Sunday, May 16, 2021

Unexpected But Happy Eid Passed Eventually

Though absence of our eldest son was felt each of us gravely yet three days of Eid were cool and fun.We  had really busy Eid this year.Business works like ointment ,it reduces pain for while and make us forget what bothers.I usually don't like to leave home on first day of Eid or visit in laws.I more like this special  day to spend in cooking for family various dishes and having chats while eating and watching t.v together.
There is some magic in these  Eid holidays.I can never feel the way i feel during Eid .The sense of combined happiness thrills me a lot like child even now. I can't say about others but i still feel the deep joy and peace Eid brings along.
I feel as i am sitting high on a cloud swim and i can see  below clearly all my previous versions from a little girl to fifty year old house wife and mother who celebrated Eid in different times and with different families  like my parents ,in laws and then my children.This panoramic view reflect how mortal and short life is.This strengthen my faith in divine Energy and it's laws.Make me aware how unpredictable is life,any moment can be last and empower my positivity and enthusiasm  for state of being alive.

When on 12th may evening religious committee appointed by govt authorities did not announce moon sighting we made up our mind that Eid will be on 14th of May.I did not do any work i do usually on chand Raat ( moon night ,nigth before Eid ) I did not put chick peas in water ,nor we listened Eid songs.Hubby go to market after chand raat is announced to buy cake ,sweets ,cold drinks and henna and bangles for me.He himself makes designs of henna  on my palms and when done he asks how are these while having child like curiosity in his eyes.I admire his effort even if it looks like some puzzles or maps.Because his care and kindness make me feel important and loved!
But none of this happened.We watched our routine shows and were about to get up for bed when we heard siren ( meant to annouce that moon of Eid has sighted) in mosque near.We thought oh no it can't be happening but then greeting messages on what's up and facebook started to show.This was annoying and probably for all as nobody was prepare.Hubby wanted to go for shopping but i stopped him that it was too late and we knew market will be flooded immediately. 
We slept two hours late on chand raat.But we woke up around 7 because hubby and kids had to attend Eid prayer at mosque at 9.It took them more than hour to prepare for Eid prayer.When they left i did some must do chores.We had washed whole house one day ago but air dimmed yard with thin layer of dust with which i felt uncomfortable.So i first put chick peas on stove to boil so i can made my boys their favorite Chaat (dish that includes boiled chick peas ,some raw thinly cut onions,tomatoes ,green chili and lots of curd) on time.
I boiled milk brought by milkman.And put some of it in tea pot for preparing tea.While it was heating i started cleaning.I cleaned floors with damped cloth (tool for cleaning) quickly. Arranged some withered stuff and went to take bath so i can change .I like to look fresh and wear new dress before hubby an kids return from mosque.It is part of my effort to provide them comfort and joy as wife and mother.When they returned i served them special breakfast and we had great time together.
Our Eid day seemed complete when our eldest son called us and we could see him on screen for more than an hour! I was grateful for this opportunity to God and science then!
My son told that he is expecting his friends in two hours and they will cook and celebrate Eid together .We felt happier to hear that he won't stay alone on this particular day!
We went to meet my mother in law and families of brothers of my husband later who live 20 minute ride away from us.It was pleasant experience to meet all at once because most of my brother in laws and their families came to visit my mother in law.She is lucky woman to have all children close to her.I think no joy is bigger than this ,specially in her age (she is in her mid seventies most probably.

my eldest son sent me these precious images on second day of Eid :) They were taken in house where my eldest son has moved recently.on right is standing bestest friend of my son,we know Mubashir through our son's word mostly and according to them he is most kind and sweetest person he has ever seen!God bless him and all who support each other in foreign land with care and respect!

 the lovely girl with victory sign is wife of one with camera .We felt deeply sad when my son told she is not well.our heartfelt prayers for her and i request my all blogging friends to have this young lady in prayers so she can survive and live happy prosperous family life!

when we were leaving for in laws around 3 pm ,hubby said we should take some photos first

 Just a while ago i received this photo through what'sup ,my sister in law sent me ,from right my elder brother, his wife holding newly born daughter of her sister standing next to her, my cousin Nano and then my own sister and last is my sister's mother in law.I saw my sister after so many years (from left second) so it was emotional .before my sister is standing her dayghter Dua as pretty as her mother was in her age :) in the other two little girls on front one is eldest daughter of Sika (sister of my brother's wife) second is not known to me 

Long ago i watched movie "Into Wiled" inspired by true story of boy who belonged to a rich family but one day give up everything and went into forest across the river to live alone .I am sure you or most of you are familiar with story so i would mention only the message that movie delivers. End of the day boy realizes that Sharing is most important and essential beauty of life ,he wants to return but river is melted and way to home is blocked .He dies there lonely by starving for warmth that only love of family and friends provide!

I think patience and flexibility are basic tools to keep relationships tied strongly. I agree that living alone empowers us as an individual being.But being a social animal we empower each other by sharing our love and respect .We are mirror to each other so we can improve ourselves.
I hope all of you are enjoying mesmerizing weather and spring dear Friends!
Stay blessed with Hope that rises in the sky of Faith only like a sun and keep your soul enlightened and illuminated for always!


  1. Glad your Eid was happy. So sorry about your son’s friend’s wife hope she survives.

  2. I agree with Christine. Hope things turn out OK. These are wonderful photos you received.

  3. Wonderful family photos! Glad you had a happy Eid!

  4. It sounds like Eid was a happy one. I always enjoy your family photos, Baili.

  5. Baili I am so pleased for you that you had a whole hour online with your eldest son and that he is surrounded by good friends so no need to worry that he is not safe and loved where he now lives. I wish your husband would henna your hands - I would love to see! Usually during Eid I am not working from home so I get to see my muslim colleagues at work and they bring delightful food to share which I miss :)

  6. Thanks for sharing your happy experiences with Eid. I wish you a happy year ahead.

  7. Wonderful post Baili. It made my day and gave me a good feeling. I'm glad you and your family had a wonderful Eid. I will indeed pray for the young woman.

  8. I am so pleased you had a wonderful Eid.
    Your family photographs are lovely.

    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  9. Family gatherings are always a good therapy, baili.
    Have a great week

  10. Gostei de ver as fotografias da sua família. Tem uma família muito bonita. E que bom gostar de cozinhar o que é uma boa terapia.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  11. Beautiful family photos! I'm so pleased you enjoyed. I'm sorry to hear about that young woman. I hope her health improves, and that she has a long and joyful life.

  12. I have to say you look younger in each picture I see of you. Obviously you are happy and at peace. The photos are so nice.

  13. These are gorgeous - thank you for sharing how you made them.

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  14. Thank you for sharing your Eid celebration with us.

  15. Boa tarde. Obrigado pela visita e carinho. Parabéns pelo trabalho excelente.

  16. Thank for sharing so much information on this special celebration and the traditions that surround it. You have such a loving family and your pride and happiness always shows in your posts, Baili. I confess to learning so much through your explanations, thank you.

  17. don't have much time right now - i'll be back to read this more slowly but did enjoy the photos. I'm behind everywhere as I've been busy being outside as much as possible enjoying the weather.

  18. Grata por esta especial partilha, e pela referência a uma data tão significativa, nas tradições do vosso país!
    Espero que a jovem recupere em breve, a sua saúde!...
    Um beijinho! E votos de tudo a correr pelo melhor!

  19. I am so happy that your Eid celebration was perfect for you.

    It gives me a warm glow that you husband lovingly adds henna designs to your hands. It is a shame that your didn't have that experience this year.

  20. Estou seguindo o seu blog.
    Espero que você venha seguir
    o meu, pois assim a gente não
    se perde.
    Um grande abraço.

  21. Truly loving all the photos!!! I pray that the young girl will be ok!!! Big Hugs!

  22. I loved all the wonderful photos you shared, Baili! Your Eid celebrations are full of love and happiness. and you look smashing in your beautiful dress!


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