comfortable in ladies outfits .sounds funny isn't it :)

  12. Oh Baili I LOVE the fabrics! Especially the ones you chose, they are so beautiful! xxx

  13. I am so pleased that you will soon see your son. Saying prayers that he will have a good journey.
    I think your dresses look very nice.

    My good wishes to you and your family.

    All the best Jan

  14. THREE years since you have seen your son! There will be lots of hugs and tears I expect.
    Our Thanksgiving is a few weeks away, always a good day.
    I love the colors and shapes of your countries clothes. We are more of a drab country.

  15. Your new dresses are all lovely, Baili, so you did well and getting scarves with them was very nice. I also am not fond of shopping and as some others have commented will wear clothes until they are no longer wearable or will donate still usable items. My "rule" is that if I buy something then something else must be given away or thrown away. Of course, some times I am not good with doing that, but try most times. God news on the upcoming visit of your oldest son and I know his visit are the only gifts you need to receive, but thoughtful of him to ask. And, yes you have been busy with so many family visits.

  16. I enjoy sharing the "stuff" of your life, Baili! I'm glad that you have recovered from the flu, my friend, and are feeling better. I've taken the flu vaccine faithfully for about forty years. Before that I would often get very sick. The flu would develop into strep throat, bronchitis, and sometimes pneumonia, and I'm allergic to most antibiotics. I am grateful for the vaccine, and I wish you had access to it too.

    I can't believe it has been almost three years since your eldest son has been home. I remember when he was leaving, and you were packing for him to go Germany. You were staying at a hotel in Karachi? Islamabad? It will be wonderful when you can throw your arms around him and give him a big, big hug! You're right, nothing is better than seeing a loved one.

    I am going to Calgary early in December to see my brother Roy and his wife Susan and my sister Donnie and her husband Martin, and any of their children (young adults) in the city. Terry is coming too, but he hates the cold, and Calgary is likely to give him well below zero temperatures. I am so excited because I haven't seen anyone on my side of our family since before the pandemic began. So I share your anticipation for seeing a loved one! It will be next summer before I see my sisters Barb and Bertie and their families.

    I'm glad you had a successful outing to the market with your sister-in-law. You found some pretty dresses, and I hope you have lots of pleasure in them. I've been to the large markets in Asia. I find them fascinating, but I'm a hopeless bargainer. I hate it!

    I hate buying clothes and refuse to buy trendy, fashionable clothes. Often they are poorly made and go out of style quickly. I want long-lasting, well-made clothes that I can wash, dry, and iron without having to go to take them to the dry cleaners. I was going to go shopping for clothes before we went to Vegas, but now I'll wait until I start my thyroid treatment. Who knows where my weight will stabilize.

    It's important to enjoy each day and what it brings. You are so good at this, Baili! I'm trying to feel less frustrated when things interrupt what I want to do. I find it hard to just flow with it. Terry is water. He just rolls on downhill and around any object he encounters. No struggle. No angst! LOL.

    I'm glad that you enjoyed your visits and visitors. Families can be a challenge. There are always crosscurrents to negotiate. All you and I can control are ourselves. I know you treat people with kindness and grace.

    I hope you continue the cooler, milder weather. Have a happy and fulfilling week, my friend. Love and blessings to you and your family!

  17. Desejo que o seu filho chegue bem. Desejo que você não fique com gripe. Que tudo seja bom para si e para a sua família.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  18. Que bom saber que a sua gripe já passou, Baili! Eu levei a minha mãe nestas últimas semanas, à terceira dose da vacina do covid e há dois dias atrás, também levou a vacina da gripe sazonal. Por isso, tenho andado mais ausente, a controlar as suas reações, para calibrar a medicação, se fosse necessário. Ela tem insuficiência respiratória e cardíaca crónicas, não posso confiar apenas em soluções de última hora, senão ela correria bem maiores riscos de vida, dada a sua habitual dificuldade em respirar...
    Acho que fizeram excelentes compras, tanto a Baili, como o seu marido e filho!
    Eu gosto imenso de mercados, e shoppings... mas desde que começou a pandemia, tento evitar ao máximo ambientes, muito concorridos... mesmo com vacinas, a pandemia ainda não acabou, e se eu apanhar algo, e trouxer para casa, coloco em risco a vida da minha mãe... mesmo com vacinas, no meu caso pessoal, a vida ainda não se normalizou por completo, quando se têm pessoas com quadros de saúde complicados, por perto... que para todos os efeitos, continuam bastante vulneráveis, aos efeitos do vírus, caso o apanhem...
    Um beijinho grande! E votos de tudo a correr pelo melhor!
    Bom fim de semana, com saúde, e tranquilidade para todos!

  19. I am not really much of a shopper I go when I have to.

    I am so excited for you that you son will be visiting soon :-)


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