Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Insisting On Denial

 This sounds weird when people say there is no creator who has created this world.

Or when they take life granted and complain about everything as if It  was on Creator to after creating all they have already he also should provide them on daily bases with every single thing they need.

This seems extremely ignorant and  ungrateful attitude actually by people who expect "thanks" for even a glass of water they offer to anyone . 

This is disappointing and sad mindset of people who accept and pay "tax" happily  (or unhappily) to governments who assure them security and allow to use their land for living . they pay tax on every single thing they buy with their hard earned money even.

I wonder if we are such naïve or blind or we pretend to be so ?

We find through science and religion how everything has appeared in universe to serve certain reason and all reasons lead to serve "humans" eventually .

We Have discovered the law of Nature that reveal how we are trapped in highly sensitive "surveillance system" (fields of forces) that is bound to shape us according to what we "actually intend"

What else we need to prove that there is a higher Power who is responsible for everything .

To keep diversity in the scenario we are programed with different thought systems" 

But it does not mean that we are vulnerable to them and forced to live by them forever .But we  are allowed to upgrade our understanding by using most important instincts .

To top of everything we have "freedom of choice" and will power to choose way and sustain decisions .

To be aware about to "do" and don't" we are equipped with specific alarming system called "conscience" or consciousness .

To be harmless for co existents we are also given "imagination " which not only help us to improve but help us to feel in others shoes as well.

By following all mentioned above we are allowed to "remove " lenses of different illusions gradually. With each removal we get the clearer view of reality which is uplifting and encouraging for those who remain "fair"

While looking at such finely tuned world full of  various species and special specie like us the humans when someone says it is all random and just exists ,i feel it is a lazy effort to avoid reality which is surrounding us from all possible sides like sand storm but we insist to deny by  keeping our head under ground .

Or we do it to avoid responsibility that come with acknowledgement.

Accepting that there is some kind of higher force executing this world can spoil our "fun time" and we will have to be careful ,organized in thoughts and actions and sensible in behaviors to avoid the resentment of that higher power. So it feels easy to keep denying and having fun wildly. 

How can we expect that One who has created this game of life and has facilitated us with everything to play it fairly we had and will be needing in far future  won't demand something in return ?

If we can be demanding after giving a little support if not much gratitude at least Why he can't demand from us the same ?

We ply games which have rules .Why can't he set the rules for us as well ? 

Isn't it possible that like being careless while playing drop us from level and take away rank ,and make us loose .He can does same to us in the game of life?

And though we realize or not because we are sent here with dual life physical and soul one the loss can be shown on any side .

All we need an observant eye to see carefully .

When no victory is earned here "easily" how can we expect that showing dullness here can make us pay ?

Thanks for bearing with me dear people!

hope i did not bore you as it was from heart totally spontaneous .

God bless you All!



  1. the most brilliant scientists believe in a creator

    1. it is because it is impossible to deny as everything shaped perfectly and for reason speaks loudly for One who has created it dear Christine

    2. The reason the most brilliant scientists believe in a creator is because their research has revealled the truth to them.

  2. A very thoughtful post, dear Baili! I've gone round and round over the existence of God, but I've never been an atheist. I've gone through long phases where I've have described myself as an agnostic, meaning it was impossible to know about the existence or nature of God. I intuitively always believed I had a soul, so I couldn't be an atheist. And I've gone through periods of belief where I go back and forth between Christianity and a belief that there are different paths to a monotheistic God, that we are all worshiping the same God, but see God through different cultural eyes. That's where I'm standing now. Your post gives me a lot to think about. I really appreciated the game of life analogy which made so much sense. You are a philosopher, Baili! That comes through often in your posts. Sending you much love and wishes for your health. Speaking of health, I am doing much, much better. My brain is no longer foggy, and I am gaining strength, balance, and endurance every day. I am thrilled and grateful! May you and your family be safe, happy, and full of love!

    1. i am grateful dear Louise that you are feeling quite better and i hope it continues to grow in future my precious friend!

      i never met people personally who claim openly that they don't believe in "God" but they appear in my mind when i witness injustice or cruelty and i truly believe that no matter how they have hide themselves under the mask of religious performances they don't believe in God nor they care because they think that their religious actions free them from all the huge and delicate responsibility comes with actual "faith"
      you sensed that you have soul and i pondered why i am "different " than others that led me to speak to myself through diary . This made me realize slowly that i have someone closer than i can imagine who watch over and does not want me to do certain things .I honestly tried to get rid of this hold and act like other do but believe it or not it was invain every time .That "connection " seemed to get deeper and deeper with time and at this part of my life i feel i understand it a little bit at least. Actual issue was my "intention" to exist harmlessly and with self respect and sensors of the universe provided me what could match with my actual intention .
      Today i am grateful for that "connection" and specially for the realization that i have it!
      Can't say about religion but Creator can be seen or realized through His creation just like we recognize all kinds of artists via their art or work . To Have Faith it needs a keen eye who want to look for Him or whatever that Force is.
      It is not that our Creator need our acknowledgement but it is always us to realize that finding out about our origin makes us straight and serene and keep us away from being astray .
      When we loose him we get lost like a child who lost the hand of his mother and standing in the middle of nowhere so vulnerable to vultures of evil .
      Remember how things work here ,just like air occupies hollow objects .our empty heads without faith become home for devil (negative energy ) to dwell in .
      sending you tons and tons of healing energy and lots and lots of hugs and love dear friend!

  3. I feel the most important responsibility of life is to allow others to live according to their rules and beliefs. As long as they do not hurt others or themselves what is the harm?

    1. dear Emma so true that because the creativity of our Creator is Flawless and provide us all necessary tools for recognition of the truth ,ability to sense difference between right and wrong and freedom to make choice within perfect system that allow us to became what we actually want and bear consequences later .it does not seems appropriate to interfere with others beliefs because everyone is aware of what it is in reality

  4. You make some good points, as always!

  5. I support 100% freedom of religion, baili.
    Which includes freedom of no religion.
    Beliefs are such an individual right I cannot discuss it.

  6. Baili there are so many people who not believers for some reason.
    Good post, enjoyed reading.

  7. i understand dear Pedro that speaking of things can rise controversary . I agree that every man has connected to his creator directly and answerable to him only .all we can do is to understand and respect each other's privacy to avoid conflicts and build healthier society

  8. A thoughtful post Baili ...

    The week has flown by, I wish you a restful weekend.

    All the best Jan

  9. You are a deep thinker, Baili! Some good points indeed.

  10. Πραγματικά ενδιαφέρουσα ανάρτηση!
    Καλησπέρα από Ελλαδα

  11. Baili, I have always believed in a High Power that created earth and everything in it perhaps it is because of my upbringing in the Catholic faith. Although I no longer consider myself a "practicing" Catholic in the sense of attending services regularly (as I did for so many years) that does not mean I have become a non-believer. By whatever name, he is known there is indeed a god that created everything and to deny that is (in y opinion) very short-sighted and foolish. These things did not just happen.

    1. dear Dorothy connection with God is deeper thing that practicing it i think and as you said here you are at heart a woman of faith which matters most because when faith lies deep inside you it makes you practice it while doing every single work of your life in the light of it . it is certainly a higher way to acknowledge the supreme and divine Force running this show

  12. Whether they believe it or not, The Creator exists. People who doesn't believe live life like they are god.

    1. well said dear Nancy and this is worst part of stupidity

  13. Thanks so much for your post! You definitely give me much to think on and revisist. And as you, I do believe in the creator of this vast world. Thanks for your comment too. All the best to your spiritual self and creativity.

    1. thank you dear Ellie it is always nice to hear from you

  14. Muito reflexivo este texto. Há pessoas que acreditam em Deus outras não. E nem umas nem outras sabem explicar por que motivo o sentem. Tudo o que existe e nós mesmos somos uma possibilidade de Deus.
    Tudo de bom.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.


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