Monday, March 5, 2018

Sukkur City Visit (just to change the view)

Hello  Precious  Friends!

Hope  and  pray   that   sky  above  your  head  has  started   getting  it's  original  colour  back   and  land  laid   under   your  feet   is  changing  her  colours  too.

Yes  this  is  SPRING  knocking  at   your  door!

Please  open  your  arms  wide   to  give  this  lovely   friend  a  tight   HUG!!!

Spring  is  always  something  special  to  me .

This  is  the  season  when  i  feel   smile  playing  on  my  lips  without  no  reason ,just  looking  around  and  realizing  the  blessings  showering  upon  make   my  breathing  so   light  so  smooth  ,so  happy   ,so   serene  and  so   grateful!!!

So   i   smile  i  sing  and  feel  myself  dipped   in  the  deep  ocean  of   Gratitude  and   joy  beyond  definition!

Day   before  yesterday  Hubby  decided  to  take  us  Sukkur  city  which  is  almost  40  minutes  drive  from  our  small  town  like  city.

He  thought  we  been  stuck  in  work  being  done  in  house  for  more  than  2  months  so  just  to  change  the  view  we  went  to  Sukker  which  is  an  old  city  of  our  Sindh  province  in Pakistan.City lays western side of indus river   which  belong  to  one  of  the   oldest   civilization  of  this  world.

Sharing some photos which  i  took  and  some which  i took  from  google  image just  to  give  you  a  clearer  view  of  place 

                                                                       Rohri  bridge  sukkur (image google)

Sukkur  park  (image google)

                                  Sukkur  clock tower (image google)

                  Sukkur  water park   (image google)

                                             This   is   Lloyd   berridge  (image google)

Each time to get in sukkur  city  we have to cross this bridge though another parallel bridge has been made to reduce the load of traffic from old bridge 

Now  photos which  i  took  while  walking  in  the city 

when we reached in park it was crowded with school kids who came to picnic before final exams in end of the march 

                   girls students were very less than boys 

   children were playing when we came and after half hour when we were leaving they were having lunch provided by school management

Boats  were roaming in the river and people were enjoying the ride ,i  ride less in boat (yes phobia along with many others:)

 took the photo of monument tower which was under reformation 

these kids were playing in the street ,one of them was too shy to be in photo so sat down

   Date shop where one can find all species of   yummy dates.dates of this sindh province are exported to all over the country and even to other countries  

we  visited another park of the city situated in the heart of city 

Gave our  feet  some  rest among  the so many  flowers flourishing in various designs 

   these flowers were arranged   in the   shape  of  ship 

                   those  one were designed as  bouquet 

                                closer  view  of  bouquet 

all flower  pics  are  captured  by  me  and  my  youngest  son 

       We went  to the  market  to  buy  some mats 

when  hubby  and  youngest  son went to  the  upper  story  to  pick  up  selected  ones i  took  these  shots 

we  bought  a  long  one  piece  of  mat  and  at  home  cut  it  into  four  pieces  for  each   door  so  dirt  and  dust  can  be  avoid  in  rooms  as   keeping  the  big  house  clean  is  being  tougher  part  of  my  routine .

Time  to  evening  pray  dears!

Take  great  care  i  will  be  visiting  your  lovely  places  soon ,
God   Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of your outing!

  2. Dear Baili, this line you wrote really reached out to me: "i smile i sing and feel myself dipped in the deep ocean of Gratitude and joy beyond definition!" Like you, I am feeling such gratitude for my life and the years I've lived.

    Thank you for sharing all the photos--yours and Google's--I know very little about Pakistan and I so like learning about your country from your postings. Take care. Be gracious to yourself. Peace.

  3. The Google pictures are very nice. I liked yours much better. They show the warmth that you felt toward the scenes. I enjoyed this so much.

  4. I always enjoy these glimpses into your life, Baili.

  5. Looks like a lovely day out I love the flower displays.
    I have mats at my doorways too it does keep out a lot of dirt from the outside,

  6. A very pretty city! I like your photos of the date shop, the carpet shop and the flower gardens!

  7. What a pretty city, i love seeing street scenes like the date stalls. Very sensible of you to put mats for each door! Flowers are pretty some we have in the uk but not all. You look pretty in pic with hubby. Betty x

  8. You have a beautiful family Baili, as beautiful as the pictures taken by you and your son. Your outing appeared to be a wonderful day I sure enjoyed all of the sights that you shared with us.

  9. It's very nice to have a break in a different place. And Sukkur looks like a very beautiful city.

  10. You sounded just like me about Spring. I feel it coming and I love it. It makes me smiles!! Your photos are beautiful!

  11. Well, spring here is a long way off. You visited a very beautiful city.

  12. The pictures look so nice. It seems like you had a nice visit. We have a forecast of 31 centimeters of snow coming where I live so it is not yet spring here :)

  13. It is always nice to take a break from the work at home and enjoy a new place. I guess spring has really arrived in your part of the world, we are possibly getting snow tomorrow night although they say it shouldn't stick, some of the plants are starting to break through the ground, I can't wait until we have all the beautiful flowers you have enjoyed there and to see the trees get their buds. So special to see your trip!

  14. Smells like Spring.
    Loved it!
    Have a nice week.

  15. The flowers are lovely. Your mats look good. Nice to get away from the house for awhile. Take care.

  16. Hello dear Baili!
    Such a lovely place to visit!
    Very impressive bridge!
    Wonderful pictures from your walk in the city and beautiful Spring flowers!
    I really enjoyed your post!
    Have a nice day!

  17. Oh, how lovely to take a trip. Many beautiful flowers and sights. What a fabulous water park for the youngsters to enjoy. I am glad for you that your house is now ready for living in comfortably and not the sounds of workmen droning on and on. I do hope you are also in good health these days. Blessings!

  18. What a fun time. And such lovely images. So many pretty flowers!

  19. Spring is certainly making good progress in your part of the world! And while I read and looked at the lovely flowers, I felt like it was spring here, too. Thank you for such lovely shots.

    We use mats at every door, too. They catch a lot of the dust and dirt before it can go into every room. Very sensible! (both you and me - ha ha)

    Thank you for sharing your trip to this lovely city!

  20. Thank you for taking us with you on your family outing, Baili, such a lovely place to visit. I was interested to look at the date shop, so many varieties! I use dates a lot in my kitchen, but mostly majhool.

  21. Dear Baili .... Thank you for the photos... It is always inspiring to view a glimpse of another part of the world and feel the JOY opening and refreshing our souls. I love the colors and the nuances of the culture...playing games and viewing the markets.... plus, it is encouraging to know that we all feel the same.... It was such fun to go shopping with you and see you sitting and relaxing with hubby ...ALSO ... I simply adore the floral landscapes of the ship and the sweet flowers your son picked for you.... That is Special!!! .....Wishing you a HAPPY DAY, Sweet Lady... xoxoxox

  22. A very pretty area! I love the pictures of the flowers, the date shop and the carpet store! The mats look nice in your home! Beautiful family pictures too! Big Hugs!

  23. Beautiful post, friend. I love bridges, they are like extended arms to join. Wonderful the flowers.
    Buen jueves 🙅

  24. Beautiful photos of your happy family, Baili! :)

    That bridge is AMAZING.

  25. I so enjoyed this post.
    Thank you for sharing such a great selection of photographs.

    All the best Jan

  26. Happy spring to you!! Here, winter has decided it doesn't want to leave just yet. My littlest son has outgrown all his winter clothes but I am NOT buying new ones for him... he will just have to look like a ragamuffin for a few weeks until the weather warms. Then he will get a new (or hand-me-down) wardrobe and look much more polished. :)

  27. wow, i LOVE all your photos of you day out - there are some beautiful areas depicted in these photos. I like seeing the family ... and i was really drawn to the spice shop for some reason - i think the colors and textures there. this was so fun to see. thanks for sharing your world and your thoughts.

  28. What a wonderful outing you had with your family.

    I especially enjoyed seeing your photographs of the day :-)

  29. I always enjoy your photos, Baili, especially ones with your family. Sukkur City is fascinating to see. I had never heard of it (at least that I remember) until you posted about it. I read that it was known as the hottest city in British India, with the summers especially hot and windless. Your Rohri Bridge was one of the first bridges built across the Indus River. I wish I could taste each kind of date in your photo! The flowers are lovely!


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