Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weddings and Brides !

I  find  this planet  worth  living  because  there  live  more  than  50 %  of  total  population    "WOMEN" !

Since   their  childhood  they   display  their  basic  instinct  of " CREATION"

 As  little  girls  unlike  boys  they  choose  smooth  ,weise  and  creative  way  of  life (most  of  them)

They  play  with  dolls (even  i  did )  they  make  houses  for  their  little  family  and  try   to  give  them  a "Happy Perfect  Life" 

when  they  grow up  life  come  front  of  them  like  an   obstacle . They  leave  their  most  loving  and  trustworthy  family  behind  and  enter  into  the   complete   unknown   world  which  belongs  to  their  husbands  and  in laws.

They   try  to  survive  in  this  absolutely  new  world  through  patience ,sacrifice  and  love.

Sometime  they  get   lucky  to  have  life  partners  which  are  kind  and  understandable .

Sometime  she  live  with   strangers  who  always  try  to  let   down  her.

Here   in  east   since  the  literacy   rate  has  increased  and  media   is  showing  lot  about  "rights  of  an  individual"  divorce   rate  has  also  raised .

Still   it  is  not  as  much  as  in  developed  countries.

I  love  woman  because  she  is  one  who  try   to  MAKE  ,ORGANIZE  and  RAISE  the  family .

According   to  the  law  of  nature  SHE   IS   ONE  WHO  BRINGS  LIFE  OUT  OF  LIFE  AND   MOULD    IT   IN  HER  BEST   CARNATION !



A  perfect   gentleman   or  an  evil  sick  minded.

Oh  my  God  where  am  i  going ?

this  is  terrible  that  when  i  sit  to  give  post  usually  (like  always) i  sit  with  BLANK   HEAD ,  but  when    start  typing  my  thoughts  pull  me  here  and  there  sometime  (specially  when  i  take  my  medications lol)

Trying  to  share  with   you  some  photos  which  i  took  in  a  wedding  ceremony ,hope  you  guys  will  find  them  interesting  


 after  entering  the  marriage  hall  the view  was mind blowing (actually) noise and loud music

                                                          my youngest one took my photo

actually there were two weddings  a sister and brother were getting married ,this bride was daughter in law of my friend who invited us ,her own daughter ( other bride)was still in beauty parlor

                                            sorry blurred ,she wife of one of hubby's brother

                                                chatting  among ladies was  making  huge noise

                                                she is  hinna ,daughter  of  my  sister  in law

                           in black  my   sister  in law (hubby's bro wife) was looking so good

this  lady  played  main  role  in manipulating me in my early marriage  years ,she  wanted to marry my husband desperately ,but i have no ability  to  hate  someone  so i respond  her lovingly

Finally other  bride  arrived  and  guests  took  breath  of  hope  as  dunner  was  getting  so   late  because  of  her late  arrival

i never  went  beauty  parlor  though  i admire  their  skills  to  enhance the  beauty  of  pretty  faces

                    group of  men came  to  get  bride's signatures  on  marriage  certificate

                                  Finally  i  managed  to  capture  her  waving among  crowed

this  is  love  plus  arrange  marriage  ,he was  his  classmate and  boyfriend .though  i  did  not  see  any  groom  as  men's  side  was  parted  with  huge  curtain .

 These  both pics  are  from  other  wedding  in  my  relatives ,simply  and  traditionally it  was  done  when  i  arrived .guests  were  leaving  after  lunch . Bride's  name  is  saba and  boy  is  raja,both  are  cousins

                                              she  was  looking  pretty  in  her  bridal  dress

Okay  lovely  people  time  to  evening  pray ! and  than  tea,  my  fever  is  leaving  slowly but  flu  is  in  touch .

Please  stay  RAISED   AND  unshaken 1

God  Bless  You  All!!! 


  1. She is a beautiful bride! I hope you get well soon! I myself is coughing after my holiday!

  2. Wonderful, beautiful women make this world a better place. I love my partner but my women friends hold my heart in a way that makes me feel grounded and understood.

    Gorgeous pictures Baili....thank you for sharing your special women.

  3. your country do weddings so beautifully!! I enjoyed this so much,,

  4. Beautiful brides, guests and outfits! You look beautiful too and it must have been challenging to socialise with a rival in love! Thank you for sharing such a special event.

  5. I LOVE how your mind works in your posts! :) Beautiful ladies, you included! :) Women make this world a gentler place (for the most part!) :))

  6. What a fascinating and beautiful post, dearest Baili!
    You all look like queens and princesses (well, except the manipulating lady ;)), I would love to wear clothes like that sometimes.
    Your post raises many thoughts. I live in a less traditional society than you, here the roles of women and men are not so distant from each other. Every society, however, works well if is formed by good and attentive people.
    Hope you get well soon! Hugs!

  7. Lovely pictures of happy events. I think it is wonderful that you are confident enough to share your thoughts in your posts. It gives me an understanding of your way of life which is different than mine. I am sure too that it helps you organize your feelings.

  8. Beautiful photos Baili. The woman in all cultures is the one who educates in the family. I wish brides a lot of happiness and luck in their new life. Cute dresses !!
    Good tuesday.

  9. Beautiful photos of the weddings, Baili. I hope your health continues to improve.

  10. Dear Baili - it was wonderful seeing photos from this lovely wedding. So glad you share your thoughts too...gives glimpse into how life operates in your country. Have a beautiful day. Hugs!

  11. Wonderful pictures. The clothing is amazing. It is so different from what women wear to weddings in the United States.

    Have a great week!

  12. Thanks for sharing this beautiful wedding with everyone in their finery!

  13. Woman do soften the world, Baili. Hopefully more and more of them will get into powerful positions over time.

    These are such nice images. The ladies look beautiful in their lovely clothing, which is so wonderfully vibrant and colourful!

  14. You look lovely in the photo of you :)
    Red is the colour of the bride and 'bling' as I call it - very lovely.

  15. Thanks for sharing the photos--there are so many beautiful, colorful outfits!
    My cousin married an Indian woman who is studying here in the United States, and they celebrated with a traditional wedding in India. It was so neat to see the photos!

  16. It takes strength to raise children with their long-term welfare in mind. The days go slowly but every day we must keep the goal in mind.

    What beautiful women - all of you.

    I do hope you start feeling better soon, baili. It worries me that your fever is not going away. Take care of yourself!

  17. More than 50% of the World population is female.
    So why are women so direspected??
    Have a great week

  18. What a beautiful wedding, Baili. Indeed, there is such comfort in the company of women.

  19. Fotografias de casamento. Espero que a felicidade ande sempre por aí. Gostei do seu texto, com especial atenção ao papel das mulheres para tornarem este mundo menos sombrio.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  20. Dear Baili, thank you for sharing the weddings experience with us even in your ill state with the flu. I do hope you feel much better very soon and can get out and enjoy your garden and many other beautiful things.

  21. Such beautiful wedding pictures. Thank you! Women are, indeed, marvelous. I wish you better health.

  22. How lovely to see these wedding photographs, such a wonderful time.
    I do hope you start feeling better soon, sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  23. Dear Baili ..I’m sorry to hear that you have the flu ..Please take care.... Thank You for sharing all these lovely Wedding pictures.... It is always enlightening to learn from one another and that is what women do best ... ...It's so wonderful that you express yourself so freely and share your culture with everyone... It is also encouraging that not all marriages are arranged .. some are already attracted to one another as boyfriend and girlfriend( she looked so pretty and happy ) ... The wedding dresses are gorgeous... and very exotic... Such a wonderful glimpse into your world... Thank YOU ... Get well soon ...HUGS

  24. wow, this was wonderful to see - I love and wish we here in America - had clothing like in your country . Love the colorful dresses and the bride how beautiful. Really enjoyed this and your thoughts on women.

  25. Dearest Baili...my heart-felt thanks for sharing these beautiful photos - and, of course, your thoughts.
    You have taught me that East and West aren't really that different from each other.
    I feel very much as you have described...and I do so hope I have been a reasonably good wife and mother.
    Well, I have tried hard, and I guess that is all anyone can do really, isn't it?
    What I would really have liked to be different in my life, would have been to have other females around me. I live in an all-male family (my one daughter died very young), so my voice is often lost somewhere in the ether!
    Still, I have been fortunate...I have never been beaten or abused. The men in my family can be a bit dismissive of me as a woman...but they have always been kind.:)

    Oh I do so hope you feel better soon.
    I am sending healing thoughts and prayers your way...:))

    Lots of Love & Hugs xoxoxo

  26. Hello Baili, I hope that you are feeling better very soon. My husband was also sick all week with sinus congestion and a bacterial infection and thankfully did not share them with me. The wedding as a very beautiful event with all the dolors and fine clothes. Thank you for sharing these images as it is so interesting to see how other cultures and countries celebrate special times. My 2 nieces are both getting married this year.

  27. Love your post, and talk about empowering women! and the wedding is absolutely beautiful - thanks for sharing with us.

  28. Such a beautiful post! Gorgeous pictures!! Thank you for sharing them!! You are such a loving and caring person Baili!! I'm thankful I met you in blog land! Big Hugs!

  29. Her red dress is BEAUTIFUL!

    I like that you respond lovingly to the woman who tried to cause you problems. You are free. :)

  30. Beautiful brides, I love a wedding.

  31. Both brides looked beautiful, Baili! So did you!! I love the beautiful gowns, the vibrant colors, the opportunity to see weddings in a different culture. I laughed when I read, " chatting among ladies was making huge noise." Women around the world love to get together and talk, talk, talk!


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