Thursday, April 1, 2021

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

In my fifty years of life i saw many things changing along with seasons  .People's approach ,behavior and life style .Village converting into towns and towns into cities ,City turning in to bigger cities and so on.But none of them remained in our conversation often except one two most influential changes that effect our life as whole to great extent.Yes inflation and  quickly dropping Quality of  all kind of products .

One and simple proof is that i still have some toys my parents bought me as child .And they still seem to last forever.But i don't have any  expensive toy that we bought to our kids.All are broken.Another thing that i realized and discussed many times (me and hubby) that the clothes we buy hardly last a season or even less.The clothes that mom gifted me on my wedding and those i bought after marriage almost thirty years ago still seem durable.Each our conversation reached on conclusion that you will hear in this video Veritasium. Although we often thought we are  making being hard on businessmen community .What you think ?


  1. Yes, everything today has a short shelf life. That's the internal logic of consumerism -- you won't buy more stuff if the old stuff doesn't break down!

  2. They don't make things like they used to...

  3. Too many items are designed to last only a certain amount of time. Then the owner will have to buy a new one. You are right in noticing that was not the case years ago.

  4. Hi Baili! :) You know, I do agree that nothing lasts like it used to. In fact...I had a friend who used to fix appliances. She always said that if I find an appliance made earlier than the 1990's BUY IT and have it repaired and cleaned up and it will STILL last longer than a new appliance I buy now in 2021. Apparently the companies make these products so that they will not last, which increases sales and they can use cheap labour/material to make them and they profit more. Sadly this increases the toll on Mother Earth and the landfills. It's very sad. This is why I strive to find individual workers with solid/proud workmanship wherever I can!

  5. Sadly society gets what it asks for. We want things at a low cost so we get it. It\s just that the quality is not there.

    1. You took the words right out of my mouth!

  6. Baili, I smiled when I read about the quality and durability of clothing you described as being many years old. That's because just last week, I shared with my husband that I have wool socks that our older than our courtship and marriage. We have been together over 25 years and the socks were holiday gifts long before. Both my husband and myself have favorite, older clothes that have far outlasted newer ones. The same is true of so many household appliances. Longevity is not built into them as it was years ago.

  7. They don’t make things to last any more.

  8. You are right new things are made not to last so we will buy more.

  9. Things were certainly built to last weren't they? And, they could be repaired, which is simply not true of many newer products. Progress? I don't think so.

  10. If stuff lasts too long they can't sell you new stuff. I had a favorite game as a kid, my friends and I played for hours. A hockey game with little metal men that supn and moved on long handles. I found one for my son years latter. Little plastic men that broke before we finished one game.

  11. Society has moved away from spirituality and connection with our maker and has become more connected with worldly goods and consumerism (money making).

    This reminds me of Jesus in the Temple overthrowing the moneychangers.

  12. So very true. These days things are not made to last like the old days.

  13. Hello dear Baili, and thank you for a very important post.
    It's true that most things you can buy nowadays are meant to last only for a short time. It's horrible.
    Fortunately there are also the good ones. They are difficult to find, but I want to trust that since more and more people prefer to buy fewer things and with better quality, the things can still change.
    Big hugs. Stay safe and well!

  14. Very true, clothing in retail doesn't last and is not good quality here, the label is not an indication of durability - I buy pre-loved more and more now as clothes from 30-50 years ago were made of natural fibre, had proper seems (french for example) and none of the cheap machine overlocking we see now. Shoes too - I keep my shoes and boots for many years, modern shoes just aren't as good. The same with furniture, my old rattan furniture from 20 years ago is far better quality than the imitation plastic coated ones they are now selling in garden centres, prettier too! Toys now are all plastic and have many components so easily break, our kids had wooden bricks which were much prettier and sturdier than the plastic ones they now sell. I would like us to go back to the old days in many ways :)

  15. Hi Baili, The economy boils down to supply and demand. A pure market economy is subject to problems created by those who operate purely with self interest. Thus, regulation is required to keep supply and demand in balance. This is where politics gets into the game. The conservative agenda is to minimize regulation. This often works to the disadvantage of the consumer. What you are seeing in the video is the struggle between producers and buyers. It has gone on since the beginning and will continue into the future. Those who can maintain the balance will be successful as they keep consumers satisfied. Thank you for this excellent question. Blessings to you and yours. John

  16. I agree totally, Baili. Things aren't made to last long because they want you to buy more. Something that lasts 50 years does not help the economy. We used to fix things but because of technology, it is sometimes the same price to buy a just the part as it is to buy it new.

  17. Unfortunately they don’t make things to last any more.

    All the best Jan

  18. I haven't gone shopping in such a long time, but we already have the things we need, a house, a few clothes, and food. Sometimes I like to get a treat for myself, and lately I have been wanting quality rather than quantity. That is so nice that you still have a few toys from your childhood, Baili. I would love to see them someday. : )


  19. Hoje em dia, as coisas são feitas para não durarem muito! O objetivo é as pessoas consumirem constantemente... pois isso, será o lucro de alguém... por isso, hoje em dia, roupas, eletrodomésticos, brinquedos... duram tão pouco.
    Há uns anos atrás, a minha maquina de lavar roupa avariou. Chamei uma pessoa para fazer a reparação... disse que não tinha solução... mas deu-me um cartão, com o endereço e telefone, da sua loja, para ir lá comprar uma máquina nova.
    Aqui o Jorge, viu o que se passava com ela... foi a uma casa de artigos elétricos e comprou uma peça bastante barata, que substituiu. Acredita que a máquina, continua a trabalhar bem até hoje, Baili?
    O objetivo, é mesmo esse... que tudo hoje em dia, seja muito pouco durável! E nem sempre tal acontece por falta de cuidado nosso, mas pela má qualidade, das coisas que hoje em dia se compram, para cumprir tal objetivo. E às vezes, quando reparamos algo... fica-nos quase tão caro, como se comprássemos algo novo...
    Um beijinho! Estimando que tudo esteja bem, aí desse lado!

  20. They don't make things like they use too! Big Hugs!

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