Sunday, September 12, 2021

The Pattern In Everything (When I Join Dots .....)


After so many humid days we got few windy plus cloudy days last week and today weather seemed quite pleasant once again . I used phrase once again because i am optimistic and i believe in happy ending :)

When such happy change in weather occurs  i feel how important weather is to feel good in life. Life is pretty (extremely) restricted and hot here  throughout the summer but humid months are most annoying. I like how breeze fill life in still views and waving plants and branches of trees cherish my heart and make me feel closer to Nature .

I can never believe that phenomena of life and universe is mere a random happening .I see pattern in everything . I feel that this is a dual game . Things that are visible have meaning until they are connected to their invisible part (Soul). There is soul in everything. The astrophysics book tells that universe began with particles which were paired with invisible counterparts. In religious books it is mentioned that "your creator has created you and everything else known or unknown in pairs" . I think it's not about just physical pairing but about soul gifted to each physical existence.

If you ever read any religious book may be you  too notice that it has so much scientific knowledge . I meditate over our Quran as source that talk about that divine force who created  everything out of itself and how therefore everything is related to each other  and for purpose given to it. Because  i am doing it since more than ten years i found out gradually that there are many things that resemble to modern knowledge that science provides today. This was  striking thing to learn at first .How olden people were able to describe things  for which they had no visible source to learn thousands years from now?. 

Yes when i see closely i realize that nothing is random. Nature or One who created Nature  never left man alone. From single cell organism to homo sapiens That certain Force is leading us to somewhere to to achieve something . That Force or Energy created matter out of something which is not matter. It made us "Alive Part" of this matter. Does this really feel a random act ? From pin point start to multiverse sounds like a Huge  really huge Magic though  That  Force has made us brilliant enough to understand  this and name "everything" and and  every "process " we understand . But  discovering facts and naming them  does not prove that we  got got the hold of everything.  knowing that a human who travel to stars now comes from a single living cell does not stop me wondering about how this magic works though it's constant presence around me makes me habitual to it. In religious book (i hope one day i will be able to read all religious book to extend my knowledge regarding special people to who creator spoke through their heart ) at one place Allah or God says that

 " i created man out of clay and featured him with beauty and then i gave him my own part of soul " 

I think this phrase mentions "human brain" in which that Energy stays in it's most Divine form. It is like you are handed keys (freedom of choice)  of a palace with numerous rooms .Darkened or lightened is up to you (approach you have for life). The stuff  before you is in abundance and vary . You are free to pick up anything from world before you and store it in your rooms (brain) The light or darkness present within your room will help you to take advantage or damage from it. Whatever is your choice The hidden nature inside your head leads you towards destination according to this. Sometimes things seem refuse to look that Simple but as astrophysics says Basic Rules of  Life are same everywhere in the universe so  in such situations we should take more time and deep our focus to figure out the correct pattern. 

When i think about human life i see that visible part of a man has far  least contribution in his life .Believe it or not i realized many years ago that our physical being is only to perform what our  soul wants to do. Physical part or our body has some fundamental needs to live like food ,shelter etc . If  creation of family is only due to certain biological needs  than you can count it in fundamental needs either. But what about love ? Do you think it has something to do with your physique ? I believe not at all .

But if it was so and enough than was it possible to move from jungle and caves to luxury furnished houses people live now ?  Good or bad Dreams and wishes don't belong to physical existence at all because body cannot extend it's capacity to take advantage from increasing quality and quantity of things around it. It is only soul or brain fixed in your head who is gifted to "sense " "feel" "wish " and "Want" beyond limits. Your way of thinking  uses your freedom of choice to adopt or leave things for you . When we ponder on human evolution we see that human Brain has fasten it's speed terribly within few hundred years . I can't find it random even if i want to. No doubt choices are ours but Energy in our brain is pointing out that there are things to learn and do . 

I See  that even Nature designed before our eyes has food for our souls already . Random things don't do poetry i guess. They just exist and roam here and there without aiming any meaning. Soul has great  hunger  for Meaning i believe . The Energy as our brain or soul sees beauty and wonders of Nature  around and feel compelled to contemplate upon them . She feels attracted and attached to them . Soul has ability to find relation between natural phenomena and the way they lead her in harmony with "Wholeness "!

You mean that when the sun is gone and stars  appear to our bare eyes which are millions and billions light year away from us is mere coincidence ? I don't think so. There is someone or something  who has arranged things so perfectly so we can see and observe and realize  importance of our roll  in the scenario and that we are not here to just comfort or amuse our body. 

I find myself a tiny bubble of divine energy floating within the ocean of this Divine Energy. My existence is for short but i feel strengthened with sense of being with Her as a child feels safe with mother. If i won't loose her hand she will surly not loose me either .

Thank you bearing with me my precious friends!  

if i had time this post might have taken hours so thankfully i don't have that much time lol

Please stay blessed with wings of faith to keep you flying on the sky of life no matter how strong the storm is !

God Bless you All!


  1. "...mere coincidence ? I don't think so. There is someone or something who has arranged things so perfectly so we can see and observe and realize importance of our roll in the scenario and that we are not here to just comfort or amuse our body."

    Amen amen amen amen.


  2. ..." who has arranged things so perfectly so we can see and observe and realize importance of our roll in the scenario and that we are not here to just comfort or amuse our body." God has created so much for us.

  3. I believe you are saying that we are provided with many opportunities in life and how we utilize them determines the life we live. I agree. We can choose to go to dark places and be unhappy or choose to go to the bright places and be happy. All must be dealt with. It is how we choose to deal with them that makes us what we are.

  4. It is indeed a deep human need and desire to see a connection and pattern to all existence.

  5. Hi, Baili. Such a deep post! I also believe that the Soul has a great hunger for learning. It's coupled with the brain which gives us the tools to learn. Cosmologists have come to understand that the universe emerged from nothing about 13.8 billion years ago. I think what lies beyond that singularity is the mind of God. Am I just a piece of insignificant nothing claiming "god" to explain something incomprehensible? I don't think so. I know I have a Soul. I find your words "I find myself a tiny bubble of divine energy floating within the ocean of this Divine Energy. My existence is for short but i feel strengthened with sense of being with Her as a child feels safe with mother. If i won't loose her hand she will surly not loose me either " beautiful. They fill my heart with peace. How can I comprehend the nature of God, a Being who could create the universe? I can't. But I can connect with the image of holding "his/her" hand and trusting that he/she won't let go. It's a beautiful metaphor for faith. Ultimately that's the choice we have to make, move forward with faith or move forward soulless. Thank you for always making me think! Hugs to you, my dear friend!

    1. my dear amazingly insightful friend Louise you always warm my soul with your kindness .your support strengthens me from within as if i am not wasting my words into the thin air but there are some amazing sweet friends like you who not just read my raw thoughts and withered expression but also provide me with their most valuable and perspicacious words !

      you are an incredible writer Louise and i am greatly in love with your way of writing which is so easy to understand even an ignorant person like me :) your energy and wisdom is inspirational and i really look forward to hear from you !

      i have may be less knowledge gained from fine books but one thing that gives me power to speak my simple mind is my faith in Creator and his equal love for all .i cannot believe that he made me less in any perspective . i lack bookish knowledge but my way of life proves to me that i am not that bad on observing life and taking decisions .my struggle to meet all ends that life offers and perform all duties belong to me with absolute honesty gives me confidence that i have basic instinct of good and bad ,right and wrong and my efforts to choose always right path and my opinion about everything is rooted in this faith and confident . if friend like you have heart to bear with me i take it as gift and blessing of my creator again !
      To be honest i thought as child that my mother was God gifted to me on earth but ups and downs of the life taught that every relation like everything else is an illusion and vanishes in the wind of harsh realities . i think i would never have found my true connection with Creator if have not faced this traumatic time. this broke me completely for while but when i hold and uplifted by some mysterious force my all focus shifted to it and i realized that there is only one who loves us unconditionally and forever and this is who actually created us out of her or him !

  6. We just have to look up at the night sky to know nothing is random.

  7. Great post Baili, thank you.

    All the best Jan

  8. Interesting to see how various cultures see climate and weather. In the arctic we had to be proactive and wear clothes that would keep us warm and have safe houses. Traditional Arctic food would be much different than yours. Each climate requires different food. You're reading some fascinating books.

  9. The sun is the only natural source of vitamin A, baili.
    The one that interferes with our mood.
    Have a great week

  10. Nada é aleatório. Tudo tem a sua razão de existir. Mais um texto para reflexão, aqui.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  11. You describe yourself as a “ tiny bubble of divine energy.” I find that appealing somehow. Thank you.

  12. While I know that to expand my knowledge of myself and the world it world be good to read more about the subject matter you so often post about, Baili, alas I do not. Yes I agree that some high power has created and arranged the cosmos. We have the power within ourselves to make it better for ourselves and others.

  13. My first introduction to the scientific lessons of religious was from Mary Baker Eddy who penned Science and Health. She takes a Christian slant but the knowledge of what the scientific studies she found in the bible are amazing. I had to go to Catholic School as a kid and i only learned Catechism..i guess the rules and laws of being a Catholic - i only learned that we were sinners and would either go to purgatory or hell or limbo ...whatever in the heck all that is ...or Heaven if we were perfect and asked for fogiveness. I quickly left that behind after 5th grade. yuck. When I was old enough and curious enough that is when i wanted to learn why people thought there was a hell and people were all sinners . What I learned freed me to be grateful for the Creator, the creation and the beauty, harmony and peace of it all - anything else is just ego acting out with it's threats and utter meanness and all that jazz. I don't have a high opinon of Catholicism whatsoever. To teach guilt to young children is the sin - if there is such a thing - at least it is a huge error in judgement by the patriarchy who wanted nothing less than control.

  14. dear Sandy i want to hank you from the bottom of my heart for such honest comment !
    i am grateful that we met through blog land and have privilege to share our thoughts with each other .

    i think that our childhood went under same experience regarding religious knowledge . we were sent to learn holy book Quran at age of four or less .but there was no concept for meaning so i did not find it appealing because how can something can get me going if i have no idea idea what what it is talking about.
    i started Quran with meaning at age of seven or eight i think .i felt content because i was learning and understanding it now properly at least the plain meaning of lines.

    my grandfather was religious man and had collection of religious books . he had given me few books to me among which one was terrifying . all it revealed how sinners would get punished after death .it could not make sense to me as kid at all and i returned after reading few pages.

    i was strong head since my childhood and my concept of God was not clear then nor i wanted to know him but one thing that accompanied me since i got into my senses was that there is something or someone around though this was really weak sense .i was full of enthusiasm for life and everything related to it .having love for all and everything was running in my veins .as i grew i realized that i have a certain strong thirst for learning and deep love for Nature . when i would look at trees and mountains i would feel stuck in those magical moments as those scenes would connect me to greater reality instantly .

    unlike you i was not lucky to read as many books but yes i would read as much as i could and with each learning i would feel closer to something surrounding me .
    i so loved your description of Creator my friend .only well read people can say it as beautifully indeed!

    since some years i felt that my wait for Creator to open his door for me is about to end . He seems to let me peak through and this i feel is best and most precious happening in my life my soul life i mean . i feel to enter something divine which is unfolding it's truth before me as reward for my patience and wait i believe. i consider this a true success dear Sandy as all i wanted to learn the truth so i can relate my life and my behavior to it and see whether i wasted my time or lived it to gain some meaning .

    1. i am so glad i was compelled to come here tonight to read what you have written in the last several posts answering my comments. You are amazing and also a courageous person to write the way you do and put it out there. This is what is needed . You are waking people up no doubt. We all are in a way, from those who might be rising out of their slumber of heaven and hell and sinners to look at nature and relaize how in the heck can a creator like we have ever ever judge us and send us to hell, damn - that's a horrible thought to teach in religious circles. I love what you share in your reading and for me I think that the mere fact of "yielding" every moment we are awake enough to remember to do it, brings us the most amazing and yet the most mundate also, synchronicities in life . I finally started a daily journal in 2017 - up until that time I would just write my thoughts on index cards - but since I have done that every morning now for four years (not counting all the years of meditating and reading etc)...I found that all I have to do is ask and the creator can be humerous, serious, and everything in between. The things that have appeared on my path have made me laugh, cry with joy and also feel depressed because I want it all the time and really it's up to me. How much will I remember to recognize, acknowledge and then "know" that it there whenever we open the door for it . The things I was taught as a child I can have a good laugh about now. I must stop because literally I could go on and on all day about these things, lol. I admire you a lot and glad we have met. Two very different cultures but yet deep down we all want the same thing, peace, love, harmony, abundance, and a good laugh here and there. It's a shame the governments of the world like to control everybody with fear and hate for different races. I'm not buying what they have to sell. I think a lot of people are not buying it anymore. I believe that we are all waking up to what's true and hatred, war and plagues just aren't going to keep us bound in fear much longer. You are definitely living with meaning, no moment ever wasted. It's all in the present moment, point zero. here here here be here now. look away, it's gone, look again..there it is...light - shining, laughing always making things new in every moment. I will be back to see what else you have been reading next time you post. ((Hugs))to you.

  15. a huge tanks again dear friend Sandy for being so genuine and open i truly feel honored !

    i think the religion was set of some basic important ideas which were essential to live with peace and harmony . i am talking about a part of religion which we received from pious messengers . yes i do believe that Nature or Creator has blended consciousness into our being which feels clearly difference between right and wrong or good and bad .it is our ego as you yourself said in one of your comment previously that lead us forward towards whatever we choose in life to follow.
    i think Nature has sent and still do send people time to time who had, have better ability to sense ,adopt and deliver the message of Nature to man to guide him and Nature creates certain environment for them which reveals their ability on them and obliged them to perform what duty they have for people around them. their way of approaching can differ according to opportunities they avail in life though.

    But I can't say how the specific religions began or were invented in particular circumstances to gain special benefits as things seem quite fogy . All i can guess that may be it all began by genuine person and for good cause but went into hands of powerful which used it to make people stay in group so they can be controlled easily .

    i agree with you that despite of all the mess people of power make common man seems to had enough and wants to be out of these self made wells and circles. i believe that world is heading towards era when people will get full awareness of how they have been forced to live according to standards of powerful who aim only his power personal success and nothing else. they will refuse to be tool and then will begin a new era where humanity will be the only religion and followers be the all living on planet .

    I think speaking to ourselves through writing our thoughts in diary is sign of having stronger part of soul .the more soul is awaken within you the more you think and see things far better than others who prefer company or crowed. Spending more time with ourselves make us closer to Nature and Creator. The more closeness to Nature unveils new realities front of us. This is a blissful spiritual journey and reward for keeping touch with Nature :)
    Your connection to Creator is demanding .we have a saying here "one who is loyal to study never gets day off " (translation)
    once you step into this special close relationship with creator ,your understanding of life and people boosts gradually . The things or incidents that could have turn you into a cynical or cold blooded selfish person now make you cry ,laugh ,happy or sad but that never gets into your core but each time brings you a deepened version of insightfulness . yes that sounds unbelievable at first but i share your faith deeply that once we take time to spend with ourselves ,meditate with main focus on Creator ,all we need to ask and he makes it happen .this is truly a magic a miracle which i want to make convey to all i know because i want them to experience same depth of true joy which i feel since i am connected to divine truth !

    i am so happy you got this point of "being attentive" my dear friend ,this sounds a trivial fact but this is actually a biggest thing that if we can achieve our probability to make mistakes will decrease and will end i believe one day .if this happens our life on this planet will be revolutionized completely individually and as altogether .
    thank you so much for being such great support ,your kindness strengthens my faith in my writing !

  16. Your writing is always so beautiful and encompassing - love what you wrote and agree totally about religion - definitely good points and helpful, sure can't deny that, and it is the ones who sort of corrupted the meaning of so much that was helpful and loving, instead to use as a control whether for love, money, or what have you that has turned so many away from it and they believe in no God or Creator at all because they were taught from the beginning they were sinner so now where do they turn in faith. The "fall" or separation as I understand it after so many years was our own doing and we "took" ourselves out of the garden so to speak (speaking in bible terms)... Our creator certainly didn't. again - love your way of writing. hope u have a great week ahead.

  17. Uma coisa é certa... todas as religiões... apontam para cima... seja o Sol, o Universo... ou até seres de outros planetas bem mais avançados do que nós... e praticamente todas concordam que esta vida, é uma passagem que nos conduz a outras etapas... que seja de aprendizagem, e aperfeiçoamento continuo da nossa alma, emoções e valores, são os meus votos... já que em cada vida, creio que temos apenas pequenas parcelas de aprendizagem, limitadas pelas circunstâncias de cada um.
    Nada é por acaso! A evolução mesmo até na sua aleatoriedade, apresenta uma ordem! Mas é a aleatoriedade que incomoda os seres humanos... daí a razão de querem controlar tudo e mais alguma neste belo planeta... e com isto... estarem a leva-lo a um caos em praticamente todas as vertentes... de que apenas destacarei o caos climático... e no entanto... a terra já existia bem antes de qualquer ser humano... e muitas outras civilizações, já desapareceram sem deixarem rasto. A aleatoriedade tem de facto uma vontade própria... acima do nosso entendimento... mas é ela que gere os desequilíbrios deste nosso mundo... e intervém acima de quaisquer que sejam as nossas vontades... para sermos melhores de alguma forma... na atual, ou sob outra forma qualquer... pois na natureza, nunca nada se perde... mas tudo está em constante mudança!
    Mais uma formidável publicação, que por aqui, me fez divagar...
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana!


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