Friday, March 16, 2018

Early Spring blooms photos of my small Garden

Hey  Dear  Friends!

Hope  and  pray  that  thick  dark  cover  is  piercing  at  the  sky  above  you! 

  and  silvery  sun  rays   are  showering  golden  hopes  of  SPRING   all  around !!!

Seasons  are  like  various   shades  of  human  life  and   make  us  feel  the  beauty  that  variety   of   them  brings  to  us :)

After  the  grey  gloomy   ,snowy  and  stormy  weather  finally   Season  of  healing   and  warmth  is  about  to  glorify   your  world :)

Here  Spring  is  sprinkling   it's  delightful   colours  around  smoothly  and  gorgeously!

Sharing  with  you  some  glimpse  of  front  yard  blooms though  due  to  recent  construction  work  in  the  house  more  than  two  months  i  was  not  hopping  for  bloomed  garden  but  God  answered   my  prayers  and  showed  me  his  grace  in  this  spring  of  2018   too!

Entering  from  main gate  give  this  view  of  veranda  in front, small garden and  kitchen ,main bathroom and guestroom on right ,lenses are not powerful enough  to  show  you  flowers  with  detail 

From  the  veranda  door  front  yard  looks  like  this ,through  the  fence  of  veranda  we  absorb  the  beauty  of  our  small  garden  which  is  most  precious  part   of  house  to  us

                Closer   view  of  garden  which  have  started  to  have  it's  colours  back

                                                flower  pot  near  the  veranda  door

          pomegranate  tree also be absolutely dry in winter ,now getting it's fresh leaves back

Our  beautiful climber has started to  spread it's  lashing  arms  widely 

                       Near  the  veranda  outside the fence  another flower  pot  smiled  in PINK!

                                      Such   a  JOYFUL smiles  of  nature  in my garden

           Sunflowers  were  so  distracted  but  still  they  are  trying  their  best  to  show  up

 Strawberries   above  are  gift  from  family  friend  who  came  to  invited  us  for  wedding of  their  son
                     Spring  evenings   we  often  enjoy  with  delicious  cakes

                                     Red  bloom  which  seems  not  much  healthier though

              My  much  favorite  daisies ,pure  delight  and  give  me  thought  of  true  love!

Photo after  sunset  is  taken  by  my  youngest son at  the  roof  

wanted  to  share  some  more  flowers  images  from  our  recent  visit  to  Sukkur  city  which  i  forgot  to  share  in  earlier  post 

Life  is  beautiful  in  each  season  when  you  have  someone  to  share  your  joys  and  sorrows!!!

                                           taken  from vehicle  window  of  river Indus

                                           River  indus  view  from  park  beside

Lovely  people  i  am  not  well  ,having  fever  right  now  yet  will  try  my  best  to  do  my  fav  job  (reading  your  sharings :)

Got  two  wedding  invitations from  close  family  members  so  compelled  to  attend  the  ceremonies  at  least  for  one  last  day so  wish  me  luck .

Take  great  care  of  your  lovely  beings  and  enjoy  the  luxury  of  breathing  ,trust  me  this   is  extremely  SHORT  and  UNBELIEVABLY   UNPREDICTABLE  so 


God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. These are such nice pictures. I love the spring. We still have snow on the ground here and more may be on the way next week. This is late here for snow. Hopefully spring will be here soon!

  2. Your lovely signs of spring make me smile, Baili.

    I hope you feel better soon so you can enjoy the weddings.

  3. I am sorry to hear you're not well, speedy recovery I hope. Your gardens are lovely, so many blossoms!! Enjoy the weddings!!

  4. Love the colour flowers and than the cake .Want to take a bite...looks if it calls- eat me!

  5. I love how it is enclosed. Your own secret garden!

  6. Yum! Cakes and strawberries! :) Lucky you! :)) The flowers are so pretty, I can't wait to see some blossoming in our garden. The photo of you and your hubby is sweet and it's true, to have someone to share all things in life is spectacular! :)

  7. Hope you feel better soon, thanks for sharing your spring joy!

  8. Hi Baili how fabulous to have a pomegranite tree, I have never seen one before. We are expecting more snow and cold this weekend in my part of the UK. I have been very ill for 2 weeks with flu and today was first day up and about so I took the train to the seaside, it was a bit too much/tiring but so lovely to get sea air which I was longing for, I wrapped up warm and inhaled deeply!

  9. I enjoyed visiting your home. Thank you for your hospitality. I hope you feel well enough to have a good time at the weddings.

  10. I would love a courtyard and garden like you have~~ ...thanks for sharing the photos and i like seeing you and your sweetie. Hope you feel better.

  11. Oh, Baili, I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling well. I hope you can enjoy the weddings despite the sickness. Your gardens are waking up to spring so beautifully. All the pretty blooms surrounded by your wonderful new courtyard is a special place to enjoy the sunshine. Lovely photo of you and your beloved with a sweet sentiment which is so true. Delicious treats to celebrate spring. Hugs xo Karen

  12. Such a lovely selection of photographs, isn't it nice to see Spring flowers ...

    Sorry to read you're not well, wishing your a speedy recovery.

    All the best Jan

  13. That is a beautiful image of you and your husband. It is really nice to share life's joys with someone. Oh that cake looks so delicious! And what a lovely sunset. The flowers are really pretty. We still have too much snow on the ground and it's cold, but spring will eventually arrive and bring colour with it.

    I'm sorry you are not feeling well. Sending you healing thoughts and lots of hugs for a speedy recovery xo

  14. Your spring is much different than mine. The snow here is just starting to melt and we could get much more snow.

  15. Yes, the flowers that bloom once more give so much joy. Your garden is so beautiful Baili, and I can tell you love each one. Our gardens are truly a lovely gift. Thank you for sharing it.
    I loved seeing those beautiful strawberries and the cake too.
    Happy days and I hope your energy is maintained for those weddings and that you can enjoy them :D) xx

  16. So much beauty in those gardens and flowerpots . . . it feels like a miniature spring has sprung in my computer, even though our land is still dreary brown. Thank you for bringing all of that to us through your post.

    Your courtyard really looks lovely - you must be happy with it despite the inconvenience and noise of having it done!

  17. P. S. I do hope your fever clears up and you feel better quickly. It's no fun to be sick.

  18. Get well soon.
    Wonderful sunset photo taken by your youngest son.
    Beautiful photo of you and your husband, you both are a lovely looking couple.
    The flowers are wonderful and it's good to see your garden is returning with new leaves and flowers.

  19. Lovely!

    We are still having here cold and snow

  20. I envy you. Your garden is so nice.

  21. Hello dear Baili, it is so good to see your garden blooming for you to enjoy. Be blessed!

  22. Beautiful flowers. Have a happy weekend.

  23. Wow, such beauty! All the photos look so awesome!

  24. Lovely photographs of your garden with its colourful blooms. We could with a bit of your sunshine over here.

    I hope you fell better soon.

  25. First, my dear friend, I am hoping that you will be feeling better soon. And, thank you for the colors of the flowers you have shown in this post. We still have cold weather and snow from recent storms so seeing these blooms brightened my day for sure. I used to plant many of these same flowers when we had our home in Virginia.

  26. I hope you are feeling better!! And, I hope you were able to go to the weddings! Such beautiful photos!! Thanks for sharing all these beautiful flowers and your yummy food! Big Hugs!

  27. Oh, daisies! They remind me of my mom who passed away years ago. I tried to grow them in my garden, but they didn't thrive like my roses did. I like the flower pot your daisies are in. I'm sorry to hear you have a fever. Take care and get well, dear friend.


  28. Smells like Spring, feels like Spring.
    Have a great week together with your family.

  29. Yummy cakes and strawberries! Loved all the photos.

  30. Don't you just love the colors of spring? I do but I am still more fond of fall. You have some very pretty things taking place there. Mother Nature keeps messing with us here in TN. Warm days, cold days and RAIN! Have a great day.

  31. I loved seeing all your beautiful flowers! Wishing you a happy spring. I hope you are feeling better and were able to attend the weddings.

  32. Thank you,Baily for sharing such lovely shots of your surroundings as well as the village and sukkur city.mind blowing.God bless you and family.

  33. Oh how exciting Baili to see springtime grace your garden and home! Just so thrilling to see! You always write so poetically, sweet friend! Your words sing of joy and peace in your heart in spite of your health struggles. I am praying for you! Have fun at the weddings, and praying for healing in your body! Much love to you :)

  34. Your flowers are joyful, Baili! Thanks for sharing them. Flowers last such a brief time, but their fragile beauty fills our souls with beauty and hope and joy. I also enjoyed the flowers at the nursery in Sukkur City. They are all familiar to me: marigolds, nasturtiums, sweet alyssum, and decorative cabbages. Love the photo of you and hubby!


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