Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Universe Acts Similarly Through Her All Expressions

 We have been watching videos about space and solar system lately. How scientists work hard to reveal what is happening beyond the atmosphere with the help of their studies and experiments about the universe ,space and everything existing within it. Host of this youtube channel  is famous researcher  Faisal warraich who shares his research and views  about various topics  here. We like his dynamic voice and how he put things with eloquence and accuracy and in very intriguing way with slight touch of humor . I specially liked when he shared how space satellites work and send signal to the earth that are received by very heavy antennas placed on the earth in certain distances . It is really fascinating to understand through new technology how these all things work and make it possible for us to know more about space and planets of our solar system . We mostly saw these videos during lunch time together and finish the first series of ten episodes in ten days of course .Yes we have learnt to take things slowly rather then finish them at once :) Unlike before we try to watch only one episode at a time of certain show we select and this makes us enjoy our favorite program last little longer which seems very nice. 

Days are getting sorter which leaves me many chores undone during daytime so i am trying to manage my blogging time in late evening after evening prayer. The weather is absolutely Joyous and delightful. Sun rays have become comforting and their touch feels motherly now days. Sky seems to come closer and gloriously deep shiny blue which seems to pull me in sometimes.  When i look at it i feel as i can see across it and observe all the mysterious events happening out there . After watching show i mentioned above makes it easy for me to imagine clearly how planets in our solar system are lined up there for inhabitants of planet earth to come and flourish their barren world with their lively existence.Though according to research not all of them seem suitable for life except Jupiter's moon Europa and planet Mars until now. According to further peek in space host told that there is fair possibility to have life in our universe. There are more than forty billions of planets in our own galaxy alone who likely to have similar atmosphere  as planet earth . Isn't it sound so exciting :)

A quote from holy book that comes frequently mentions that (translation) "people who live on earth and people who live in the sky both are under the command of Creator " .This strengthens my faith in how deeply Creator speaks through his men, particularly those who tend to listen him indeed!

                                                   image source pinterest 

I am from a little village and raised in environment where stories about moon fairies and old lady grinding hand mill on moon were common ,so it is really a big deal for me to learn all these facts about space and planets. This is exciting to know that next in year 2022 first mission will fly to Mars to set first human colony there . This must be biggest achievement for homo sapiens in long race of growth as specie till today.

It feels often like everything including us is "Expressions" of the universe like we all are pieces of her "whole being" withered here and there in the vast space ,sometimes in shape of huge ,solid, stern reality ,sometimes in form of transforming fluid and sometimes in the sate of mysterious smoke (gas). Most amazing part of all this scenario is that Nothing looks random or useless . Everything  shares it's part to support giant but meaningful system of the universe like a humble servant . Like planets close to our earth don't look like placed there for no reason. Their existence near earth seems to serve life on earth for further survival. Each planet  tell what is essential to have life and how lack of certain things can keep you away from such beautiful experience .

The successful existence of planet earth among her neighbors reveals that it's not important to have ingredients which are crucial for life but  "Balance" is supreme quality to achieve on this road. Balance of the" ingredients of life" support life to be created and grow. But what prevents this life from being disappear immediately after coming into existence is "atmosphere" . Can we imagine life surviving on this planet if there was no atmosphere at all ? of course not . 

My point is that everything has certain message for us despite of all the definition behind it's existence and explanation for it's being different than others. I honestly cannot say for what these messages are but they are in everything existing around us and even within us and can surely help us to lead better life if we receive them correctly!

Can we explain that why everything seems to act similarly ? i mean why the huge bodies of universe seems to act like we tiny humans do in our life from our birth to till death ? Such as from being born to getting old and making families who 's member vary in looks and behaviors. Can we realize ever the responsibility we have on our shoulders as "best and thinking part of the Universe" ?

She chose us to flourish in the huge colony of space and time with the harmony and peace. We are taking baby steps on the path of learning about us and our origin. I believe that in next some thousand years when people will be one nation our focus as specie on our actual duty will be  far stronger than it is today. 

Dear friends last week was full of guests and flue for me .Guests left but flue stays with me i don't for how long so forgive me if  i sound miserable today :(

Stay blessed with atmosphere of "Faith" so it can protect your soul from being damaged by radiation of negativity and odds around you !

No matter how hard you try Only Faith is the magical wand which makes miracle happen end of the day,keep absorbing strength from your source the divine energy you are existing within ,it is waiting for you to turn towards her and connect ,that 's it :)

Health ,peace and joy to you all and all you love precious people! 



  1. PLEASE FEEL BETTER SOON. I have programs that I watch regularly too. Some of them I could not watch all in a row because I get bored/

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Enjoy pondering the universe.

  3. I love learning about space and planet, but I also like stories about moon fairies and such.

  4. I hope you get over the flu and feel better soon!

  5. More and more, my life is based in science, baili.
    This epidemic is a good lesson to trust in science and leave the real fake news far far away.

  6. Hope you soon feel well again Baili, not good to read you are unwell.
    Enjoy continuing learning about what's in space and so on..
    Take care.

  7. Hello Baili,
    What an interesting suject and post. I hope you feel better soon.
    Take care, enjoy your day and weekend ahead.

  8. I always enjoy your writing, thanks for sharing what you are learning. And I hope you feel better. Fall is beautiful here right now. Gotta say, I hope winter is mild and not too snowy.

  9. Great thoughts! Hope you feel better soon :-)

    Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing your point of view through your comment. Actually, in 2022 we will see the first mission to Mars, as you mentioned in your interesting post. That's fantastic! But there is something I don't understand: while humans are trying to set the first human colony there, the virus continues to spread. It has been spreading since december 2019. Mmm ... and, unfortunately, it will continue to spread while humans try to set the first human colony on Mars. There is something I don't understand ... the influenza pandemic of 1918-1919, also called the Spanish flu, lasted two year. More 100 years ago and there wasn't any vaccine.

    Have a nice weekend :-)

    1. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought the first mars mission in 2022 is a simulation? I found this.

    2. dear Nichole i just explored site with details about Mars One mission

  10. sorry you have flu, Baili - we are lucky in the UK to be given a vaccine and I had mine last week. I hope you recover quickly. Your post is, as always, thought provoking. I can't help thinking that while we look beyond our planet, there is so much we don't know of it within the sea and deep inside - my husband once said 'why does everyone think intelligence will be from another planet, that it will not be superior to us and ... that the beings will be visible to us... they could be the size of bacteria in their World' ... there is so much to think about (and so little time!). Betty

  11. Baili I am so sorry you are sick. I hope you are being well cared for and that you are better soon. I am sending you healing energy.

  12. Sending positive thoughts and healing wishes to you.
    Hoping you feel better soon.

    All the best Jan

  13. Feel better, my dear friend! The flu is no fun. How I wish I could live through the next 1,000 years to see what happens and what we learn. I am greedy for life because I am greedy for knowledge. I love learning about the universe, and I love sharing this passion with you. Love to you and your family, Baili! XOX!

    1. unlike your part o land we don't receive yearly shots for flu dear Louise so when weather is changing everybody suffers with sudden and sometimes longer duration of flu and while wandering out ,riding vehicles or in office and schools one can see the flu pandemic attack easily . my flu keep coming back during winters as i like being out in morning time and deep breath which makes it inevitable for me lol

      oh i can pray for for you than " may lord give you my part of life too " :)it is famous pray mostly mothers do for their kids :)

      i don't i am mentally sick or what dear Louise but i lack greed for life tremendously despite of all the enormous amount of deep love i have for life and everything about it and honestly i don't know why ,i mean i genuinely want to live forever to see how this whole magical scenario will progress and end eventual ,or may be keep moving in circle forever yet if i know suddenly that i am going to die tomorrow i will still remain happy and may be little excited to hope what adventure next lol .
      oh this is my wish either to have friends like you and exchange views with them about all i like to talk about often :)

  14. The universe has a universal pattern it can be seen in the tiniest detail, such as in flowers and petals or in greater detail in the ordering of the planets. It can also be seen in our months and yearly cycles and also within our own bodies.

    Best wished to you, I hope you feel better soon.

    1. dear Cheri i feel happy that you are one of those who can see the pattern of the universe and receive the message within it ,i feel really blessed that despite of lacking all the worldly skills crucial for sustainability here i am still given the gift to ponder upon things laying before eyes and trying to figure out how they are offering me to move further and step ahead to achieve next level of betterment .
      if this was not with me i would have lost in negativity of this world believe me .

  15. Space is absoluteky fascinating! I love educative Youtube channels too, you can learn so much from them. Hope you will feel better soon! Have a lovely week☺

  16. O Universo espacial é maravilhoso. O Cosmos do qual fazemos parte. A terra, o nosso planeta azul tantas vezes negligenciado. Gostei de ler. Cuide-se bem.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  17. Dear Baili – Hope you’ve gotten better by now. I’m always intrigued by the wonder of the Universe. Your thoughts reminded me of the following. “To see a world in a grain of sand/ A heaven in a wild flower / Hold infinity in the palm of hand / And eternity in an hour.” There are messages of Universe in anything including these tiny things.

    Thank you for reading my posts. You found me holding my grandson in cosmos flowers! The boy is now 8 and showed his love for universe centered around our blue planet in his painting. If you feel inclined to, it is on my post dated September 27.


  18. Uma publicação super interessante, como sempre, Baili!
    O universo, com os seus mistérios e segredos, também é um tema que me fascina... e possivelmente, com os seus visitantes ocasionais... pois os relatos de avistamentos, têm-se intensificado, com provas cada vez mais sustentáveis de que não estamos sozinhos... e provavelmente nem nunca estivemos... as pirâmides do Egipto têm símbolos de naves espaciais... assim como muitas ruinas de muitas civilizações desaparecidas da América do Sul, dos Astecas, Incas e Maias... tal como as famosas linhas de Nazca, que se creem ser mensagens, para quem viaja muito acima da superfície da Terra...
    Estimo que já se tenha recuperado totalmente, Baili!
    Beijinhos! Bom fim de semana!


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