Wednesday, September 1, 2021

The Stuff Of My Life


I wanted to tell you smart people accurate weather so i visited the national site while ago .Temperature was less than i expected 37 C but what was shocking  the "Feels like" mention ,it was 43 .I got then how signals reaching through eyes can ruin the joy one conceives  through the other senses. Slight scatter of little cotton like clouds are blocking the sunshine once in a while today. Hope to have rain seems to open it's tiny eyes when it's shady but then sun pushes away the little clouds and patting the hope baby back to sleep.  I have become more flexible in my expectations so i hardly get bothered by such disappointments anymore. With each breath i take i know there are lesser saved in my account so why wasting over things i can't control. With or without rain life remains simply beautiful and precious gift of Creator! So keep eye on filled part of the glass always!

My eldest son has postponed his September trip to us because his best friend Mubashir ( one whom i mentioned in one of my previous post got married to his love of life after long wait ,ten years ) who lives in Munich and his family lives in  Karachi will be having his wedding ceremony arranged in December .My son informed that if he visits in December he can attend the ceremony .He told further that we will have to accompany him for this event.  We found it okay ,just three more months and we will be seeing our son after three years by the Grace of Lord! Even saying three years sounds so long and heavy sigh!

Two weeks back our  younger son asked us to change the internet source  as he found older one slower .One of his friend to whom he met some months ago in Gym recommended him a new net service available in our city since two years almost. Friend of my younger son praised the service for it's good speed which we found true when we used after having it .But bad about the service is that within two weeks  it has been disappearing many times and for six hours or more and each time with different excuse. This was irritating indeed. Hubby has decided that once a billing month is passed (as he has spent more than ten thousand on it) , we will switch back to the older one hopefully. I could not visit you all because of this trouble though i tried by my smart phone but small screen makes my eyes tired soon which lessens my ability to read and comment properly .

My youngest son's school has opened finally from 1 September. Though books for ninth and tenth grade haven't arrived yet except few that we could find today on shop. We are looking forward to proper start of the academic year eagerly.

My slight symptoms (slight fever heavy head and a little pain in arm on place where it was injected) for second vaccination are gone thankfully.

Now a little sharing  about the chapter from Astrophysics book by Neil Degrasse Tyson.

Author reveals about Dark Matter spread in the almost barren parts of the universe. Astrophysicists  found during their long time observations  some mysterious  invisible gravity or matter  exists. In 1930 Zwicky  found out during his research that the movement of the stars vary  in the galaxies. Stars  far from center of the galaxy move slower than those that are close to the center .According to "expansion plan " that universe  farther stars must lost  into beyond regions more far from galaxies within some million light years but it did not happen even in ten billion years which is age of the universe almost .Later in 1976 Vera Robin An astrophysicist in Washington Carnegie Institute discovered similar thing  within galaxies that farther star move  slower than those closer to the center .The farther stars have More matter between themselves. She Realized that beyond the luminous disk of galaxy one can see some isolated gas clouds and stars .Using these Objects as Tracers of the Gravity field where no visible matter exist Robin discovered that their orbital speeds which should be falling with increasing distance Remains high. She Named this Invisible matter or gravity  "Dark Matter". Dark Matter is six time more than visible ordinary matter in the  Universe. We don't know about dark matter except it is not dark and helps the expansion of the universe Mysteriously .Dark Matter exerts gravity according to same rules as Ordinary matter follows, but it does Little Else .Author says '" we don't know what the dark matter is and how does it look like but we see and observe the Effects of Dark Matter on visible Matter and we are forced to keep it include in our calculations to make correct analysis .All we could learn until now that dark matter exerts gravity on visible matter to Which Ordinary Matter responds .We are determined that Dark Matter belongs to ghostly class of particles which  Interact with Ordinary Matter via Gravity but otherwise they interact with matter or light only weakly or not at all.

It feels good to share what i find interesting dear Friends. You are free to avoid if you don't have interest in this topic :)

to lighten your mood some blooms from my yard garden .

    when Nature give you  smile ,please smile back to her gratefully ,she will bring more on your way in future :)

  this purple bloom remains blurred no matter how hard and how long i try to focus ,i think camera lens find difficult to adjust with  this color or what i don't know 

              it looked neat and clear when i clicked but result is bad again ,elegant ,my fav one 

     most powerful flower among all :) it has power to steal the show always 

consider this bloom prayer of my heart  springing in my heart for all of you precious friends!

Please stay blessed with Faith which provides shade  during rainy seasons always!

blessings to all of you!


  1. "...just three more months and we will be seeing our son after three years by the Grace of Lord!"

    Three years! Oh, Baili, that made me heart break. I am so glad you will see him again soon.

    1. All hopes to Lord dear Sandi :)

      It is most difficult thing when think as a mother but easy and happihappier when think as human making his way and growing for better!
      Children are gift of Lord to us .We should not fail him for trusting with his creatures sending into our lap .we must try hard to turn them into an insightful person who exists without harming others around and spreads message of kindness and humanity where ever he goes. We must try at least

    2. I will try too.

      I don't know how to do it. Mine are just 14 and 16. I pray and try to figure it out. I have high hopes like you! 💕

    3. all i know is never loos e Faith in One who has created you and sent you here to perform your natural duties as a mother dear Sandi .
      isn't it nice enough to fulfil our duties with Absolute honesty and rest leave upon Him :)
      and yes never should think of repay because One who has posted you on this situation knows you did your best ,he is going to repay you one or another way !

  2. It's so disappointing that your son's trip home has been postponed! Hopefully he will be able to visit again soon.

    1. It was at first dear Debra but I think it is nice of my son to join his friend in the biggest day of his life.

  3. I know how much you are looking forward to seeing your son. Hopefully the time will fly by.

  4. Yes, disappointing that your sons trip has been postponed, but you are going to have a wonderful reunion in December.

    Your garden blooms are lovely.

    Take care

    All the best Jan

    PS Hope you get your internet problems sorted.

  5. Glad you got your second vaccination. Beautiful flowers.

  6. Enjoyed the post a lot and what you wrote about physics, etc That is great that you will see your son in December. I didn't realize it had been that long for you. Stay cool if you can.

  7. It is difficult to wait to see family members who are so far away.

    When your son finally is able to come home you also have the joy of a wedding celebration to share with him :-)

    I am glad that you have recovered from your vaccination. My first dose caused my to have a heavy arm. I think more about where my arm was injected than a reaction to the vaccine.

    I am enjoying your thoughts on the book you are reading. The results chime with books that I have read from scientists and religious thinkers.

  8. there's always something good to look forward to as you say the glass is half full. You will find lots of time to visit with your son.

  9. You son can visit, baili.
    We are virtually stranded in Macau.

  10. Hopefully 3 months will pass quickly. Pleased you are ok after your second injection. Keep well.
    I use my phone often for commenting on blogs. I do find the text a bit small but somehow I manage.
    New customer service for your internet was fine it seems, now you have been with them for awhile things changed..
    Take care.

  11. You have a good Son and when he does come for a visit it will be a glorious time. Interesting read on black matter. Thank you for the wonderful comments on my blog. Have a blessed day.

  12. Continua a encantar-nos com as suas fotografias, as suas leituras, com as notícias dos seus filhos queridos, com a sua aceitação da vida. Que tudo corra bem.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  13. Baili, the time will pass quicker than you can imagine , then you will see your eldest son again, and attend a wedding, two things to look forward to. Sorry to read that the different internet service was not good and hopefully a return to the older one will be less problematic.

  14. Hi, Baili! I loved your post! I think about these things too. My copy of Neil deGrasse Tyson's "Astrophysics for People in a Hurry" arrived from Amazon a week or so ago. It's second in my pile of books to read. The quantum world is almost beyond my ability to grasp. One concept that intrigues me is quantum entanglement. It occurs when two particles become inextricably linked, and whatever happens to one instantaneously affects the other, regardless of how far apart they are. Conceivably atoms and atomic particles separated by the width of a galaxy or farther could be entangled. That opens the possibility that everything is entangled. There are wonky things I don't grasp, but we are part of the universe so we could be connected with everything in it. What it all means I really don't know. Another of life's imponderables. Have a great week, my inquisitive friend!

    1. thank you for sharing about the quantum entanglement dear Louise ,i was not aware of it ,i just read it little further on Wikipedia and found it so interesting .so much to learn but time is the toughest task until now :(

      i think this behavior and entanglement topic also can guide scientists towards where they can find answers about soul of the universe .

      the connection i felt since my childhood with everything around me was not illusion this gives me tremendous joy dear Louise .whole life when i felt for others i was ridiculed by people close to me (well some of them) ,this gives me such a deep satisfaction that i was not wrong or fool i just had gift to feel this "connection" in extraordinary way

  15. Tão bom saber notícias dos seus, Baili!
    Viajar, continua sem ser fácil, nestes tempos de pandemia, e daqui a mais algum tempo, talvez tudo se faça em maior segurança.
    Que tudo continue correndo pelo melhor! Lindas as suas flores, Baili! Não sei se já têm, mas deveriam arranjar um cantinho no vosso jardim, para fazerem um reservatório, para épocas de menos chuvas. Aqui o Jorge, fez no jardim dele. Aproveita as águas das caleiras, quando chove, que conduzem a um reservatório no chão, que ele depois até contruiu um poço, com um balde, imitando como se o poço fosse de nascente natural... mas não, acumula a águas das chuvas, e pode regar o jardim durante mais algum tempo. Mas costuma estar tapado, para as águas durarem mais, e porque há sempre muitos passarinhos novos a nascerem no jardim, que se podem afogar no poço. Ele também tem um pequeno lago, mas no lago, fica mais fácil controlar esta fase, quando os passarinhos abandonam os ninhos... fica coberto com uma pequena rede quando não está completamente vazio, nessa fase.
    Beijinhos! Feliz semana, com saúde para todos!


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