Monday, February 18, 2019

Ooops I Killed The ..... !

Hello   Brave  Hearts!

Hope   you   are  enjoying  all  the   changes  in  weather  and  ready   to  wellcome  an   early  spring   and  then  early  summers  obviously !

Best   wishes  for   for  for   friends  who  are already   enjoying  their  mild  summers   like  Australia .

Our   weather  took     U quite   fast    turn   to  hot   weather    though   temps   were   not   majorly   different    still   sun     seemed   to   shook   his   busting   heat   and  scorching   rays   ruthlessly .

Imagining   the   upcoming  summers  is   giving  me  fright   even  right  now , oh   hell  this  year   summers  seem  to  BLOW  our  mind  Literally .

Today   when  i  scroll  down   my  previous  post  i  saw  the   image   which   i  uploaded   to  post   about   my   fridge  incident  last   week .

But  imagine   my   spontaneous   way   of   writing   that   i  wrote   the  title   and   uploaded  the   image  but  when  it  came  to  speak   my  heart ......

I  wrote   mechanically ,  what   my   head   directed   my  fingers   to   write !  

How   funny  that  i  could   not   notice  the  image  below   due   to  my   hurriedness   ,because  i   was   using  my  smart  phone  to  reply   comments .

Anyway   Few   days  back  when   power  was   gone  for  almost   5   hours  i    was   looking  for   some  due  jobs  that  usually  wait   to  be   done   in  free   times .

I  thought   okay   power   has   left   since   hours    so    it   would   be  nice  to   do  

 " operation   clean  up   Freezer"

When   i   started   i   realized   that    ice  melting   process   was   not   meeting   to  my  expectations    but   once   i  started   i    decided   to  not  give   up   and    kept    my   dare   up  to   dig    and   rediscover  my  tow   water   pots   sunken   in   ice   piles .

I   did  it   many   times  and  each  time  it  was  easy    and  smooth   but   first   time   in  winter    so  had  no  idea  that  operation   will  lead  to  disaster .

Yes   while   during  digging   and  removing   ice  mission   may   be   somehow   i  hit   the  surface   of   freezer  

Suddenly  bitter   smoke   burst  out   and   hit   right  on  my  face .

It   took   moments  to  get  what   have  i  done 
Yes  I  just  Killed  the  fridge !

It  seemed   that   that  gas   did  not  came  out  of  freezer  but   my  head.

First   thought   came  in  my  mind  that  
" Oh  fridge   is  going  to  blast"

I  quickly  unplugged  it   and  ran  in   room  front   of  veranda   where   fridge  is  placed .

I    was    scared    and  little  shaky , in   my  heart   i  was   calling  the  God   as   loudly  as   if  God   had  ears  he  would  have  slap   me  to  shut  up.

I   peeked    fearfully  and  waited  for  the  blast ,

After   exact  five  minutes  when  i  realized  that   no  blast   will  happen   i  slowly   came  out  of  room  as  did  not  want  fridge   to  hear   my   footsteps  and   called    Hubby  (the  other  difficult   job  which  i  really  did  not  want  to  do   but  it  was  necessary :(  

Obviously   hubby   did  not   give  me  round  of  applause .

But   when   he  asked    millions  times  ( okay third   time  )  

"honey   what   was  the  need  to  clean  up  the  freezer  in  winters  ,  we  never  do   it    in  such  cold "

I   said   angrily  (little bit  of cource)

 Don't  blame  me  ,  blame  the  power 

In  short  operation  clean up  freezer  cost   5000  rupees ( more  than  5oo  dollars)

Hubby  felt   better  when  mechanic   told  him  that   if  it  would  have  not  happened  you  fridge   was  going  to  be  down  anyway  because  it's  compressor  was  about  to  be  vanished.

             Stitch  to   poor   freezer   looks  like  this  now 

 Hope  i  have  your  sympathy   dear   friends  or   you   going  to  join   hubby?
 who   has  learnt   to  hide   his   anger   since   many   years ,  and  for  your  kind  information   it  was  my  very  first  such    COSTLY  mistake .


  Stay   blessed  ,stay  happy!

blessings  to  all  of you!


  1. You definitely have my sympathy. First it is costly when a major appliance breaks down. Second no one would purposely cause such damage. And third why on earth they make a machine so that it is that easy to break is beyond me. I can understand your husband's frustration at having to replace an expensive item but he should be frustrated at the freezer not you.

    1. Thank you dear Emma!
      I constantly thinking upon same question you raised here


      May be to facilitate the Labour who can fix and earn

      Or May be scientists don't have time to ponder over this problem yet

    2. Hubby did not show any anger though but I knew it was not pleasant for him at all

  2. Sorry to hear about the freezer. I am glad to hear that you are OK. I have engaged in similar ice chiseling projects. I have been lucky and avoided mishaps so far. With that, you have convinced me not to chisel ice any more.

    1. Thank you dear Brain!

      I am fine luckily

      Oh you sound wise and calm like my husband who mostly prefer to take this job for himself

  3. Oh no! Well, accidents happen, all are safe is the important thing.

    1. Yes dear Christine
      Accidents happen and make us learn to be more careful next time

  4. God meant for you to get a new refrig.

    1. Haha same I said to hubby dear Susan but we are planning to buy new vehicle so hubby dropped the idea until we achieve this one

  5. Oh dear! But then the compressor was going to die anyway. Licky you,werent hurt.

    1. Thanks to repair man who mentioned this probability to us
      It was relief to know

      When gas hit my face I thought it would leave scars or stain but there was no such harm by the grace of God dear Betty!

  6. Defrosting the freezer is such a hard and ugly job! And every once in awhile, disaster strikes! Oh well, things like this happen -- it all ended up okay!

    1. Yes thank goodness it all ended fine dear Debra!

  7. Have to do the same thing regularly to keep it working well.

    1. Mostly we do this in summer as it is easy then

      But this was first time I tried in winters and accidentally stabbed the surface

  8. OH NO!! I feel very badly for you, my dear friend! But it is comforting that the repairman felt your compressor wouldn't have lasted much longer anyway. If it failed and you didn't notice for awhile you might have had a bigger loss, from food thawing out and going bad. So . . . maybe it was a blessing in disguise :)

    Your hubby sounds like mine, very calm and collected :)

    1. I really appreciate your encouraging words dear Jenny !

      Our fridge is almost 15 years old and needed to be repaired for once about 6 years back for gas leakage

      Either hubby and me thought it happened for good reason

      My husband is always calmer than me (early me actually)

      But his respectful and loving attitude make me more sensitive about his feeling because I know he won't express or be loud just to not hurt my heart

      This is why I care more for him and try my best to meet his expectations

  9. How old was your fridge? If it was an old one then don't worry! :)

    1. Thank you for dropping by my friend

      My fridge was almost 15 years old and thank God it is repaired and back now

  10. Oh, no! You ABSOLUTELY have my sympathy, Baili. Thankful you were not hurt :)

    True short story: My friend opened her garage overhead door, got into her husband's BRAND NEW truck, and put the truck in reverse. While she was slowly and carefully backing out of the garage, she touched the garage door remote device and the garage door came down onto the hood of the new truck. Her husband was not amused either. So, see? It could be worse :)

    And recently, I absentmindedly put regular soap (not the appropriate dishwasher soap) into our dishwashing machine. Soon, there were bubbles everywhere - as if I were living an episode of an old
    TV comedy show called "I Love Lucy." Unfortunately, my husband, who has a great sense of humor, did not think particular episode was very funny, but he got over it.

    Here's to happy endings.

    1. Haha

      oh dear this is hilarious to read but not so funny indeed

      Yet thinking of you having bubbles around made me laugh loud :)

      Yes when such things happen first thought comes in mind is

      "Oh what will hubby say about it"?

      And I think it is very natural

      because second most close person is husband and whether he is so calm or expressive we want him to think Good about us!

      This is nice that you and your friend have sweet hubby just like (lucky) me lol

      It's raining since last night so our electricity is absent since then.
      Just started our generator and replying your comment

  11. Oh dear!
    But if the compressor was going to die anyway this was a blessing in disguise.

    All the best Jan

  12. Things can be replaced. But you cannot :) I'm glad you weren't hurt! xo

    1. Thank you dear Martha!
      Hope all husbands think same lol

  13. First, glad that you were not injured, Baili, and while it was not amusing at the time, I did smile at this retelling. Also, glad your husband was understanding and that the repair person explained the compressor was the culprit. No one likes to pay for a repair of an appliance but at least yours worked well for 15 years.

  14. You have my sympathy indeed. I think things like this happen to everyone at some time or another. I'm just glad it didn't blast, and you didn't get hurt.

  15. I am so sorry! Accidents happen! I'm just happy you weren't hurt! Big Hugs!

  16. That's a pretty scary incident Baili but I'm so thankful you didn't get hurt and it ended well! And no doubt saved you the loss of food if it had gone out when you weren't home!! Definitely a blessing in disguise!!

  17. I'm glad that you are okay, Baili, and I'm glad that the mechanic made your hubby feel better about the fridge.

  18. Accidents happen. Thankfully you are OK and the fridge is now back working order.


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