Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Rain , Nostalgia And Few New Blooms!

Hi   Precious   Souls!

Hope     days    are   celebration   and   nights   are   Peace  :)

Like    a    true    survivor     you   are   moving   forward    eagerly   leaving   the   all   obstacles   behind!

It's   again   a   dramatic   change   appeared   in   weather  day   before   yesterday     when   suddenly    sky   got   cloudy   and   started     Rain   by   the     evening   which   last   until   last    night .

I   Thoroughly   LOVE   Rains  whether  it's   winter  or  summer :)

  I   badly   miss   the  heavy   long   lasting     rains   of  my  native  village   which   are  sooo  rare    in   this  small  city  :(

So   me  and  my  family    always    Celebrate   the   Rain   like  festival ,   Yesterday  was   not  an  exception   .

I    made  some  special   food   ,hubby   took  half  day  off  and   brought  cake
 (during   rain  ,no power, no  baking at home ).

We   spent  whole   grey   wet  day   together  and  absence  of  power  kept  us  more  close   as  kids   gave   us  company   instead   of   playing   games.

(  we  avoided   opening   generator deliberately   during  daytime   so   we   can   stay   more  close   instead  of   dragged  by   technology  :)    

We   watched  old  videos  (in my phone) of  my  eldest  son  his  songs  ,his   chat   and  fun  talking  with  us  that  i  recorded   for  such  times !

Rain   always   brings  nostalgia   along ,so   while   cooking   in  Kitchen  i   recalled   so  many  memories  of  my  native  home  and  my  dear  late  parents   ,our   gatherings   in  such   rains   and   walk   over  sloppy  hills   around  my  home.

Sharing   some  views   of  my  native  village  captured   by  my  younger   son  during  our  previous  visit  !

hope  you  will   like  them,  

          Images   are  taken  from  the  peak  of hill  which  is  opposite  to  my  native  home, my   childhood   and  the  teenage  has   passed  among  this   gorgeous   valley ,playing  with   friends ,running  through  these  fields  which  were   filled  sometimes  with  high  corns  and   sometimes  wheat ,swinging    under  the  trees   and  making  clay houses  are  treasure  that   keeps  me  much  alive,

  You   can    see   the  stream   flowing  by  the  village  which  is  getting  dried   since  the  Khanpur dam  is  made

  Stream   flows  from  the  eastern  hills  and  passes   by  while  singing   cheerful  songs that  still  echo  in  my  ears  in   full  moon  nights
  It's  been  26   years  i  have  left  my  village  and  each  time  i  visit  there  i  find   so  many  changes  except  only   the  warmth  and  love  of  people :)))

                       day  before yesterday  when   dark  clouds   took  over   the   blue   sky

   last   day    when   rain  slow   downed  i  captured   this   lonely  Egret   sitting   still   under  the  shower ,  his  loneliness   and  willingly  being  under   rain  touched   my  heart

                                i    wondered   why   he  is  not   going  under  any   shelter ?

                                      Some    new  blooms   beautified   my  yard  :)

                                                  close  up   of   gorgeous    white  smiles !

                                     Isn't    it   so   pretty   and  vibrantly   beautiful !

               spring  is   opening   her  eyes   slowly  in   each  pot   through   different  colors

                                          Yellow    is   most   appealing   in  blooms

                                              new   entry  to  my  little  garden ,so elegant

Thank  you  sooo   much   for  all  the   love   and  support   my   precious   fellows!

keeping   you  in   my   thoughts   and  prays  always !

Keep   celebrating   each   breath   as   second   can   be  an  illusion !

The   moment  in   your  hand  is  all  you  have   as  LIFE!

God  Bless  You  All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. In here it is raining right now☺ I love your flowers,they are so pretty, I can't wait for the Spring here ☺

    1. Happy Raining dear Natalie:)))

      Flowers uplift our soul indeed!
      Wish you an early Glorious Spring my friend!

  2. Another marvelous post. I also love the rain. It really does impact a special feeling on everything. It is really nice in the way that you turned the day into family time.

    1. Thank you dear Brain!

      Rain always a way of inspiration for my poetry, patterns of thinking , writing and my perspective of looking at things.
      To me Rain is a magical event, it totally reinvent my day :)
      How lovely that either you love rain !

  3. Enjoy the rain! Your gorgeous flowers clearly enjoy it too!

  4. Positively beautiful. How nice to have a river so close by.

    I, too, love the rain but we get precious little here where I live. Enjoy.

    1. Thank you dear Linda!

      Oh I can't tell how much I miss olden childhood days when we used to swim in that glorious stream!
      One of most powerful and stunning memories belong to this flowing water .
      While Laying in front yard under stary sky listening the soothing singing of stream is unforgetabl experience !

  5. Your son's village photos are so lovely as are your spring flowers! Watching old videos sounds like fun when it rains.

    1. Oh that is Best we do during such family times dear Christine!

      I was overwhelmed when I saw these panoramic images in my son's phone .
      Found them worth sharing

  6. A nice warm rain is very pleasant.

    1. It is indeed dear Red :)

      I still love playing under rain like child ,
      No other such joy

  7. We are kindred spirits, Baili, in our love for rain. Happy memories here, too, lying in bed at night & listening to the rain falling on a metal roof. I live in the Pacific Northwest and we are currently loving our rainy season. The air is washed clean and our landscapes are every shade of green.

    Your blog post is just lovely today. Thank you for sharing your heartwarming memories and for the beautiful photos of your village. The gorgeous flowers are icing on the cake :)

    1. Thank you dear Chris !

      Thank sooo much for such beautiful kind words!

      It seems rain connect our soul more deeply to life and univers :)

      I really convert into different version of me when it rains !

      Loved the way you shared your love for rain and how much you are enjoying the soothing drpling of rain on your roof !

      I absolutely Love such beautiful voice either. It calms my senses and soothens my thoughts.

      Nature is Best mother to provide us all we need to groom time to time

  8. Rain is m favorite weather. We go out and dance in the rain. Some people think we are strange. The pictures are so pretty.

  9. Don't have time to think about lifeless people dear Emma!

    We think about God who says that
    " being happy and dancing like a want is truly worship "

    Yes this is dance of saint :)

    1. Not want like a SAINT who stays happy in all ups and downs of life

      Never think bad for anyone

      And his dance displays his depth of GRATITUDE !

  10. Dear Baili, have you ever seen the American-made movie "Singing in the Rian" with the actor/dancer Gene Kelly? It is a classic here in the United States as he sings and dances in the rain. I know you would enjoy it!

    Your gratitude for all that has been your life is inspiring. Peace.

  11. Your flowers are so beautiful!!

  12. We’ve had lots of rain this winter, Baili, in between lots of snow. I’d rather one or the other.

    1. I can imagine constant grey weather cause enxiety dear Marie but believe constant dry weather is also terribly disappointing
      Therefore RAIN IS FEEL LIKE GIFT!

  13. What a lovely post.
    Lovely seeing all of the photographs and I love your flowers, they are so pretty.

    All the best Jan

  14. Such lovely views! And the flowers are beautiful. Enjoy the rain. We are still dealing with snow and freezing rain. I look forward to warmer rainy days!

    1. Thank you dear Martha !

      Hope you meet soon your early spring and warm rains!

  15. Baili, it's wonderful that you love the rain, cause not everyone appreciates it. I'm glad you've been having rain, and we've been having lots here too. It's nice that you spent time together with your family during the rainy night watching old videos and chatting. Your flowers are already starting to bloom. Those white ones are so delicate and lovely. And love the yellow cheerful one.

    You always have an enthusiastic way of seeing things, dear Baili. You are such a thankful person.


    1. Dear Sheri Rain is one of most DESIRED season of my heart.

      It stimulates my imagination and boost my creativity skills though May be not take shape of something more appreciate than mere poetry but still it uplift my spiritual flight in vast skies of pleasure , gratitude and CONNECTION WITH CREATOR!

  16. That landscape is incredible.
    Have a great weekend

    1. Thank you dear Pedro!

      This beauty is slowly coming under the covers of growing population and stone grinding machines though
      But still some of it is there to relat with glorious pure beauty of past

  17. What a wonderful idea, to celebrate the coming of rain! I love rainy days, too, and from the comments I can see I'm not the only one to join you in your appreciation of rain.

    Beautiful photos of your native countryside - how lovely to grow up there and have so many warm memories. Even if our childhood home places change in reality, they remain the same in our hearts.

    Your flowers are looking very cheery. We have just had four inches of snow and it has a beauty of its own, but I am looking forward to flowers in the spring, too :)

  18. Thank you dear Jenny!

    In my native village it always rained a lot .
    Sometimes we could not see the sun for weeks .

    As kids it was most adventurous time for us
    And then in my later half teens when I was not allowed to wander outside much.

    Mom would make special meals for rainy days
    Lots of swinging , readings and playing with younger sister and cousins.

    The dust of 26 years is not thich enough dim those cherished memories from my heart!

    Growing in such area rich with natural beauty and warmth of relationship and strong bonding with people is something always remain part of our being and reflect in our attitude and actions time to time

  19. Your rainy day sounds sweet and wonderful. I enjoyed your photos--especially of your flowers. I am so ready for spring to return.

  20. Oh spring rains are so delightful! We are still getting snow here! I loved seeing all your gorgeous blooms that you have it already! So wonderful that your family enjoyed such precious family times together!!! We do that here when we have a snow storm ❄❄ blessings and hugs!!

    1. Thank you dear Marilyn!

      How lovely that either you celebrate the snow storms which though bring rough weather still they unite family to share warmth of LOVE:)

  21. Your flowers are so beautiful! I love all the photos! Thank you! Enjoy the rain! Big Hugs!

  22. It's so cold here that any precipitation we get is snow. Your rain sounds lovely, Baili, and I love how you celebrated it with your family. I enjoyed seeing the photos of your village. Home is where the heart is always! Sending you love and hugs!

  23. What a wonderful rainy day you had, Baili! :-) Families should spend more time together, without their technical gadgets, concentrating only on each other... I love the photos of your beautiful native village, the lonely egret on the roof, and your lovely cheerful flowers, too. :-)

  24. I like rainy days in general including our one and half months rainy season. Rainfall makes me feel tender and conjures up the memories of my late loved ones. I like to go into sleep, hearing the sound of gently falling rain. Your native village is beautiful, rich in nature. The eagle looks dignified, perching alone. The flowers are lovely. I like your expression “Spring is opening her eyes slowly in each pot through different colors.”


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