Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Life Is Wall And we Are Brick .Happy Eid :)

 We  have been busy  in cleaning since few previous days as Eid (our  yearly  festival that comes by right at the end of fasting month Ramadan) is almost here ( tomorrow or one day left).

I don't fast anymore but i as man of Creator take full right on the Eid day.'I think it's  not just about Preparing for this biggest festival of the community or celebrating Eid day but traveling down to the memory lane and living all those moments once again that i had lived with my parents when i was little.And i will continue doing so till i will stay in my senses probably.

I am always ready to say goodbye this life if angle death appears but at same time i am too excited to be alive.I cannot make my inner little girl grow when it comes to feel happy for being alive.Everything around me plants,trees,birds ,sky ,water ,even rocks speak to me smilingly so it is hard to not smile back to them.This realization that i am part of something huge and mysterious which is within and around me makes me feel so full and strong.This strength and fulfillment keeps me happy in worst times. 

Okay i think i am loosing track .Back to Eid day.Different people response to this special day differently .But i believe men take this day granted than women.I saw in family and have watched and read in interviews that men come from Eid prayer and sleep for the rest day.How boring to spend such peculiar day sleeping.

I remember my father would return from mosque after Eid prayer and greet with family with cheerful mood.He will give Eidee ( money that elder give to youngsters on Eid day) and than we would eat our traditional sweet dish together .Then mom and pa will have tea and we both sister will go to visit our aunts and uncle house.

Those days had bitterness too yet they seem most beautiful days of my life.

I cannot bring those days back nor my family back but i have way to to feel that warmth and beauty again.Yes on every Eid day even few days before when i start cleaning old songs echo in my mind repeatedly .I play them or not they keep echoing in my ears and i feel i stepped into my native home again where i am enjoying my Eid day happily filled with smiles and occasional laughs .And those old songs playing in the back ground.

What an incredible gift is imagination !

A window that makes impossible ,possible so easily.

It is a wonderful way to link our present joy with past  happiness and double it.

This will be third Eid when my eldest son won't be able to be with us.I miss him we all do but joy that we are feeling because he is happy keeps us calm and content.My imagination helps me to enter his room and watch him closely ,touch him and kiss his forehead with countless prays my heart says for him!

I think about sorrows and mishaps of this world ,i think what can i do and i get answer i can pray and keep myself positive so i can save world from harm that i can cause if i be unhappy or  stressed .Everything count when it comes to keep world better place and it starts from an individual. 

If we all can keep ourselves calm and happy world be a better place .

But in my opinion Nature has designed us in opposite manner .We  are not meant to make ourselves happy here.

We are responsible to make each other happy !

I will have to make happy people around me and they will have to make me happy .Yes this is pattern believe me.If we don't follow things get disturbed .

See how one brick supports other so wall can stay straight ,life is wall and we are brick :)

love you all ,stay blessed with hope that is gift of Faith only !



  1. Enjoy your holiday. Being happy is what we all wish. A smile on your face will make you happy and others too.

  2. Blessings to you Baili at this special time. You bring so much spiritual awareness to others, thankyou.

  3. For many, their religion and corporate worship is very meaningful for them and keeps them happy and satisfied. Eid gives you much peace.

  4. "Eidee ( money that elder give to youngsters on Eid day) and than we would eat our traditional sweet dish together"
    Similar to Chinese New Year Day.
    Lai Si (red envelopes with money given to the single ones) and the tradicional family meal.

  5. Happy day to you, enjoy yourself.
    Be safe all of you.

  6. Westerners like me are largely unaware of your religious uses, customs and celebrations.
    So it is not easy to comment your post.
    Have a good week.

  7. My dearest Baili, your beautiful and uplifting post is exactly what I needed to read today! I have been really struggling to stay positive in the face of many challenges. Three of my family members have cancer, including myself...and my son is having a lot of problems. But your wonderful post has given me new hope, my dear friend! I WILL rise above all these things!!😊😊 Your wonderful connection with all things is what I am currently seeking to achieve. You are such an inspiration to me!
    Your Eid festival sounds very similar to our Samhain one, when we reconnect with the Ancestors. It is my favourite celebration of the whole year.
    I really hope you are enjoying your special day today, dear Baili!🙏🙏🙏

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Have many blessings and thank you for sharing.

  9. Happy Eid, sweet friend! Blessing to you and your family!

  10. Happy Eid to you and your family.

    All the best Jan

  11. Happy Eid Fitr to you and all your family, Baili.

  12. Happy Eid for you and your family! I am always so touched when you write about your son, I can feel your sorrow, when I imagine my baby boy can be far away from me one day :( But the most inportant is our childrens happyness like you said. Have a lovely new week!

  13. Estimo que tenha passado este feriado tradicional, da melhor forma possível, Baili... confesso, que não conhecendo bem as vossas tradições, a referência ao mesmo, me fará ir pesquisar sobre a forma como é habitualmente comemorado, por aí... e tal, é profundamente enriquecedor!
    Fico sempre sensibilizada, com a forma doce e preocupada, como se refere ao seu filho, que está longe de vocês... mas se ele está feliz e realizado... deve acalmar o seu coração, Baili!...
    Um beijinho! Votos de saúde, tranquilidade e prosperidade para todos, com tudo a correr pelo melhor!

  14. It is lovely to hear about your family memories.

    You are right we are meant to look after others and give them love and share our communal humanity.

  15. I'm still working backwards, Baili, so I know that you had a lovely Eid. It reminds me of all the wonderful holidays I shared with my family.


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