Saturday, February 20, 2021

Secret Behind The Spring (poem)


Unlike  freezing  winter days  

when valley  is  wrapped  in  white  gloomy   sheet 

When  life  is   jammed   in  veins  with cold  blood  in  the streets

When  heart   of  lake  is  stopped after  parting  with sun rays 

and  the  hill  grows  chalky hair  while yearning  for  warm days 

When winter  erases  away  all  the  colors from the  scenes 

And  birds  loose  their  nests  in  Storm  that  sound mean 

We  all  know  this  because  of  earth's unbalanced  Lean 

Unlike  Hot  summer  days 

When  Sun  is  greatest  foe 

To  scratch   earth's oldest  wounds 

It moves  little  bit  low 

 When  green  burst  out  from  earth 

As  someone  tried  to hold  his  breath 

Countless  pattern  of  life  appear  above  ground

As  escaping  from long lasting  death 

When  world  seems  shelled 

 in  shiny  Heated  balloon 

And  ocean  show their anger  

 through  hurricane and typhoon 

When  sunlight  burns  ,instead warm 

And  hit almost everyday  dreadful  storm

When  sun rays  cut  like  blade  

And everyone  seek  for  shade 

Each   heart  sings  same  sad  song 

With  Earth  is  something  Wrong 

Unlike  winter's  cruel frost 

And  summer's  violent heat  

When  Nothing  can  go  wrong 

Spring  sings  sweetest  song 

When  everything  seems  at  ease 

Even  air  is  called  breeze 

It  is   the  beauty  of  this season 

When  smile  seek  no  reason 

When  heart  at  peace  to " Feel "

And  odds  seem no big  deal 

When  soul  is  light  and  serene 

And   able  to  ponder  all  scene 

When  eyes  drink  glass  of  life 

To  each  drop  with " fullness" 

Soul  swims in the ocean of  soothing "stillness "

How  can  we  turn  blind  

To  what  is  the  secret  behind 

When  gap is  balanced amid the Sun   and  Earth

We  earthers  get  best  Treat as we worth 

We  Can  Learn  For  Better  and Well 

From each  story  Mother  Nature tell !

From  building  materials  or life 

Balance  is  key  to  Advance 

By  loosing  Balance  in  life 

We  are loosing  our  all  chance

Chance  to grow  as " ideal  race |"

Who  Has voice ,sense and face 

Responsible for "Saving the Show"

So cannot  fall  as   low 

Awake  and  rebegan the  run 

Let  Balance guide   this Turn !




  1. Spring can't get here fast enough for me!

  2. Lovely Baili - spring is just around the corner. Hugs

  3. Your poem is so beautiful. My eyes are full of tears.

  4. I do love the Winter, it is just a bit too long which only makes Spring the sweeter.

  5. what can I say but ...
    your are a poet
    "all good things are wild and free" Henry David Thoreau.
    You paint visuals with your words.

  6. Thank you for sharing your words.
    Spring surely will not be long now :)

    All the best Jan

  7. This is truly beautiful. Yes, spring is coming

  8. Very nice verse. The spring is my favourite time of year. It is coming soon. Though right now there is a lot of snow on the ground where I live.

  9. What a lovely description of the seasons of the year

  10. That was so beautiful Baili!!! :)

  11. Humidity went up, temperature also, allergies are back.
    Spring is coming.
    Have a great week

  12. Um bonito poema em que a Primavera sobressai como sendo a mais apetecível das estações do ano. Gostei imenso.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  13. Very beautiful my friend! Big Hugs! I hope you're well!

  14. I like your poem. Have a wonderful day.

  15. You are a poet by nature, Baili. This was written with spontaneous overflow of your pure feeling.


  16. You have such a way of expressing imagery with your words, Baili, Your comparisons between winter and summer sounded beautiful.

  17. Hi Dear Baili, Balance … yes, your poetry is perfect. I must read it over and reflect on it. It is excellent. Thank you Baili! Take good care and stay safe, my friend. Kind regards from Seattle. John

  18. I love colder days, Winter and Autumn, but freezing days are slowly over here and the snow melted almost completely. Spring will be fun too. Wonderful poems, so beuatifully written as always, you are very talented! Have a lovely new week :)


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