Friday, July 29, 2011

old home part 2

he felt that night had all secrets of his heart and he thought that storm was the sign of those memories which surrounded his soul like angry wave of wind,which was blowing him like a string high and high,

his pillow received tears meanwhile which had unbearable weight of his pain,tear which had deep sorrow and a loudest call for his dear kate,

for the first time in life he thought his life is not useful to anyone,before that night he never felt such disappointment and loneliness, he could not find the reason,may be he lost his hope that one day he will be able to rise and move again,
one day he will be a normal human being like before,and will enjoy the remained days with his grand children in his sweet home ,where he will inhale his kate more easily,
but years passed and nothing happened positive for him,his own kids left him alone gave him proof that he is nothing but a old broken peace meat which only meant to keep in store,and good for nothing,

tonight he was ready to give up he closed his eyes and remembered the most lovely face of his dear kate and try to sleep deep as deep that when the son sees behind the yard trees will find him even more still,he pressed his eyes much to die and released his breath like someone pushes unwanted thing out forcefully, his heart seemed under heavy weight,like an elephant sat on it,and he found hard to breath,

out of the window storm was gone,empty clouds were moving away after giving the all of their water to earth,the slight light of morning start mixing in the deep thick darkness of horrible night,the night which dragged him to death was gone,

but he was at the gate of death knocking frequently as he want to enter in the world where his senses will not be able to tell him about his uselessness and loneliness,

death almost came to swallow him,
at same moment he heard a sweetest voice of his kate who was calling him,hey john come here dear,see i am here,hey john,come on dear,he was hearing the voice of her life but could not respond against his will for the weakness created by his defeated soul,

then he felt lips of kate against his dried lips,it was not reaching to him effectively earlier,but when her kiss went long he slight;y start coming back towards the realization,

after some moments ,he tried to open his eyes with conscious hard effort,he found a very little black bird sitting on his beard and its peak was in his mouth which usually remained open during his sleep,

now he was in his senses but still moveless,he had no idea that what was that little bird trying to find in his mouth,but one thing he understood that bird thought him dead my be,

out of the window son rose smoothly and everything took the bath of golden rays and became so fresh and beautiful like never before,bird sitting on his beard had put its peak in his mouth so many time and after every break it just stand quietly and looked in the eyes of john,like trying to find any particular expression,

every time bird did it john received a slight delivery of lifeness inside,he seemed that the soul of kate moved inside the bird and trying to pulling him back to life,this thought gave a relief and strength, he tried and succeed to join his lips when bird put in its peak this time,his effort had less energy to fear the bird first but after some trails he almost hold its peak then bird just jumped and sat on his chest,
outside whether became so romantic,john saw the glory and smell of the fragrance of breeze,a little newness was arising in his personality,the blue shine of his eyes got little more deep,like after storm sky became more clean ,fresh and more blue, john thought these changes were because of the kiss of his love who came to him in the shape of little bird,

bird realized the movement of his chest as john was breathing like a healthy man now,bird flew round over the broken stuff for while and then sat on the hanger which was placed near the window and close to the bed too,john saw him with desire of being close to him,he decided that next time when it will come on him,he will remain still and will enjoy his touch for long,but it did not come again,

then his maid came and bird flew out,maid said hi, to him,he mentioned that john is looking fine today,john responded his greetings with slight move of his head,which surprised maid as john stopped responding since long so he also stopped greeting him for quite time,

maid fed and cleaned him like everyday,and left,john wanted to leave early too as he wanted to see bird soon again,

wait for this little creature was composing a unexplainable strength and and energy which caused desire for life in him,since long time he never felt this excitement,it was purely a wish to be awake and watching it from close,

slowly his frozen senses start awaking,his silent calls for bird can be felt through uncomfortableness of his body which start looking alive and desired to move,his eyes expended his eyes to look for bird,and then he saw it coming inside with tweeting in its sweetest voice ever,

bird sat on the hat hanger for moment,and looked around like it was observing something,it took some flights inside the room,and again sat on the hanger,old john was happy,he got a point to concentrate and topic to take interest,

the main thing was pleasing him the idea of being close to a living being which pulled back the slipping robe of his breath,and he was considering it a soul of his loving wife,

almost half day passed quickly and easily while watching the little black bird flying and sitting on different objects,but he still had hope that bird will come on him soon,

after noon john was taking a nap,when he realized the same tiny peak in his mouth again,he thought himself a normal healthy young man for moment,after while he joined his lips to hold peak,but it was very thin and small,he opened his eyes and saw the bird,but this time it did not looked afraid much,

it took its peak out slowly and moved towards its chest,john stayed still and breath quietly,as he did not want it to flew away,bird start moving on all of his body,like he was examining it by using its peak,john felt thrilled like a child but he was enjoying it so much,

after long run over john,bird came to his beard and hold hair of it in peak,it start pulling it,john felt little pain after constant effort of bird but stayed still,finally bird succeed and pulled few hair of john's beard,it flew and sat on the hanger,john 's interest raised even high ,his eyes went more wide to see what the bird do next,

and he saw after moment that bird tied those hair with one side of hanger like a robe,and checked its hold well by pulling it few time,john was little surprised that what was that mean,his body was returning to the senses because of the touch,and strange movements of the bird,

bird repeated its moves for many times and before evening it plucked away many hair of john's beard,tied them same way with hanger and flew away before sunset,john watched all of it gladly and one thing which gave him a very sweet reason for living for further,was the aim to see the bird tomorrow again making its nest with the hair of his beard,

his beard, he thought, how useless it was until yesterday, but now a little creature need it to have its family,his all negative thoughts vanished away and he became a optimist person again,bird completed its nest in the same room with hair of john,and after that he laid eggs in it,

john told the maid to visit him quietly and avoid any kind of noise,maid was very surprised the improvement in john,as he started to move his hands slightly,he could not speak properly but he started effort to speak,which was the proof that he was taking interest in being healthy again,

the day when john heard the new tiny voices of the new born babies of the bird was the happiest day of his life,he felt that it was his own family,he wanted to see it himself but he could not,he told himself to do it and forced his body to move,the power of his desire made him as moved that he put his hands against bed and pushed to rise up,

it was fight against himself and after so many efforts finally he succeeded in sitting by himself,in evening his maid found him sitting against the back of his bed,he shout surprisingly and wanted to ran in house to bring his son but john stopped him in signs and told him to put john on chair next to the window where the hanger was so close,

maid did as john told,and while going towards the window he saw in the nest where three little baby birds were tweeting,while the bird itself was out to bring food for them,john sat on the chair,and found himself a new man who just had a family, He started looking out of the window with the new perspective of life.


  1. Skillfully handled... Good job :)

  2. well written.
    loneliness is the worst punishment in life.

  3. nice story tq 4 share, n happy holly month of ramadhan :)

  4. finally the second part is here :) I am so touched by this post...
    thanks for sharing!!

  5. That's really sad. I don't want to spend my life along like that. :|

  6. Very nice story yet so sad...Thanks for sharing, Shabana.

    Ramadan Kareem!

  7. Hey Baili, here is somethingfor you,please check out :)

  8. Having been a way for a few days I'm enjoying a catch up. What a treat then to be able to read parts 1 and 2 of this story.

  9. that was a strange movements of the bird :(

  10. thanks PS,actually life is full of strange things when we observe or experience them,each of it seems to have so many reasons behind it,god bless

  11. wow nice one , have u ever thought about submitting your blog for contest ? this article will surely give u a stronghold :)


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