Friday, September 25, 2020

Glimpse of Beautiful And Historical Village Of Saidpur And Little Sadness

I am so happy that our days are calming down slowly.Temperature has dropped from forty plus and swinging around 30 c what a relief!

These are the days when i look at sun and smile joyously and gratefully for all his kind warmth  that reminds  of mom's lap sometimes :) Yes part of me is still a daughter that miss her mother. It is said that God send mothers so he can show how much he loves us .The part of love that we get from our mothers is tiny part of love that Lord has for his man ! And what are we doing in return ? instead of loving him back we are slipping away from him because we think we know this world and life so much , so we have right to disgrace all his love offered to us in form of  each single thing we have form toe to top. that saddens me really ! It seems that we are denying  biggest reality of our existence by closing eyes .This is not good indeed!  
We are completely back to our routine now .One thing that bothers only is that my youngest son is attending school only three days of the week because governments has not allowed the full attendance at once yet .I am trying to support him during home studies .

My yard garden  has delight for soul as our climber is over loading with pretty pink blooms :) a very absorbing color that fills my heart with happiness each time i look at it :) see below 

last day i asked my younger son to take photos of these flowers for me as his camera is better than mine 

gul e dopaher or Noon flower shine like tiny radiant  lanterns 

during my little yoga session they give me divine company 

this year we could grow least color ,white ,brown and purple ,they create magic when smile altogether 

Today i am sharing glimpse  of our visit to Saidpur village in Islamabad. These were our early days and weather was hot and humid before long rain spell.It was still lockdown .We were wondering about place we wanted to visit one day . My younger son  strolled review of other people on google and decided to visit Saidpur village.It was our first time visit there .We waited for  time before evening to avoid heat and sun. I have shared link below so you can learn about the place which holds historic value and majestic beauty ,if you are interested . Village was founded in 1530 ad ,more 
content and views below 
 Saidpur village and Link to video

We arrived there around 5pm ,at very first eye i knew this was beautiful ,serene and worth exploring village though i was sad that as sun was about to set so it will be impossible to explore whole village .specially the hills that surround this village like a loving mother were so compelling ,while wandering below i saw many people ,families particularly coming down from the hills to exiting point despite of lockdown and heat 

   Some restaurants  were open but had restrictions though most were closed ,we had no  appetite for food but desire for seeing the beauty of place 

during walk  we were told by few locals that Clay Train room is available if we are interested ,we had no idea about it so followed  one of the informer kid ,he led us to small ancient looking room and asked us to wait ,he fled  into the very narrow street ,after few minutes a middle aged lady appeared with friendly smile and unlocked the room , we steeped down as room was in the basement ,according to the owner lady room and all pottery  was done by her father in law and her husband who continued to create things to tribute his father ,A Clay train made by his father and many other things were displayed for visitors  in the room ,later i found out that there is lot about the village and pottery room specially clay train on youtube 

i  asked the lady that why didn't they hand over the Clay train to Islamabad national  museum so more people can know about the magnificent creation by her family but she could not give any comprehensible answer ,we left by thanking her and giving few hundred rupees as tribute to their contribution to national heritage 

we moved towards hindo and sikh temple situated there and well preserved by authorities then but both were closed due to lockdown ,that was such a disappointment  

                                           sikh temple ,we could look at it from far only 

we could visit only one restaurant that was at the face of the village near entrance point ,it was closed though like other families we found it suitable for taking some pictures 

this was first image that i took actually after arrival ,after little walk you will find the restaurant (above) on left ,

We could see the face of this beautiful village because  it was getting dark and hills were not safe to visit due to  probability of wild life 

there . I will definitely visit it once again  during our next trip to Islamabad hopefully and will explore all the charm that historical village offers ,images and videos on youtube provokes me to do it asap :)

Thank you precious friends for all your kind words and visits ,they strengthen me and make me keep sharing my world and heart with all of you !
I hope and pray that each  of you is  experiencing the grace of life and beauty of routine :)
Stay blessed friends with faith In goodness and Lord as it brings forth best from you i believe !
Take care God Bless you All!


Monday, September 21, 2020

Morality Is The Base Of The Universe And Lake View Point Visit In Islamabad

We  been  watching  latest  season of  "Sinner" on Netflix.We finished it last night . Jamie the lead character of this season seemed typical villain who is under the influence of his friend Nick whom he had met in college . Nick thinks that the whole scenario called universe and life has no meaning and morality is self created thing  and killing people  is fine as no "watcher" is out there to see or respond .I found the basic idea of Nick's conception  quite ignorant though witty dark characters intrigue me . I think negative character in this recent show was poorly done. If  he was just victim of bitter past ,it has nothing to do with the whole universe. Jamie who is teacher himself must be aware that "morality is base of this universe and  each thing has to support other thing to grab meaningful existence . This give and take of support is simplest form of morality which born  from the belly of "Need " need of having privilege of " being something" which is not possible if there is no exchange of  help or connections between living  or non living things . Anyway i enjoyed the show though it did not make mind exercise at all.
So morality  is created by Creator himself .
I think " balance "upon which this universe depends  is best manifestation  of morality so we can learn how to exist successfully :)
Enough my blah blah ,now let me share images with you dear friends .All photos are taken during  our visit to Rawal Lake View Point  Islamabad . This  amusement and adventure park is located beside the Rawal lake which is an artificial reservoir. It great source of water for Islamabad and Rawalpindi along with other small villages around . It is best place to relax and sit near water .After lockdown though park was crowded but thanks to it's hugeness crowed did not bother at all .i am sorry i could not mention the area measures as i could not find it online which is weird .We visited there many times but we had more fun on cloudy day as park has hardly sheltered area and summer sun is rarely kind .hope you will enjoy the views ,
first five images are from my youngest son's phone which is better than mine ,i added these later right after publishing post when i remembered that he has sent me via what's app . 

we arrived there around 5 pm and spent more than two hours , i stick to the water as usual though hubby and elder son took round of park ,my phone camera is not able to see  beauty of moments we experienced there ,i wish i can buy good camera one day 

a very huge area is devoted to this park and i think thousands of people can wander inside the beautiful park without being so close which is admirable  

we spent most time on various benches placed on the edge near water ,it was soothing and airy evening ,seeing life returning to norm and having lovely time with family on such serene spot was gift and i took full advantage of it :)

this is entrance of the park ,this road leads to the park 's amusement area where rides and  a very huge bird cage are ,further  is  sitting area and some refreshment stores ,boating is also great way to adore nature and lush villages  around the water  ,i think this road is almost three km long

along with main road within park there are side walks too so people can avoid congestion 

after crossing the huge bird cage we reach near sitting area ,benches are far lesser than people but place is neat due to good care by authorities of central govt so many sit where ever they find suitable  

   as move closer to water i feel happier :) what is the connection between me and water or air i don't know ,all i know they make me feel close to him 

while hubby and elder son were on round me and my youngest  were taking photos of each other  to freeze these moments :) cool breeze and peaceful water both seemed singing softly to comfort my heart:)

though my youngest son was asking for permission to join his brother which i gave him once he took my correct photo after many blurred ones lol

reflections speak  so calmly and so beautifully ,i wish they could stay longer but as sun hide away ,they started to loose their strength and resolved with the transparency of lake just like life disappear into unknowings of death    

taken by youngest son ,i hate eye glasses coming between views and me though they clear it for me i know still as long i wear them i feel extra weight on my extra big nose lol

my elder son's most favorite job during all trips was taking photos non stop ,hope he has no influence from me for this :)

there are special cabins  made for people which give closer and calmer view of water ,but each was crowded so i left quickly after few click 

i wish  weather of our Khairpur city allow us to travel more but this is another fact that there are less places to visit here unlike Islamabad and those few available are not so neat and comfortable to visit unfortunately ,parks refresh people's soul and healthy soul support bodies to be healthy ,we need more parks here indeed 

clouds seemed to warped out after sunset ,i tried to capture the enchantment of moment when last light peeked through gloomy clouds of evening and enlightened them with their last goodbye kiss with promise of  refreshing return next day ,life is not possible without hope ,Hope is robe we have to keep hold on during darkness ,it leads to light eventually if held with faith unshaken i believe 

 i also visited the huge net cage of birds  first time there but due to crowed i exited early though took some quick shots ,may be you are familiar with some of them 

birds in cage un comfort my heart so it was nice to see them having option of free wander :) it was really big area and i f had stayed there i could have see many more ,i didn't go upper portion 

people were flowing like stream yet i found moments when i could see birds clearly though it was hard to keep them pause them for my clicks :(

this one reminded me parrots pet by my mom for almost nine years ,they  mimic and speak well astonishingly 

she must be missing water as i can see sadness in her eyes ,though there was pond along the cage for them thankfully 

Precious people hope all is amazing at your end
wishing you all ,all the happiness and peace in this world and worlds ahead :)
blessings in days you are having with yourself and loved ones !