Sunday, February 28, 2021

Wedding Ceremony


It  is  4:15 pm .I  am sitting  in  my  living room on dining table. View before my eyes is serene and beautiful .I can see my small garden smiling to me from it's fullest and delightful spirit .Blooms are dancing gently on the beat of soothing breeze. Peace is breathing  through  the whole environment and i am inhaling it gratefully as i felt it after three days .Yes i was gone to countryside to attend wedding ceremony of Hubby's nephew ,the only son of  one of  the hubby's sister .I spent there two  days and one night and returned last evening after final event of the ceremony.

It was great fun to meet all family members and acquaintance at once after long time .I realize each time during such gathering that how important such socialization is for keeping in touch with family and community.Such parties just refresh the page of our routine and add some joyous memories to it .  

on right lady in pink is hubby's younger sister and happy mother as you can see her smile.she recovered from certain disease an year ago ,and when she came back from hospital she was quite change and happier person and agreed to get her son married to his cousin finally .she has seven daughters too and one of them is standing beside her on left  in this image in yellow ,she is married to landlords of the village who though have so many farms and cattle in abundance yet never tried to better the standard of  life which is annoying for me .when i was newly married and visited them i was shocked by this and many got caught in discussion with her father in law (late now) that why they still are stuck in rotten ways of living despite of all the property and money they own. according to him it was their way and they liked it this way .his answers were weird and unconvincing and i quit asking questions and giving advising later .anyway some people are extremely slow learner and better to leave them alone  after best try .still it hurts me most when i see girls are kept away from education in some rural areas like this .it is unimaginable loss of coming generations which is so sad!

on right (first in close up) is daughter of hubby's eldest brother from our city ex teacher and proud mm of three school going sons.she is example of girls who rise from conservative background and still mange to inspire others with their abilities to learn and apply learning on practical life .i like her for her smartness insight.she convinced her husband to sell some piece of land and move in city  so her children can get better environment to learn and grow.She also advised and helped her husband to establish his own small business which is going well .she want to rejoin teaching job once boys are older and less dependent .

unlike city wedding events are held in yards in village ,this one was first event and smaller one with less people ,later both events were held during night and guests had fancy chairs to sit around place where performances were delivered by family members  and professionals .

this one was taken on last day before final event when groom goes with his family and friends to take bride ,we were tired and sleepy after whole night celebration .i have been skipping such late night events since long time but this time i wanted to join my sister in law in the happiest day of her life so i tired to be brave lol,this room belonged to my other sister in law Nusrat who lives in upper floor ,she tried to comfort us during the event in every possible way and it was so nice of her .

joy is like tiny bloom in your heart but when it is shared it is whole garden with bursting beauty and happiness :) i feel so scared when i hear or read about how wold is changing quickly  and  awareness is damaging the beauty of life .It is good to be free and self sufficient but leaving the family culture completely and trying to find joy or peace in other things can ruin the meaning of life because it is unnatural way of life . Everything in "Nature" is here to guide us and we are forgetting it so sad !

Nusrat  is my younger sister in law ,the one to whom i spent more time after  my marriage than other two .She is sweet and intelligent but not lucky enough to convince her husband to adopt better quality of life like city or move in city which is essential for the better growth of her children ,i feel for her and tried hard to convince her husband through my husband but he is tough rock ,he thinks selling land can hurt his pride as landlord and that he can only buy not sell .i can only pray for her and i do so,may be some day but growth of children cannot be stopped till then unfortunately !

Nusrat's  one of her three son is on right standing with groom ,her husband on left who is invisible due to darkness as power was gone and solar lights were weak to support event 's excitement 

  this was taken after arrival of the bride at home in last evening ,power was disappeared once again but flashlight helped to capture the face of the future of this house. 

I am feeling still exhausted as it was too much for me.Still i am back with some more happy memories .I feel good when i am on my own but being with friendly family friends time to time makes me happy too as i think it is best way of living to keep balance between both ways !
See you soon dear Friends ,stay safe and healthy ,positive and happy always !


  1. Weddings are always fun but yes, they can be tiring!

  2. I am so glad you were able to join in the wedding party. What beautiful photos and memories.

  3. Thanks for sharing this beautiful wedding, I love weddings!

  4. I so agree with your assessment of the importance of education for everyone, but especially girls. Educate a girl and the whole community benefits. It is sad to think so many children today don’t get the chance to go to a good school.

  5. Great Post Baili - You raise a lot of good points here.

    It is especially true what you wrote about education and girls. Women being educated and equal is one of the things that drive a better world.

  6. I loved seeing everyone at the wedding, Baili. It is difficult to change cultural attitudes to wealth. status and education and it will take time - you are a clever and diplomatic lady and I have no doubt the women you met will have been inspired by your good intentions. Betty x

  7. How nice to be able to get together with family. Especially when it is for a happy event like a wedding.

  8. So interesting to see the photos and read what you write. As always - I am really interested in seeing your customary clothing. I find it so beautiful and colorful. I love your outfit - the pattern. It's such an extreme opposite of what i wear every day - haven't had a dress on in years and just wear jeans and T-shirts - in winter long sleeve, in summer short sleeve. Glad to see the photos and read your post and i'm kind of with you...big events wear me out. I'm always happy to see people but always happy to get back home to my quiet life. We don't have big family events anymore. Not enough people left in our extended family.

  9. Yes, it is very colorful and joyful.

  10. Fascinating to learn about different traditions.
    Have a great week

  11. Tem uma família muito bonita. Parabéns pelo casamento de seu sobrinho. Gostei de ler acerca da vossa tradição.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  12. Thank you, Baili, for sharing this happy family event in this post. The women's clothing was so colorful and your own garments were lovely. It seems like the weddings do last longer than the ones I have attended here which are only a single afternoon and evening. I completely agree with your comments about the importance of education and how unfortunate that some girls suffer due to living in rural areas. And it is also unfortunate that those who have so much have not tried to improve the standard of living, but hang onto their wealth instead.

  13. Lovely to see this celebration of love and everyone looks so nice in their beautiful clothes. I, too, get exhausted during large gatherings- it is a little overwhelming as I live such a quiet life most of the time. You are kind and an inspiring friend to all those lucky enough to know you, Baili. Sending hugs x Karen

  14. You are fortunate to be able to get together with family, as here in the UK we are still in Covid lockdown restrictions.
    Lovely photographs you've shared, my good wishes to the newly weds.

    All the best Jan

  15. Lovely photos of your family wedding :-)


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