Thursday, March 1, 2018

Healing (poem)

Sitting  on , a  steepy  hill 

I   can  see ,  the  colours,  nil

Land  is  covered,  with  white  blood 

Life  is  stuck , in  Cold  stud 

Everything   is,  silent  and  still 

Like   a  statue  is  standing  windmill

Peeking  into,  the  bird's  eyes 

I  can  feel, the   frozen  cries

Lamenting   on  ,face   of   sky  is  dark

Heart  is   shivering  ,with   lightening   spark

As  i  am  here,  since  centuries   ago 

Cannot  move ,and  cannot  go 

My  body ,  is   wrapped   in  chain 

And  this  Chain,  is  made  up  of  Pain

Aching  terribly,   from  toe  to  head  

I  want   to  get   in  warm  cozy  bed 

I  want   the  Sun,   to  pierce   clouds  

And  remove   the  Earth's  chaos  

Let   his  shine  ,  to   wash  the  blood  away 

 To   the   scenes,   give  bath   of  Rays !

Come   Oh   Son,  untie   my   Chain

Give   me  warmth,   and  take  my  pain!

Let   the   rays ,  melt   my  snowy  nerves 

Let  them  get,   inside  my  curves !

I  am  tired  of  being   Nive  

Let   me   feel ,  as   i  am   alive !

Here  God ,, answered  my  prays 

Through  the  clouds,  peeked  sun rays!

Washed  away  the  whole  white  blood  

Trees  smiled,   through  freshening  buds!

Joy   hopped,    in  bird's  eye 

As  they  sing,   when  fly 

I  can   hear  feet   of   happy   Spring!

Plants  and  trees,   started   smiling 

Earth   is  covering,  with  colorful  lights 

These  are  flowers , the Pure  Delights!

I  am   feeling  happy  fulfilled !

Sun   is  warm,  and  breeze  is  Chilled!

Sitting   under  , the  garden  tree 

I  am  having  a  cup  of  tea  

Each  sip , is  of  gratitude 

Celebrating,    in  solitude :)

  image source (seamen's moving)

Hope  you  too ,  get  your bell  Ring !

I  would  say , to  you  Happy  Spring!


  1. you are such a gifted writer and poet!

  2. Happy spring, dear Baili. I enjoyed your poem!

  3. Love both poem en lovely photo from the birds,Greeting,Joan

  4. It is so nice when the bad things go away and someone is there to help! Spring is always an encouraging time.

  5. I'm looking forward to Spring's arrival too! But we're getting a blizzard tomorrow, so the waiting continues.

  6. May spring bring healing and love to all. I enjoyed the poem.

  7. This is a lovely poem. I enjoyed reading this. Happy spring to you!!

  8. We haven't got spring my way at the moment. We have cold and snow.

  9. ohhh nice poem and great photo for spring. We have a lot of snow - our winter has come at last.

  10. Lovely poem Baili, welcome spring, at least where you are!

  11. Love your poem.

    If it's true that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb then Easter Sunday is going to be pretty darn nice. Winter just hit us with a vengeance!

  12. I can feel a touch of spring in the air but we will not really see it for another few weeks.

  13. This is wonderful verse. We are forecast to get some snow where I live so it is not yet spring. I cannot wait for it to really start.

  14. Your lovely poem reminds me that Spring is right around the corner here in NC. Thanks so much! RO

  15. Yes, the time comes when the earth is full of life and color.
    Beautiful verses.

  16. So beautiful!! Happy March! Happy Spring! But, we are getting a snow storm tomorrow! LOL! Big Hugs!

  17. Beautifull poem, baili.
    With the same image saluting Spring that I just saw in another blog.
    Have a great weekend.

  18. Very nice Baili, a wonderful welcome to springtime.

  19. Brava, Baili! A lovely sentiment well-conveyed.

  20. Wonderful words put in the right context.

  21. So beautifully written sweet Baili! You have a powerful way with words, and I hope that spring comes very soon for you! It is snowing here today :) Hugs to you dear friend!

  22. You always present such clear images and emotions in your poetry. You do that with your wonderful array of descriptive words. I love to think of the trees smiling and the feet of happy Spring! Thanks for sharing your work, baili. And once again I wish I could read your poetry in your own language. It's hard to write in a second language; our talent is always more at home in our mother tongue.

  23. Beautiful post! I am excited that spring is on its way. It is my favourite season of the year!

  24. Hi Baili! What a wonderful post. Your kindness comes through so strong. I will bet on you to be a survivor! As the cold moves out and the spring moves in, it is so joyous, isn't it? Love your poetry! Thank you for sharing! Wishing you the best! John

  25. I am sipping tea in solitude! Your post certainly gave a feeling that Spring is not far away.

  26. Hello dear Baili!
    Thank you very much for visiting my post and for your lovely comment!
    I’m following you back!
    Great post!Such a beautiful poem written from you!
    I great way for welcoming Spring!
    Love the image with the cute birds!So joyful!
    Wishing you a lovely March and a happy new week!Greetings from Athens!

  27. Um poema que é uma prece à Natureza. Que a Primavera lhe traga todo o conforto.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  28. Beautiful.

    "Each sip , is of gratitude
    Celebrating, in solitude"

    I can SO relate to this!

  29. Beautiful, Baili! One of the special things about your writing is seeing and hearing fresh images and new, vibrant ways of putting words together. The opening really grabbed me: "I can see , the colours, nil. Land is covered, with white blood." Very original and powerful! Gratitude and solitude, a lovely and peaceful combination. Thank you for sharing!


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