Saturday, February 6, 2021

Necromancy vs God !


 Sometimes   i feel  that i want  to step  out   of  that  certain   sense  of  harmony  with  whole  scenario  of  life and universe .But  next  moment  i realize what  i  would be if i do so ,like  a child lost  in  

crowd ,who  is terrified  ,lonely and overwhelmed  by the fear  of  not being able to see his parents ever again . I  honestly  don't know what is wrong with me but from where i see, things have become Crystal clear now . The  knot  of  connection  tied to someone invisible around me that i felt ever since i came into my senses (early teens)  has been  appearing to me strongly .I often  remember  a sentence  from my very first  diary  where  i mentioned this feeling in a way of question, it is (translation) " i feel  there is someone  near me though i can't see him but i feel his presence , are you the one i 
feel Puppoo  ?(nickname of my brother who died when i was 4 ) 

It never  go away ,that certain feeling of having someone around me.It  kept  dominating  my being as  i grew  old .I had  loving parents and sweet little sister.I had few friends at school (till today) and many cousins and girlfriends  in family and village.So  i was never lonely to have imaginary friend .I would write diary to share my thoughts .I would also write lengthy letters to radio programs where they host would  read them .May be i have mentioned that once few girls came to meet me and told that they  listen same radio  program and wanted to know who write such letters .They were elder than me and one of them had aunt lived in my village .
My aim to share this is only that i had many with me and i was happy with my life so  having strange feeling  that there was someone around me was not self creation at all.
Despite  of  that "feeling " i felt that i loved being with people. Though  with time i learnt  that i am not  Like most of them .So  this made me bit uncomfortable with  others  often .This discomfort or fear  divided me in two persons .One who loves everything including humans  and one who  wants to keep distance  from humans as caution .Reason , because people are of so many kind and more of them become harmful to those who seem vulnerable . 
I was vulnerable because i was tied to something Unseen who would  seem try to keep me away from complications. Complications that began when we fail to keep balance between spiritual  and physical  world .Complications that  began when we become selfish and forget  that  OTHERS  TOO ARE HUMANS LIKE US AND FEEL THE SAME PAIN  AS WE DO WHEN THORN HITS. Complications  that began when we   forget that One who has created us is keeping eye  not just on our actions but on our intentions too . 

On  the other  hand  a part of me had resentment and anxiousness that  came out occasionally during  critical  circumstances  but only for opposite gender that seemed nothing but threat until my mid forties.Throughout  my life i  gradually realized  Who he was. Despite of my  negligence  to religion He  made me believe  that He existed  and He  is the one  Who  guards  them  who cannot  guard themselves .
As  i  told  in my some older posts that  my life has many miracles.I shared one  here  when He  stopped me  to put my eldest son (was two and half then)  where i thought was balcony floor but was not. That was first  great help from Lord .Later in my life series  of mishaps  keep happening  but  He  keep  saving  me and my family  from  each attempt  of harm. He Literally  made me believe me that  He Exists  and cares . 
Since  we have moved to  our new house  we have been facing necromancy here . I  bet if there was not our Lord  with  us  we would have lost our minds  and things would have gone terribly wrong. I don't want to write about  this in detail  right now as i want to mention it in my book of life if i have life ahead .I will say this only that we have encountered  the devil himself directly .Their  tricks  are not just failing  but  playing on themselves  sometimes because We  have most  powerful  Magician  by our side Our Creator !

Now  i am in position  to understand the pattern  of life little bit.He The Lord  kept me close and safe for the reason .He  saved me and my family members  from numerous situations that  seem unbelievable. He  now brought  me the test that so many might  get afraid of .Because  it  seems scary  to admit that someone is reading your thoughts ,not just reading but trying to manipulate  them  to harm you.Someone who lives behind the wall  is  hurting you hideously  and when  finds the   result  opposite unexpectedly with the time ,finds you better  person day by day .It  makes him  annoyed and angry  and  he speaks    loudly so  you can  understand who is he and where is he ,to  seek to come in notice of you ,to provoke anger  in you.Surprisingly  i smelled this negative energy  when i stepped here first time. I remained puzzled about that uneasy feelings that i sensed about them since beginning .I did not know what was the wrong but i knew something was and terribly .I  felt anger too and reacted on their open strikes .But how they were effecting our life and mood i had no idea until i turned to meditation and yoga that  changed my life for better. But biggest  roll  played another thing here i think. 

My  sleeping  disturbed  and one night i tied my head with my scarf  tightly .That  was beginning .Tight means really tight  that my head bones seems to compressed . That would make me feel better and i would sleep finely. After  some months i realized that my ability to understand things grew .This understanding made me feel that my eating habits play really important roll here. I started to eliminate  food that was gastric .Such food was  weapon  in their  hands  to hurt me i found it later slowly . 
Tying  my  head really tight every night  seemed  to  help me things clearly as time passed.Things not around me but inside my head either. That was most astonishing thing for me to be able to see how that dark power  acts in my head .This was new face of life for me believe me ,i never believed in black magic before but here when i am confronted with it i can see what it is, how it can harm us.Being able to detect  negative energy in my head and manipulating my thoughts  has become a gift. I can easily  push it away and keep control on my thinking.

What is satisfying here that once again  everything depends  on my reaction to all this.My intention was to calm myself gradually. And one thing i knew  clearly that no can else help me but Lord.Only he has the power which is supreme and undefeatable . He let you connect with His power  when  you ask for it .And i asked for it ,I ask for it each day ,moment and breath because it is not about me but my family too. So Lord is showing me His Miracles and i am Stunned and astonished with his Grace upon me!

So  my precious friends this is truly miracle that in the middle of fire i find life beautiful like blooming flower .This is the reason for my deepest unshaken faith in Lord !

Blessings to all of you !


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today and your feeling of connection with a higher being. It is good.

  2. I believe you. I experienced this in my life too. Jesus is the only thing that set me free. I actually felt the presence leave when I called out to Jesus. I can tell you more details if you like.

    1. dear Sandi

      this is so kind of you share your experience with me ,i am sorry for late response as we had to visit Sukkur city for some shopping and got back late evening
      i would love to hear from you if you like my friend ,it can help me to not just understand it more but to realize that there is another person who does not hesitate to share his deepest heart

    2. Baili, I sent it to your email.

  3. Sounds like you are very connected to God and that you trust your inner voice/guidance. I think that writing, drawing, sewing, whatever the thing we enjoy doing, as long as we do so with good intention, it's a gift and should be shared - it's lovely to read that your letters have been read on the radio in the past.

  4. I agree with Christine. Thank you for sharing such deep thoughts and emotions.

  5. Baili, I believe that we should always trust our inner spirit to guide us to do the right thing and believe we all have one, although some ignore it.
    I so appreciated your recent happy birthday wishes on my post and that you enjoyed the information about the song too. I learn so much just by sharing with others. I also learn much from what you share with everyone. Thank you, my friend.

  6. From experience I can tell you that it is important to share the evil that is going on around you. By that I mean that anyone involved needs to talk about it to others involved. Evil relies on secrecy and fear. It feeds on fear and a person who is afraid feels more isolated and more fearful. Your love of God is a powerful weapon against those feelings. Stay strong.

    1. i agree with you that such people with negative tricks try to ingest fear in you as deep as possible

      but what to do that i am the way i am since i was child ,i remember when grandma would tell stories of supernatural things she would encounter on the way to home from grocery that was miles and miles away from her home ,it would get dark to reach back from that long journey ,i never had nightmares or felt fear like other cousins and i truly honestly don't know why ,when i say i was not like others in many ways it means there are lots of things that seemed weird to others but i know (now) that was some inner support from the DIVINE ENERGY whom i always SEARCHED AND FOUND IN EVERYTHING INCLUDING WITHIN ME

      when i am being target i still feel sorry for those who are such short sighted and witless and try ti find peace in things that can give them only timely fun but peace never ever ,i sense their desperation and helplessness in all tricks they apply to me ,i am not afraid of them nor anything else i never was ,i fear only from my Creator and i don't want him to loose at any cost

  7. How interesting to read your blog and your happenings.
    Take care.

  8. So beautiful, that is so important to share these experiences especially with someone who may be in doubts. I think every believer sometimes experience a miracle presence of God, which make us more calm. That was wonderful to read, stay safe and healthy everyone!

  9. Hi Baili :) This was such an interesting post to read. :) I'm so glad you feel that life is a blooming beauty amongst all of the ugliness out there! :) I feel the same way! :)

  10. A strong faith can be comforting in one’s life for sure.

  11. Blessings to you too Baili.

    All the best Jan

  12. You are truly blessed, the supreme power is looking after you.

    I know 'He' led us to meet each other.

    I am glad we met your words inspire me and confirm some uncomfortable things that have happened to me.

  13. Thanks for sharing all of this my friend! Sending you blessings! Big Hugs!

  14. My older brother died still a baby.
    Never knew him.
    Have a great week

    1. i am sorry for this dear Pedro
      i know it is hard to get out of it in life time

  15. Você consegue superar os seus problemas porque tem força anímica para o fazer, porque tem fé. Gostei de ler o seu texto. Trouxe-nos muito para reflexão.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  16. Very interesting post, Baili! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us.

  17. i really enjoyed reading this and also about your miracle with your son and the balcony floor. wow. i definitely have had times in my life that I listened to that inner voice in me (some call it the HOly spirit) and it kept me from apparent danger up ahead in different ways. My most amazing one was with one of my sons also (too long of a story to put in a comment here) . I am soo grateful for those times in my life I have listened to the guidance and followed through - some would call it intuition, I call it guidance from a realm i cannot see.

    1. thank you so much dear Sandy for such warm response ,it lifted my heart indeed

      how nice you too are one of those who feel the energy that guard and guide us when we look for it knowingly or unknowingly
      i would thoroughly love to hear story about how this worked for you specially regarding your dear child ,you can share it in your post if it is okay for you
      i had been looking for this divine realm when i even did not know what it was ,which seems to installed within my genes (what else i can say honestly) ,i realized it gradually and it is really hard for me to explain how strongly i feel it around me and within me ,my life would have been completely different if it was not there to guide me because i know i was not that smart to understand ,face and deal with circumstances that could have hurt me in worst way

    2. I SO relate - the main passion in my life (besides my family) has always been reading, meditating, contemplating, looking for the divine expression everywhere in nature ...well everywhere - in a song, a cat, a human - It's always there because the substance of who we are even in "matter" - It's really the substance of Spirit. I always think of Holy Spirit as Wholly Spirit - God's wholeness, harmony, beauty, peace, Love, Light - it's the substance of everything. So when i look and invite that awareness in, what shows up is always filled with Love of God's Holy Spirit. I could go on and on - I swear if you and I ever had time to have lunch and chat i think it would be such a great experience. I love your passion for the Divine.

    3. oh i had no idea that you left response to my reply dear Sandy

      how can i define my deepest joy when friend like you shares same thoughts and emotions i have since always
      it gives me confidence and strengthen my soul as i feel so normal when i know there are people who felt the same way ,who found Him in His each creation ,this connection is hard to explain specially when it comes to person like me who is not much learned but i am so happy and so serene that He kept me among those to whom he choose to look for Him ,even i know for others it does not matter but for me it is success that stays higher than all my worldy achievements

  18. Oh thank you so much for sharing this experience, dearest has helped me too feel a lot less "odd" too!
    I have encountered these kind of unseen presences ever since my childhood. The earliest one was when I used to regularly see a circle of women in hooded robes circling my bed and chanting in a foreign language. It terrified me, so I used to dive under my bed covers and block my ears.
    Also, during my first pregnancy, I encountered a dense black "something" which descended upon me and it felt like it was trying to push through my head into my body and take possession of me. I prayed really hard, and then it withdrew, leaving me feeling very weak and shaken.
    I have always been aware of "dead" people around me, and that is the reason I decided to train to become a medium...I wanted to understand the strange experiences that I was often having, and that others didn't seem to have.
    It is really good to hear that you have very similar experiences to me! It brings a wonderful feeling of connection!😊😊

    Have a great day and stay safe, my amazing friend 🙏🙏🙏

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. dearest Ygraine thank you so much for sharing your personal experience with me ,
      i used to have bad dreams during my last two pregnancies ,i would see that i am standing beside the edge of deep well ,edge would feel sandy and silky ,i would feel as i slipped and falling into the well ,and i would wake up suddenly ,with satisfaction that it was dream i would fell asleep after while

      the dark thing you mentioned ,i experienced it on my head only once when the spell was being cast most probably ,we were new to this house ,that night i felt whisperers in my years which became louder when i tried to avoid ,i was laying with hubby so i did not move much and started to recite holy verses ,that i felt my head was turning on side ,i would try to keep it straight hard and i believed strongly ,deeply that whatever it is is far weaker before my Lord to whom i am devoted completely , i felt better and even stronger when that thing passed , all such attempts made me more aware of this negative thing and made me stronger by the grace of Lord!

  19. You always give us much to think about. Stay safe and well!

  20. This was a powerful post, Baili! During my life I have met a number of people, a few who have been close friends, who are sensitive to things that are beyond my ability to feel or experience. I think of it like sound waves. Some people can hear sounds that I can't. They perceive a wider range of sound than many people can hear. Just because I can't hear those sounds doesn't mean they don't exist. They do, I just can't perceive them. The fact that you could sense Puppoo and have felt other spiritual presences is a special gift and blessing you have. It's wonderful! I believe that God has protected me a number of times during my life when I was in danger or in difficult times, even if I can't perceive it the way you do. I remember being told by a close friend once that I have angels all around me. She could see/feel them even though I couldn't. The thought that they were/are there comforts me. So I must rely on faith, bolstered by accounts of what other people, like you, have experienced. I'm sorry you are feeling malevolence around you. And I am happy that you feel God's presence strengthening and helping you. I will pray that this evil presence leaves your home. Focus on those lovely flowers that your hubby planted ~ they are God's smiles. Hugs to you, my friend!

  21. people who travel inwardly can learn about worlds that exist within and around them miraculously dear Louise ,i think this is the Gift for appreciating life ,feeling grateful to mysterious force who is responsible for it and Longing for to be in connection with it
    i am not much learned but i can say that people who live by soul not just physically can sense presence of Divine energy and have ability to recognize the presence of good or bag energy near them .

    you are blessed that though you think that you cannot feel that divine presence yet This divine presence is connected to you and may be because of that Longing you have for it withing Unknowingly ,and therefore it is proving it's presence to you so you can acknowledge His Care and Love for yourself.

    all i learnt that He is just one call away from us and from you ,the one call that you will say for Him and He will respond you in astonishing way and you will realize how easy and beautiful it was and this will bring you eternal peace that will saty with you no matter what until you breath .


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