Wednesday, July 6, 2011

relationship and modren world

i received a call from my friend today,who told me about our another friend that she got divorce from her husband and moved to a women hostel,she was married for almost two years and couple was doing not wonderful but fine,

husband had nice job, and lady had no in laws around,so everything was according to her will,but after all where two person live together,even if there is no big problem between,still they have little arguments sometime naturally,

but one thing they missed i think was little patience ,i see it everywhere now a days that there are so many problems and complications which can be avoid in our daily life by handling our ego and controlling timely anger,

one thing i realized that options,choices and facilities lead us towards the comfortable life,but still they bring complications in our living too,they make us free,but believe me that most of miss use this freedom consciously or unconsciously,

often such freedom tease us to over react on certain situations when thing can be settled down easily,but having so many options and freedom make us step ahead instead of being stable, sorting out the facts and facing the truth,we just chose the easy way and jump out of the situation without thinking that, it is not necessary that the other situation or person will be enough easy or perfect and will not make the life even miserable,

basically i belong to a village,and saw a life where people are not as advance and take the relationship as serious as a base of life,there they used to live like a huge family,like three brothers along their wives and kids in one big house,

fighting and anger happens in such places too, but there are two main elements which sweep such negative feelings away,one that they do believe in one thing that whatever happens they belong to each other and cannot stop loving and caring for each other,this belief bound them even more,and does not allow growing the other element among them called EGO,

ego comes between when we start thinking that he or she does not love me,and this thought makes us first sad and then quite,once dialogue is disappeared building of a relationship start getting weak and weaker..,OR second reaction occurs often and that is arguing on each and everything with each other,

in such situations friends and relatives can help with nice piece of advice,but it is getting almost disappeared now a days, and there again one fear we face that how can we trust or recognize the true friend and good advice,
as we are not living in the earlier simple world where environment was not as comfortable and luxurious but humanity and trust was enough for peaceful living,

we are living in the fast moving modern world where heights of the buildings decreased the length of one's emotions robe,and glitter of surroundings dimmed our inner light.


  1. nice share, whish the best 4 ur family :)

  2. aww. that's really sad. maybe it's for the better... do they have kids?it must be awful for them...

  3. There are a lot of factors that contributed to unhappiness in marriages. We just have to find a way to overcome them and if it cannot be solved, maybe it is best to go separate ways.

  4. Good point Baili. I have written in similar lines in my post His Needs; Her Needs. Check it out when you have a minute...

    BTW, I had trouble posting comments at your site yesterday; otherwise I would have been the first...

    Keep smiling and take care.

  5. Thanks for the comment on my blog! xx

  6. ive got recently married and 1 thing i learnt/learning from the experience is...have patience!!!

    its patience that matters end of the day for a good relationship!!!


  7. I agree with you that sometimes having too many options lead to drastic decisions instead of being open for amicable solution.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    God bless you and your family!

  8. The Quran and the holy Prophet (Peace be upon him) have stressed that both partners should act kindly and fairly with each other. However, for all married couples to have disagreements now and then is quite natural. In case a serious disagreement occurs a procedure is recommended in Islam to help reconcile the situation before a divorce.....

    but unfortunately ppl now a days don't have patience and their ego does not allow them to reconcile the situation.....

    lets hope n pray to almighty God that some sense prevails among the youth so that the holiness of the institution of Marriage is maintained among all men and women....!!

  9. Hi Baili, what I understand from your post is that one should be really careful in avoiding unnecessary arguments and ego clashes to lead a happy married life..

  10. very well said Baili, Trust is the scaffolding of any relationship including friendship and Ego is the root cause of most problems in the world.


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