Thursday, March 4, 2021

Flower Exhibitions .Blooms Of My Garden And Response to Betty's Comment

 This  is great  how  slightly  change in earth's leaning position  bless  us with  variety  of seasons .There is a quote from  someone really wise that 

" everything happening in life including life is magic .we don't notice because we get used to it " How true ! Once we are familiar with things we stop pondering over facts  working behind them mysteriously. Everything has reason and scientific definition for us yet there is lot we are ignoring  to save our times or to avoid reality that  asks for change that we find hard and Impossible .

I believe strongly that the divine energy which has shaped us is within and around and waits for our inner call to response and guide us always.

Here in Pakistan we are lucky to witness four seasons with peaks. Spring in southern Pakistan  is flourishing exquisitely  ,i am sharing some  images from various source to show you glory of spring shining through exhibitions in different cities  .

                                                       Islamabad  flower exhibition 2021 

      glimpse of  Lahore flower exhibition  2021 ,national flag carved by flowers looks awesome 

                           image source youline  ,shows glimpse of Karachi flower exhibition 2021

 one can hardly imagine how much love ,care and hard work is involved to shape a garden that brings so much joy to watching eyes and sooth to starving hearts . Process of building something takes ages and tons of energy along with patience and persistence .But destruction needs just a second .Both are product of two various human emotions. But first one needs will power and second only will .what you say ?

Now flowers that are soothing my heart while smiling in my little garden .

                                      no name sorry but beauty speaks for itself 

       last year we had these one in abundance but this year they look unwell and hardly few survived 

               same case about daises  ,very tiny and unhealthy they appeared don't know why 

Now before saying goodbye i want to reply one of the comment on previous post  by Betty ( side bar blog list as Woody fairy ) 

Response , dear  Betty i always loved everything including people and all the people equally whether they are stranger of familiar .I had that love for all and everything since i was child but not aware of it i was just following my instinct as i do now. There came times when i felt annoyed and bit scared from people and it was because of circumstance i faced after marriage suddenly .I still loved people but wanted to stay away to protect myself from harm that would follow without any mistake of mine .
I felt like i came out of  that fear  many years ago and i started to socialize again .We have family and friends that visit each other occasionally .I like to sit with all and treat everyone with same love and respect .I feel i have some nice things to share with them and if even one of  them understands or accepts it it will be my deep pleasure .This is the reason that i exchange voice messages with my sister in law (brother's wife) i think we all are students of life and everyone has unique learning and sharing it is way to make our life better and help each other in any way if we can do so .This is humanity which is my religion and aim in life and i want to follow it till my last breath.Because this is the only way to please my Creator!

Keep being kind to yourself and all around you dear Friends!
stay healthy ,happy and blessed with Faith in your maker! 


  1. SO GORGEOUS! We are still under ice and snow here in Canada and I long to see beautiful flowers like this again!

  2. Thank you for a lovely walk through these gardens today. I feel like I traveled the globe!

  3. Truly so beautiful!! As Debra said, we are still under ice and snow in Canada! Big Hugs!

  4. THose who do not believe in a higher force have probably never seen a flower.

  5. Your joyful post with all the lovely pictures is a gift to us all.

  6. Hi Baili, thanks for taking the time to reply to my last comment - you are right, any small kindness that shines a light into someone elses life is worth doing.

  7. Ohhh these gardens are simply gorgeous. They truly touch the heart.

  8. Thanks for bringing us a fantastic show of flowers.

  9. A real festival of color.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Flowers van be so amazing nd wonderful. Great point about the seasons being driven by just a little leaning of the Earth. It is so amazing.

  11. The blooms give me hope of spring, Baili.

  12. A lovely tour of beautiful gardens, Baili! The flowers are so bright and colorful and happy! Sending hugs xo Karen

  13. Pakistan looks very beautiful, Bailli.I think I am far more aware now of changing seasons and all the wonderful little things about us.

  14. Such beautiful flowers, a wonderful array of colours.

    All the best Jan

  15. Que jardins tão bem cuidados! Que flores maravilhosas! A Natureza a deixar-nos maravilhadas. Sim, a vida é mágica, minha Amiga.
    Um dia Internacional da Mulher cheio de Amor.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  16. I guess I forgot to leave a comment here. I was so busy admiring the gardens that I must not have been paying attention.

  17. beautiful flowers - wow ...once again enjoying all the color and wonderful response to Betty.

  18. Beautiful flowers and beautiful words.

    Thank you.

    I feel blessed to have met you.


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