Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Laptop Disorder And Nerve Pain (most probably)


Hey  Lovely people !

Hope and pray all is well at your part of the world !

Our temperature has reached to 40 plus but rains in northern part are making our weather bearable until now fortunately !

May the ease be for all of you as well! 

Our younger son has come from Karachi to spend two weeks and few days with us which makes us so happy and grateful .We thought he would spend whole two months holidays with us actually but he wanted to go back and redo one of his exam to improve performance. He also wants to do internship to have some early experience. We have to agree with him with heart full of prayers. His decision makes us both happy and little sad but we don't have habit to make children follow our wishes and give up their own . We know that with time we will learn to accept the fact that they are grown ups now and according to law of the Nature they had to fly to explore, to learn  and to grow for the better (hopefully).

The lap top of my younger son went off right before his exams of forth semester . He had to stay in university until 8pm when university is closed. Sometimes he would go to stay with one of his friend so he can work on his laptop once laptop is free as his friend  also had to prepare for the exams as well. 

He says it was quite tough preparing for exams without laptop but he tried his best and hopes for good for the result. We are proud of him he  managed to give exams despite he had no laptop to work on! His laptop is Asus and his elder brother has gifted him before he joined university . My son has shown many big shops but no one has succeeded until now .Lets hope someone can fix it soon !

Last week i went to attend an event at hubby's niece house. She had renovated her house and wanted to share her joy with family and friends so she help a Quran khawani event ,an event in which people come and recite  holy book in order to show gratitude for the completion of the work successfully . I ate really small  portion of the rice there. It was mutton biryani actually. I ate like hardly two table spoon .On next day i realized that my knee is aching badly and swelling has risen but what surprisingly the pain was in left knee instead of right today. I massaged it with voltral but pain intensified instead. Yesterday i went to homeopathic doctor and he gave me one bottle of drops which i have add in water and take after each hour. Secondly he gave me tablets for ten days.

I chose Homeopathic treatment because allopathic medicine show sever side affects now. I am feeling little better but it is just second day. Doctor said the your body has gastric issue and this medicine will help to extract gas absorbed in your nerves . That was in my mind already . I have been linking knee pain to weakness of joint first for decade then to uric acid but now it seems different because how can pain shifts from one place to another if it is stick to some certain part of body such as knee joints ? 

Do any of you have similar experience that pain shifts and moves when eat something forbidden  like rice or lentil . I ate that tiny portion of rice after more than two years and result surprised me sadly. 

Thanks for bearing with me friends ! 

i will be visiting you all asap .

health ,peace and happiness to you a nd to all you love! 


  1. Good luck with homeopathic treatment.

  2. Oh baili I hope you feel better soon. It is astounding how much what we put into our bodies affects how we feel.

    1. true dear Emma ,the influence of our food n our bodies is mentioned quite well in this quote "we are what we eat"

  3. I have heard carbs like rice and wheat and sugar cause inflamation. Maybe that is what it is? I feel better myself when I avoid those things. Vegetables and meat, a little fruit sometimes, nuts and seeds, I think these are best. Oh, but how hard it is to avoid carbs! 😄 Who doesn't love cake and cookies?

    1. dear Sandi do you realize the pattern here ?
      the food we love more is harmful to us after certain age ,when ponder mother Nature or God want us to eliminate things are least need for our system ,there must be huge reason behind this indeed .our bodies need less glucose when we are old but veggies and protein are still necessary because they keep us at good mental and physical health without rising unnecessary energy levels that lead us to food stress afterwards .
      still i agree that avoiding carbs is hard . everything seems part of test for humans here ,the forbidden fruits have greater appeal

  4. I hope your son's laptop is fixed soon. He has shown great perseverance and resilience in finishing his exams without it!

    1. dear Debra thanks for encouraging words ,i showed your comment to my younger son as he was sitting next to me when i opened comment .he thanked for your generosity !
      i agree that preparation of exams totally depends on laptop these days and his went off when he need it most . we are grateful that he could go through such tough situation smartly and managed to prepare for exams by the grace of God !
      challenges are important for growth and hope he learnt something good from this one

  5. That is good to read your younger son has come from Karachi to spend just over two weeks with you ... enjoy this special time.

    Sorry to read you are not feeling too good, I hope the treatment you are taking helps.

    All the best Jan

    1. thank you dear Jan !
      we missed our eldest son greatly this year as he could not come due to personal business .we thought our younger son's presence with us for two month holydays will heal our heart to some extent .but as you know he is willing to get back after two weeks and we don't want to stop him from whatever he use he wants to make of his time .we just wish him better

  6. Dear Baili,

    It's wonderful to hear from you and to know that your family is doing well despite the heat. It's great that the rains in the north are helping to make the weather more bearable. I'm happy to hear that your younger son is home and spending time with you, even if it's not for as long as you had hoped. It's admirable that he's committed to improving his exam performance and gaining early work experience. It sounds like he has a bright future ahead of him!

    I’m sorry to hear about the challenges with his laptop during exams. It must have been quite stressful, but it's impressive that he managed to push through and complete his exams. I hope his laptop gets fixed soon so he can continue his studies without further issues.

    The event at your husband’s niece's house sounds lovely. It's always nice to gather with family and friends to celebrate milestones. However, I'm sorry to hear about the pain you've been experiencing. It’s good that you are seeking treatment and finding some relief. I’ve heard of similar cases where certain foods can trigger pain or other symptoms due to underlying issues like gas or other sensitivities. It's interesting that you’ve made this connection and are exploring different treatment options. I hope the homeopathic medicine continues to help and that you feel better soon.

    Take care, Baili, and stay well!


    1. dear John thanks for sweet comment !
      our May usually starts here with bursting sudden heat and temps rise to 45 to 48C and sometimes cross 50C .
      this year it seems different and rains in surroundings are keeping our weather mild by the grace of God !
      special thanks for appreciation you showed for my younger son .
      we are serene how he has accepted the new environment and survived through any odds since he admitted in the university .
      it make us proud and grateful for he is doing showing progress in his academic tasks . he has handled the difficult situation of loosing laptop when his exams were close .It could have been puzzling and tough for anyone indeed and could have break heart of anyone who has less patience and capacity to face such spontaneous situations . God gave him strength because he was sincere with his studies and he could achieve his goal by the grace of God thankfully!
      i enjoy family gathering but since many years i have skipped eating there due to my delicate health issues . this time i made a really tiny mistake by thinking that two spoon rice can do nothing when they are going in my stomach after more than two years but i was proved wrong sadly .
      the homeopathic medication helped me to walk smooth within a day and today i am feeling lot better by the grace of God .best part it has no side effect .

  7. Yes, Baili, I have found that certain foods can trigger internal upsets. For example, coffee and in the morning I can only manage a single cup. Also beans and some greens can have a similar effect. It is good to know in advance what drinks or foods will cause discomfort. I hope that you will be feeling better soon. Also, good luck to your son on his exams and for finding someone to repair his laptop.

  8. Kids have enough to worry about with out a computer crashing. I wish him good luck.

    1. true dear Red . it seems a miracle that he faced whole situation with calm and cool attitude .God is great and helps them who seek i must say .
      thank you for the good wishes

  9. Hope you get well soon, dear baili

    1. feeling quite better dear Pedro ,thanks
      homeopathic medications suited me by the grace of God

  10. Nice to have your youngest son visit and can understand that he wishes to return to continue his studies etc. We raise our children, they go off to University, they gain independence from their parent - this is life and making their life better for their future.
    I hope he gets his laptop fixed by someone at least, and he certainly did a remarkable job without a computer as the children/young adults are so very reliant on this device so I'm told for their studies.
    Hope your pain goes Baili, it's not the best living with pain all of the time, my husband is good at it now. Yes, pain can be in one area and move around so you think it's another area, that's a bit hard to figure out sometimes. I find that your body tells you not to eat this or that, or to eat certain foods for a reason.
    Take care.

    1. i am thankful from the bottom of my heart for your generous and beautiful comment dear Margaret !
      i agree if my son have become upset after loosing laptop ,it could have cause huge problem for him in future because he would have to loose a whole semester because of it. i am grateful to God who gave him insight so he could stay firm and unshaken which made him focus on things he could do instead worrying over things that were out of control .
      the moving pain you mentioned here is called with different name in different areas but each is agreed on that the gas within body causes this pain and movement of gas inside the body keeps it aching ,sometime it can be feel in one leg or upper arm sometimes in back or head . i mistook it with uric acid but it seems that nerves within body have absorbed the gas and it is making it severe actually . i am positive because i know i am good at taking precautions. hope it will disappear completely soon
      best wishes for you my friend!

  11. Wishing your son all the best with the exams. Always some obstacle to overcome.

    I realize I feel much better if I have nothing with plain white flour. I drink unsweetened Almond milk now and feel I have started a diet of what most cows eat..a lot of greens, and very little protein. Rice increases my blood sugar, so only brown rice..and not much of that, either. It is a struggle these days to get proper medications due to many meds I used to take have been taken off the market and the specialist I have to see is an appointment in August. All the best to your joints and health. Happy to see your post! Your friend from Nebraska.


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