Friday, May 19, 2023

Reasoning The Desperation In Everything (My poem )

 sometimes i feel like a ray of light 

Departing from the sun so bright 

To celebrate epitome of my birth 

I travel  down to the earth 

Gentle walk not haphazard race

Each moment i relish my pace 

Enthralled with encountered delight 

Embracing manifoldness of life 

I landed on lush serene hill 

Which was flirting with wind so chill 

She was high but felt bit low 

I asked her  why so ?

Said she has so much to miss 

Look at water below what a bliss

I am laying like lazy cow 

Stuck here  with nowhere to go 

Envy voyage  that stream can make 

For her ,all rules are break 

She looks happy and free all time 

Journeying  merrily singing  joyous rhyme

Lament of hill made me sad 

But i continued my blazing parade 

Next time i stopped on tree 

How fulfilled and rich he feel 

Youthful branches dancing with joy 

 Birds nestles  full of chirps and cry 

Laughing leaves on Jokes of breeze 

Made me nervous though buzz of bees 

Where is worry when glee is Lot 

Proved me wrong when Tree open his heart

Pity me that i live such a life 

Lost and robbed like a naïve

Standing tall like a fool 

Stupid those who think me "cool"

 Every one only "takes" from me 

Such a fool do i have to be ?

This state i cannot cross 

want to quit the business of loss

Can't i  fly away like a bird ?

Once to be "self centered "

Or like air freely roam 

Here and there roar and groan 

I  was shocked to listen his tale 

To find "good" can one be as fail ?

In my chest felt something to burn

Broken heart  i took my turn 

Slipped into the heart of stream 

Who transited me into soothing beam 

Stunned by stream's healing force 

Felt content with her Strength Gross 

But my credence went in vain 

When stream started complain 

I am tired of journey so long 

Always on toes is very wrong 

I want to stop ,i want to rest 

On solid ground a cozy nest 

Why do i have to drill 

World around when is still 

On her such ignorant cry 

I got out and said goodbye 

While pondering things absurd 

I encountered flying bird 

Gliding up and down in air 

He must have found life bit fair 

Sometime on ground ,sometimes on sky

What a liberty has this this guy 

You must see how when he whine 

Ungratefulness crossed all lines 

Do you know how much i am board

Spending my life on a bare sword 

Always on the state of war 

Looking for food near or far 

At the risk of predator and storm 

What is the glamor and where is Norm ? 

Before burying  under this tower 

I float away and stopped by flower 

Overflowing  delight and bling 

Looking at it makes each heart sing

Jewel of body and  joy of soul 

Who deny divinity as whole 

Everyone knows with life so short 

Flower brings happiness to lot !

With such a valid life 

He should feel peace and pride 

So bad he wasn't exception 

Like under curse or excursion

Do not go on looks so pretty 

life of mine is feeble and tricky 

I stay under scorching sun 

With complain nil and none

Gust of wind can end the play 

Drops of rain can wither away 

While you travel up so high 

Birds and pests make me cry 

Fear of fading occupies 

What is point of such short life ?

Wounded soul and burdened heart 

I rolled up myself a lot 

Then i turned a little and bend 

To the "consciousness" my friend

She knew already my pain 

about my queries  and complains 

While sitting her throne divine and high 

She began with enlightening smile 

All the people you just met 

Found them whining and regret 

All of them and all others here 

Made up of frailty and dare 

One's weakness is other's vigor 

This is how system works here

The "destress" you find in all 

 Is the only tool to crawl 

Crawl towards the better place 

Choose between trivial or grace

And if  used in right range

Such desperation works for "change"

"Constant Change" is aim life 

So we can move to better and bright

There is nothing to surprise or blame 

If you ponder life is "game" 

Whether predator or prey 

Everyone has part to play

Only way to win this fight  

Be aware  and use your "light"

See carefully what lies before

Sea ahead or is shore

Do not jump with urge so blind 

Or you will lost your kind 

Learn every skill to survive 

But you need to tame your "drive" 

Try to do  in harmless way 

Unless you are pushed to attack 



  1. Intriguing poem, Baili. I don't understand all the imagery, but it seems you are considering how to sift through what is good and what is bad and how to live in our world. Me too.

    1. thanks dear Sandi
      it is hard quite actually to do poem in English than Urdu in which poetry comes to me effortlessly but to say it in English i have to make an effort which is not success most of the time ,but i really want to share my poetry on my blog with friends .
      Poem was going on and on but i have to end it abruptly because of the time for evening tea .
      i am trying to say here which has been said more beautifully by many others i believe that in day to day life it is seems impossible to find people content with their life style no matter how much they have . when i encounter such i try to sooth them by advice that we must count our blessings and keep eye on filled part of glass. But when observe carefully even if scientifically we find that this restlessness is ingested in every particle of universe and the formation of it we can see today is only because nothing stood still but travelled forward to take new or better form .we human also has inherited this ability from the universe and feel restless all the time some mimes we understand it and get adjust but sometime it makes us frustrated and superstitious .
      through the consciousness i tried to point out that it is okay to feel restlessness because it is our genuine gift which is given to progress and change for better .all we should do is to accept what we are and without being bothered or making other bother try to get better that is what i feel Nature tells us via her display .because in Nature things are arranged as they can support each other with respect of position they occupy here .but nothing is made to remain same forever otherwise things would have a fixed formation rather then everchanging .The position at birth and behavior inherited is plain destiny we born with but what is most interesting here an opportunity to given everything in this ocean of numerous probabilities .So we should keeping this in mind must try to exist harmlessly and keep moving ahead gradually .

    2. despite of the last line i just wrote in rush ,i personally don't believe in attack but defense by the way because i am a person with strong faith and if you put me in battle i would save the injured and thsi is true patriotism as the citizen of planet i think

    3. Yes, I understand, Baili. Contentment in all things.

      From the Bible:

      I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances. I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want. I can do all this through him who gives me strength. Phillipians 4:11-13



    4. thank you for very nice description dear Sandi
      i feel bit embarrassing but i have to admit that i too am born with such level of contentment that they say "content as dead" that contentment saved me from chasing things that unlike many around me meant little to me ,this contentment saved me from so many troubles and mistakes thanks to good kind Lord who's gift is this !
      while thinking on desperation in people and their complains i slipped into scientific observations that reveal that everything existing in the universe is made of such things who keep springing and keep try to move further and all we see in this world is result of this certain behavior of things .this makes me think that we humans might have inherited this restlessness from the basic elements and particles used in our formation and it justifies well why homo sapiens are different from other species and how they have achieved so much

    5. I think you have it right, Baili. It is better to be content.

    6. It is a true gratitude my friend which keep us closer to our Creator

  2. I feel so much sadness in this poem. Every time a ray of brightness comes it seems to dim again. We will march on toward happiness and peace. It will come.

    1. dear Emma i have used natural phenomena as analogy who reflect people who hardly feel content or satisfied with what they have in life .i find it is in their genes to progress which takes place in thousands of years to process as natural progression .but sometimes due to our lack of control on our thoughts it appears as psychological disorders which can break behavioral balance and dominate us as disease which can cause certain obsessions

    2. I have a better understanding now. Thank you.

  3. Such roller coaster of life and emotions! very good.

    1. emotions make our life diverse and colorful in many ways :)

  4. Lovely poem and makes ones think...well done Baili.

  5. glad you found it nice dear Margaret

  6. So lovely to read your poetry. I feel there are many levels to it. And I love the "dream-like" state yet there is the reality of it too. And of course, it reminds me of the restlessness of youth (especially, what I have seen of late on the news) perhaps it evolves with the restlessness of life and its pressures. Thanks so much for getting back to nature with this theme. All the best to your beautiful creativity💕🌸💗

    1. i agree dear Ellie that certain "restlessness" keep occupy a part of us throughout the life though it's levels and pressure shift and vary time to time and i think if we have a goo insight in it we direct our energy to settle it down and and understand this so well that it is okay to feel this natural gift which is a gift essential to keep us move forward for better

  7. A lovely poem Baili! Take care, enjoy your day and new week ahead.

  8. A good description of life and how it works!

  9. Well done Baili, this poem did seem to include a wonderful mix of life and emotions.
    Life's rich tapestry has many different patterns and winding roads.

    Wishing you a good weekend.

    All the best Jan

  10. So lovely! You have such a beautiful soul, my dear friend.

  11. This is profound, Baili! Just brilliant! Your poem is a perfect representation of an old proverb, "The grass is always greener on the other side." People often think someone's life and situation is better than theirs. That's not true of course; life is what you make it.

    The US Declaration of Independence has enshrined the pursuit of happiness in the American psyche: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

    I read very recently (and I can't remember where) that instead of pursuing happiness we should pursue wonder. I know that life will always have its ups and downs, its happiness and sorrows, but wonder never disappoints. I think we really can't appreciate happiness and joy if we have never experienced sorrow and pain.

    You are someone who experiences wonder frequently and that lifts you up, Baili, and it fills you with curiosity and a desire to learn. I'm the same way, and that ability to see wonder all around us leads to fulfilling and rich lives. I think my ability to see wonder in so many things is the most wonderful gift I have been given by our Creator. May you be graced with much wonder and love in the coming week, my dear friend! Hugs and love to you!

    1. Dear Louise heartfelt thanks for your insightful and kind words always !
      i don't know if i caught you right but if experiencing "wonder" means being stunned with beauty of life and all the possibilities it offer yes i have been experiencing it since i came in to my senses my friend . as i mentioned in many of my previous posts a sentence that might sounds childish but it was only option that i could use to reflect what i felt for experience of "living"
      facing ups and downs of life could not snatch away that gift from me having aa good ,light and enthralling feeling about being "alive"
      all the breath i take all the days that pass by and everything i encounter with i hardly stop thinking about Force who is responsible for all this ,i accept and adore its principles and i obey them gratefully
      because i know with giving me this gift of "life" He deserves my unconditional love and obedience . This "connection" is inexplicable but strongest element of my life and responsible for what i am today .This experience of Life is his Gift and i am thankful for it ,i will be always

    2. Yes, Baili, wonder is being stunned with the beauty of life and all the possibilities it offers: from the beauty of a petal in your garden, to the love of your husband,
      to human consciousness. Hugs and love to you, my "stunned" friend!

    3. Hugs to you too my dear friend. I am utterly thankful for this love which keeps you in my thoughts and prayers all the time. I hope Allah will make me able to see you fit and healthy again by his endless grace amen!

  12. Beautiful, baili.
    You are a lovely soul.
    Have a great week

  13. Ser um raio de luz e usar tanto sentir para fazer um poema que sabe bem ler.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

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