Monday, September 6, 2021

The Dark Energy


Our August went pleasant but September is being hot again with lack of air which bothers most .Days are getting shorter and this makes me happy specially when heat is back once again. We  have been listening about rains in different cities of our country but no luck here. It's been more than three or four months since we got a really little shower for hardly 20 minutes. I feel  for my garden who seems to desperately looking for natural bath . Watering garden daily fulfil his basic need but Rain is a luxury which every plant deserves once in while i think. Let's see when mother Nature be generous to plants (sigh).

Everything has good and bad side effects belong to it so do short days .I am happy because they predict approaching of the winter but on the other hand they leave me very less time to hit the target of daily tasks which is annoying . I  run madly between two  points of my routine. House chores seem never ending and it feels hard to manage to take time for my personal interests  like reading and blogging. I could not read  further the book i downloaded few weeks back  but i am crawling on book about  astrophysics.

I want to share bits from it's chapter six . It is about Dark Energy. Author shares when and how scientists discovered that  there was  force existing  in the universe. We al know about the theory of general relativity presented by Albert Einstein one hundred year ago. According to Einstein 's theory gravitational waves are ripple moving at the speed of light across the fabric of space time and theses waves are generated by sever gravitational disturbance such as collision of two black holes. In simple words matter  makes space "curved" and Space tells Matter how to "Move"  


In 1998 Saul Perlmutter from California ,Schmidt and Reiss from Australia won Nobel prize for their discovery of Dark Energy(which supported the Einstein 's theory of relativity) a mysterious  repulsive force permeated the universe Opposing the Gravity and helping the Expansion of the Universe .Nobody exactly know what it is though closest assumption is that Dark energy is a quantum Effect where the vacuum of Space  instead of being Empty ,actually Seethes  with Particles and their antimatter counterparts. They pop In and pop  Out of Existence in pairs but don't last long enough to be measured .The visible Matter in the whole Universe is only five percent of it .Dark Matter is 27 percent of universe. Dark Energy is almost 70 percent of  the whole universe.
" Because Dark energy is associated to Space and Time it's effect does not dilute with expansion " I added this line from fresh research shared by website Cern .

I found the last paragraph  specially interesting in which the seating of vacuum with particles is mentioned. Seems like an Endless Ocean of  Raw material which gave birth in the beginning to the basic Particles Electron ,Neutron ,Proton and Gases like Helium and Hydrogen .These basic particles took part in Shaping everything we see in the universe by changing properties and transforming from one to another.

This Dark energy which is knitted within the Space and Time seems to hold strongest roll in universe and because we are part of universe it effect us as well .Dark matter or Dark energy both seems to have something do with our lives and attitude.  I agree with Einstein that space has it's own energy prevailing the universe and effecting on things existing within it. I  believe there are more though may be few who might have felt same way .I always felt strong appeal in the space as someone  is forcing me to look at him .think about Him and and find way towards Him .I am saying so because i started to Stare sky when i had know idea what or why i am doing this .In fifty years of my life my passion for looking at sky only grew .I pray twice a day and i pray for long  and meanwhile my face moves upward automatically as Someone is there to listen. I realized this habit brought me deep satisfaction and inner peace ! I feel that Energy issuing from space  is probably the special part of Divine Energy or Creator who stays with us ,around us and within us and give us shape according to our attitudes.At least i realized that ,This Energy never ever leaves you alone until you are looking for it with unshaken Faith! I cannot make you understand with my simple raw words right now but maybe  in future someday i find appropriate way to say things i feel and thing that i believe completely shaped me for better .

Thank you for bearing with me dear friends ! you guys are great support always! 
God Bless You All!


  1. You read books that are much too deep for me!

  2. We are each a product of the forces both seen and unseen in our lives. The more we learn about it all is important to our well-being.

  3. You are so smart Baili, even to try to explain to us all this information, thank you. I get fascinated by space looking up at night too.

  4. My Dad and Brother would have understood all this, I inherited that wrong genes for astrophysics. I am impressed though.

  5. September and October are the most enjoyable months in Macau.
    Temperature is always very nice and humidity lower.
    Have a great week.

  6. I'm glad you understand this stuff! It's interesting to hear what has been discovered and how it fits in with the rest of the universe.

  7. You are certainly interested in various subjects Baili.

  8. While your hot weather returned, ours got colder. Wish we could share some of the rain we had too, Baili. We had over 150 mm of rain in one part of the island in one day last week.

  9. Here in the UK we've had a few wonderful sunny September days, but I think that is likely to change!
    I do enjoy the Autumn months of September and October ...

    Thank you for sharing your read with us, I must say my current book is a light hearted read, but I am enjoying it.

    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  10. Dear Baili, this is a gorgeous posting. Thank you. And thank you, too, for sharing not only what you are reading with regard to astrophysics but also how you interpret what you read by applying your own experience of staring into the sky and finding the energy that is perhaps Unnamed. Creator. Ground of of Being. Cloud of Unknowing. So many names have been given to that Energy.

    I'm wondering if you ever read the long poem "The Hound of Heaven." It was written in the 19th century by the English poet Francis Thompson. I read it when I was a senior in high school (age 18) and memorized it because it so expressed my own feelings about that Energy.

    Take care. May you continue always to go deep within yourself and find the core of your being. Peace.

    1. thank you dear Dee for sharing bout the poem i am going to look for it definitely.

      yes this unknown unnamed energy that i felt when i had no idea about such stuff at all . all i knew that there is something ,or someone with me ,around or near as i did not know then what was it and that i could be something which i am floating within ,existing though of my own yet it encompassing me from within .These feelings got stronger with age and with experiences ,circumstances upon which i felt i had no visible idea or power to overcome but i did miraculously .
      i pondered and kept pondering with careful eye on how this works and now at the age of fifty i can realize that yes This Energy exists and it is like an Endless Ocean .I and everything else is created within it ,by it ,for it and will dissolve in it eventually .Looking for Maker Far is terrible mistake .We are Bubble drops of It's Being and close to It More than we are close to ourselves.

      You used phrase " go deep within " yes this is what we are meant to be !
      once we hold this secret we will find It .i say this from my personal experience.

  11. We are also having shorter days now with autumn weather arriving, thankfully it is not too hot now and sleeping is wonderful with comfortable evening temperatures. My husband enjoys having the windows open and so we will enjoy this weather as long as possible. I have never thought about dark energy the way you described it in this post, Baili, and it was interesting to read your thoughts. Admittedly, I should read more about the world around me, but sadly I do not. I am very glad you always share your interpretations of what you are reading, thank you.

  12. Hello dear friend. My grandmother read these types of books right up until she passed at 104 years. She would have loved to discus this with you. A love post for sure.

  13. wow amazing post. I enjoyed reading about your praying twice a day and fascination with space. I enjoy you adding your thoughts on what you are reading. Amazing lady you are.

  14. Another wonderful post! We celebrate our new year in September, a time for reflection and hope.

  15. Anything on space is always fascinating and intriguing

  16. Gosto imenso, das teorias de Einstein, que também aplicava a ciência em tantos aspetos da vida... dizia ele que era bem mais fácil explicar a origem de um átomo do que a de um preconceito!
    Uma publicação super interessante, que adorei ler! Aqui o Outono, também já se sente... mas este Verão foi estranho. Os dias de calor passaram muito despercebidos... felizmente... já que em tantos outros pontos do mundo, causaram imensos estragos. Mas o tempo anda estranho, e incerto. Há árvores que acumulam flores e frutos em ramagens diferentes. antes não se davam por tão estranhas ocorrências, que de há alguns anos para cá, passaram a ser o novo normal!

  17. I understand what you mean and you have explained it far better than I could.

    It was Hindu teacher and writer that opened my eyes to the connections. He also opened my eyes to what is meant by some in some of the teachings of the Christian Bible.


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