Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Sharing Happy Moments And THANK YOU!

Hello   my   precious friends! 

Hope   and  pray  that   extremely  cold   or   bitterly   hot    weather   is   badly     failed   in   taking   away   your    cheerfulness   and   creativity! 

Sick   or   well   ,  happy   or   little   sad   you    haven't   gave  up  yet! 

And  this  is  because   you   are  incredibly  strong  !

You  have   amazing  will  power   to  survive  against  all   odds ! 

Striking   strength   to  push  away   all  the  negativity  that  daily  exhaustion  bring  along  ! 

How   do   know   all   this   about   you? 

  Through   the  strong   positive   vibes   coming   from   you  :) 

Though   we  are   physically   far   but  spiritually   connected   to  each  other!  

Ah  Lord  is  so  merciful   and   gracious   to  carve   this  way   for  us   so  we   can   stay in  touch   and   develop   strong   love   bonding   within!  

I  want   to  THANK  ALL OF YOU   for   sharing   your   precious   views   on  topic   in  my  previous   post!  

 Your   love   and   support   is  truly   blessing   and  encourage  me  to  share   my  heart   more  openly.   

No  heavy   matter  today  just   sharing   some   more   glimpse  of  

" happy  moments "

When   I  had  my  eldest  son  close  to   me! 

Some  beautifully  taken images  of  snowfall   in Munich  that  he  shared   last   day  ,  hope  you Will  like  them  

My  both younger sons  were taking  sun bath ,  Never  saw them  in such calm  awatar  so  found  that moment worth  freezing

I know I know  it sounds crazy  to  take  pic of him while  he was  sleeping,   but  see  how it keeps me  happy  that he was  right there with me some days  ago

It  was  all  sudden  for  him to look back on  my call  when  he was  done with  teeth brush: )   yea yea  silly me

Leaving   for  Friday  prayer  with   brothers

              Lots  of  abrupt  random  shots

Used  to  start  his breakfast  with  banana  milk shake

Unlike  me  both  brothers  take  enough  time to  adust  camera  and then  capture  a  fine  photo  ( me ah  I don't  have  time to do so) excuses ....

Ready  to well come  his  friends  specially  excited to   meet his  best friend Dilawer!

Dilawer  is in middle,  they both studied in same school  though went to different college.  Almost 15 years old friendship!

If my guess is right Dilawr is only friend to whom my son can talk without being bored as they have many  topic of common interest!

 My eyes see him moving around in yard until now

Same flowers but little  more  grown

I don't know the name of these white beauties but they are so GORGEOUS  and delightful

Marigolds  are  very vibrantly  pretty and less demanding

                Happy moments together

My  son  sent  me   these   beautiful   images  last day :)

He  is  quite a  photographer isn't  he !

         Snowfall  is  magical  event  indeed

How  nature  displays  her  poetic   side  is astonishing

This  simple  sign   turned  into  blue   fairy  in fantasy  land

I  request  you   to  take   great   care  of  yourself  in   unkind  weather  my  friends!  

Stay  as  strong   as   you   always   used to  be! 

God  Bless   You   All!



  1. I loved all the photos. The first flower is Lantana, I think.

    Its so good of you to share all your joyful moments!

    1. Thank you dear Nasreen for dropping by and specially for sharing the name of white flowers
      I was unfamiliar to that

  2. Dear Baili what delightful pictures, your son is a very good photographer, capturing detail and you, have an ability to capture expressions/moods, litle moments which is also rather lovely. Your flowers look so cheery, here in the UK we have yellow daffodils and I have been drying the petals from the roses I sometimes buy in the shop (to make pot pourri).

  3. Dear Betty this is joy to know that you enjoyed looking at my son' s photos as well as mine either :)

    I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH LIFE AND WANT TO ABSORB each single drop of joy and pleasure it offers!

    I always adored your beautiful art and all the creativity displayed in your journal!

    I bet your daffodils will look just awesome:)

  4. Thank you for these lovely, sweet photos, dear Baili! They put a smile on my face. :) Your son's snowy photos are fabulous, but my heart is longing for spring, so I love your charming flowers more. :)

    1. Special thanks for for admiring my son's pics dear Edit!

      What else can be niceenicer than that my post made you smile my friend
      Pleasure to know that

  5. Super pictures as always Baili. Your son’s snow pictures are neat. It usually snows s lot where I live but this year we have had almost none.

    1. I found good skills of photography in him dear Brian!

      Hope less snow is fine for you if you are not much fond of snowfall

  6. From beautiful flowers to snow and ice in one post! Many beautiful photos today!

  7. He misses you too! Love your flowers and thanks for sharing these precious photos. I think you are better off in the warmth right now!

    1. He does as he says often dear Christine!

      But one thing he mises more I am sure THE SUN !

  8. Dearest Baili...oh how comforted I felt by coming here to your wonderful blog!
    When I see these beautiful photos of your family and your home, I am so cheered up...it is as if I know you personally!
    And your words truly strike a chord with me, especially what you said about us all being connected, no matter how far we live from each other. That is so true. Although we have never actually met, I feel I have known you forever and I regard you as a true friend!😊😊

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤

    1. Thank you dear Ygraine!

      Your kind words uplifted my day as always

      I truly believe in spiritual connection between people who strongly feel for each other

      I can't explain it correctly but I do feel so close to all my blogging friends as I can FEEL THE energy waves coming from them

      I feel your pain too my precious friend!

      When I pray you are always there in my prays

      I believe spiritual connection is far stronger than physical one

  9. What beautiful family moments you have captured in here! Your flowers are very pretty and I love your bed! My son is only 4 months now, but I'm sure I'm gonna miss him when he will grow up just like you miss your son☺

    1. Oh dear natalia thank you for sharing about your precious baby!

      I wish May he never go away from you when he is grown up
      And May you find all the happiness while living together

  10. Such sweet family moments, dear Baili, and I know how much you cherish every one! When our children grow up and become adults, it is so hard to let them go.... I'm sure it is so comforting for your son to know he always has a warm and welcoming home and loving arms to come home to. It is always nice for me to 'visit' you, too, and feel that connection of kindred spirit, no matter how distant we may be. Sending hugs and blessings xo Karen

    1. Your kind words are greatly appreciated dear Karen!

      Your words about children made my eyes teary!


      Inspite of all the distance I feel so close to him

      He is always with us in our words, thoughts and prayers !

      Either I absolutely love my visit to your beautiful blog my friend!

  11. Such great times as a family! Your children will always cherish these memories, Baili.

    1. Thank you dear Marie!

      I agree that gathering these moments as images will always keep these delightful memories alive not only in mind of us but it will be treasure for children and their own families either

  12. Oh, these are beautiful! What lovely photos of all of you. You have a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing the photos of the flowers! It is eye candy for me, especially because as I write this we have freezing rain coming down. It gives me hope for spring!

    And those winter photos that your son sent you are magical! He is indeed quite the photographer.

    1. Thank you dear Martha!

      Glad you liked the sharing!

      I feel for your longing for spring my friend!

      I wish I can send you an early spring with lots of SUNSHINE AND PRETTY BLOOMES!

      Thank you for appreciatiappreciating my son' s photography :)

      I myself am huge admirer of your amazing photography either

  13. A handsome family, and your son has a good photo eye.

    1. Thank you dear Joe!

      Great to get few words from you always!

      Indeed he has although he has no time for this passion until now

  14. I did not realize until I saw your son's frined's picture how much your sons all look alike. They are handsome young men. I like the pictures of the snow. Even though I get tired of it snow is so very pretty.

    1. Thank you dear Emma for dropping by inspite of your health issues
      Heartfelt prays for you my friend!

      Yes they do :)

      Ah some things never loose their beauty though there presence feel annoying
      Just like miss Snow lol

  15. Lovely family photos there, the snow ones are interesting for me to see, your flowers every so pretty..

    1. Glad you enjoyed the images dear Margaret!

      I can imagine the hot weather of your area now days my friend

      Wish that looking at the snowy photos May can give some relief for while

  16. Beautiful snow and flowers!

    Love the photo of your sons in the sun. :)

  17. Thank you dear Sandi!

    Either I found their unique awatar interesting :)
    Their age difference is 3 years but they always hangout like twins
    Sometimes arguments sometimes fun
    They keep my mind attend in keeping them all the time calm lol

  18. Dear Baili, what wonderful family photos you've shared with us all. Much be great love between all family members to get such photos as some of those you have taken (like at sink brushing teeth). Oh my! You are truly blessed.

    1. Thank you dear Carol!

      Haha my son was astonished by this sudden shot!

      I always surprise him with such immediate images
      Most of the time he laughs on my craziness and sometimes he says
      " please don't give this one in your post as I am topless " lol

      Love! Yep our family is expressive for it's love and this is because of me !
      I am so expensive and emotional mother specially which makes the whole environment light and chilled in almost all kind of circumstances

  19. Baili, such beautiful words you have shared today. Yes, we are connected in a very strong way in blog land. And I'm so thankful for all the friendships. Oh, what lovely snow pictures your son took in Germany. He's getting good with the camera. It was a delight to see them cause I don't get to see the snow where I live. The one with the snow all packed on the bicycles was a sight! You can really tell the amount of this white wonder that they're having. And the family picture is a treasure. I hope you are enjoying these February days, Baili.


    1. Thank you sooo much dear Sheri!

      I also feel so LUCKY and BLESSED to have all my blogging friends!

      Such a privilege to know such kind and sweet people from all corners of the world!

      Your likening for my son' s photos is so appreciated
      We too found the bicycles on really amazing and charming!

      Sending you lots of love and positive energy from my part of land my friend!

  20. ahhh love all the photos! the family ones the snow ones ...all of them made me smile.

  21. Replies
    1. Thank you dear Sandy !

      May your smile be everlasting :)

  22. Baili, I love all of your photos, but my favorite is that of your happy family all together :) It doesn't get any better than that!!
    Still, all of the images were really enjoyed - the friends, the flowers, and your son's beautiful photos of the snow. He seems to have inherited your talents in photography.
    Kindest regards, Chris

    1. So glad that you enjoyed my family photos dear Chris!

      Yes nothing is Best than "complete family "

      Oh this is so kind of me but believe me that my son is far sensible in capturing nature and objects
      I have to learn lot about photography yet

  23. Such beautiful pictures you shared Baili! I know your heart was warmed deeply by having him close by to talk to and visit with! Such beautiful pictures of the snow he captured too! Truly there is so much of life to be enjoyed, and we just have to drink in the beauty every chance we get. Always appreciate your cheery outlook and beautiful descriptive words of the thoughts in your heart. May the Lord bless you sweet friend!

    1. Thank you sooo much dear Marilyn!

      You are such kinderd soul!

      Life is bundle of smiles and tears
      I try to keep both in my thoughts as gift of Lord !

      Former cheer me up and later add meaning and beauty to the first one :)

      Either I am great admirer of your enlightened thoughts and truly magnificent captures of your wonderful surroundings!
      More blessings to you too my friend!

  24. Family is ou most precious treasure.
    Have a great weekend

  25. Thank you fro sharing the joy of your family being together again during eldest son's visit. His pictures of the snow are lovely. Peace and love to you and yours.

  26. What a lovely post Baili.
    I enjoyed seeing all of the photographs, such a lovely selection.
    The family one is most special.

    Have a lovely weekend, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  27. Thank you Baili for this post showing the obvious joy of having your oldest son home to visit and also the photos of you and your family. There was quite a contrast in the weather in your home and when your son returned to his job. The marigolds are very cheerful blooms.

  28. Wonderful photos by both you and your son, Baili! I love that you take random, everyday shots of your family. This is a wonderful way to keep them close to you in your mind by looking at these captures.

  29. Oh, how I love your family photos, baili! I especially love the ones of your three sons together and of your whole family. These pictures will keep your soul fed while your eldest son is back at school.

    And yes, he is indeed a talented photographer. He sees the details that make a good picture!

    Your flowers are doing well. It's nice to see them when everything here is asleep in the cold weather :)

    1. Your sweet words always fill my soul with joy dear Jenny!

      You are so right about our family photo ,yes it warms my heart with peace each time I look at it

      Glad my flowers were able to serve your senses little bit

  30. I truly loved all the photos! Thanks for such a beautiful post! Big Hugs!

  31. You have been on a posting roll, Baili! I can't remember if I mentioned in one of my comments that I was out of town for a week. My husband and I met my brother Roy and sister-in-law Sue in Las Vegas for a week. While I was gone, you have published a string of inspiring posts. I always love to see photos of your beautiful family, and the most ordinary moments are some of the most precious. Your son's photos of the snow in Germany are gorgeous. I'm like you, always snapping photos on the fly. I don't have the patience or time to do carefully composed photos. btw (by the way), your lovely white flowers are sweet alyssum. When I used to have a flower garden, I grew them every year. They are one of my favorites. I do feel spiritually connected to you, and it is such a delight! Hugs to you.

    1. Dear Louise I think I have read in one of your post about having blast of fun when they visited you I guess.

      This wonderful that you had great time with them as family gathering is always most beautiful moments of our life:)

      Thank you for your truly uplifting comments that always encourage me to share more of me with you


      Heartfelt thanks for your SWEETNESS my friend!

  32. I love your happy family photographs :-)


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