Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Visit To Nephew 's House And Angles Still Exist !

Hey  Lovely  Souls !

Hope  finding light  and peace within  moments  passing  by .Each New Day  seems  sometimes a basket full of  surprising  goodies  in the hands of life.We  have  to pick it up  whatever it is inevitably. Though  how  we  take  it  and  shape  it  willingly according to our own mood and   our  insight  depends  on our wisdom .Some time we fail ,sometime succeed but all that matter  is how  we  keep  learning from  our mistakes and get better and better with each day because LIFE  MEANS "GROWTH" :)

As  i mentioned  before that our  winters  are mild and  preferred as visiting season ,visiting  to relatives and friends specially who live on distance .We  went to visit two  of  hubby's nephews  who live in city situated 45 minutes drive away from  us .Both are sons of hubby's eldest brother  who lives in the house where i spent my early 16 years after marriage with parents in law and siblings in law.Both  boys  are married and with children .They moved to farther city because they found it better for the jobs they do.They both are lathe machine operators and vehicle fixer .They earn good rest of the year and their life style shows it well.
We  had  pleasant time with both families who live on rental residence bit away from each other .After  spending almost five hours with them we left for our home as we wanted to reach before it gets dark.It was almost 15 past 5 when we started our journey. We were in the middle of our way when our Bike went puncture .That was quite worrying as Sun was about to set and long road had no town or market unless we would walk for more than an hour in darkness and cold and reach to populated area yet finding auto workshop was another task. First words dropped from my mouth were "okay first of all please don't worry because being worry won't solve the problem" Than i asked hubby to call his nephew so he can come and fix it .Though it could have take almost 45 minutes .Hubby kept driving punctured bike though it was slower than one's walk ,actually he wanted to lessen the distance from the city as much as possible .Suddenly a man (must be in his thirties) stopped his bike  near us and asked hubby without wasting a moment (which was truly astonishing during uncertainty of this world) 
"sir please take my bike and drive home where ever it is, i will manage the rest" He moved his hand forward to give his keys to hubby who was stunned like me and trying to understand probably what kind of man would do this,I mean totally stranger .
Hubby said hesitatingly "no it's okay we will..
But man interrupted quickly ,no ,no please take this you have a family with you (me only) .Hubby exchanged bike with him inevitably as darkness was taking over swiftly and cold started to reach to the bones. 
While ridding  on that stranger angle's bike we were overwhelmed by his generosity .The man was walking far behind us holding our bike .That seemed completely strange ,unbelievable ,as Lord sent his angle right from the sky and helped us again miraculously !My eyes started to shed tears of gratitude and prays for that angle were rising in my heart though i thought he was gift himself for all around him.
After 15 minutes ride we saw another strange thing .Under roadside tree there was standing a lone man like was waiting for someone to pick him up.He had torch  so hubby with not any hope asked him "is there any auto workshop ? Man replied No (smilingly probably)
"I can do this as i have tools "
That was unbelievable again that he was waiting for his brother or friend as he was late to pick him up .He told that as because there is no shop near i since some days spend extra time here with tools in case i can earn some extra money .After fixing was done that man left .Hubby thanked him for his favor .We both know that we cannot not forget such difficult times or specially such people who helped us to pass it through .
So wee survived that mishap by the grace of God ! And returned home safely though  one hour late and very cold .I was bit sad because bike is always my idea as ride as i love it .We used to visit our late aunt when she was alive on same road but nothing happened ever .I am grateful through every breath for all the kindness of Lord and kindness of people who still exist in this world!Some images from the way 

                                                           little before bike got punctured 

                both sides of the road were embellished  with lush fields  ,date gardens ,small ponds 
                                 leaving sun light was making views serene and enchanting 

    last  photo that i captured bfore bike got punctured ,i could not catch the water birds which was my wish 

this photo i took when we were heading to the city where they lived ,many traditional beds (charpai)were loaded on bike rickshaw next to us ,time almost 12: 40 

such soothing gorgeous views  never make one feel tired on the way 

wife of nephew peaking from her kitchen and talking to us 

             My phone cannot explain the beauty and tranquility of the views that  refreshed our souls 

Stay  blessed with hope that grows in the field of Faith dear friends ,That hope gives you wings so you can keep fly on the sky of life no matter how strong the wind is :)

Keep taking good care all ,in my thoughts and prayers all of you !
blessings to you all!


  1. Hello dear Baili, what a beautiful and interesting post!
    Thank you for your kind comments. We have some health issues in our family now. I'm looking forward to reading your posts with more time.
    Take care!

  2. It is easy to forget sometimes about all the good people there are in this world. You had two angels take care of you on your journey! You were truly blessed.

  3. You life is full of adventures and blessings. I love seeing the photographs. Have a wonderful day.

  4. There are good people about, you were blessed :)

    I enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    Take care, and as always I send my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  5. It restores faith in humankind doesn't it? They were nice men.

  6. That was a wonderful story, Baili. Thanks for sharing it. Yes, I believe Angels are in our midst. I'm so glad you made it home safely. So nice of the strangers to lend a helping hand. Your story tells me that there are still good people who want to help and lift our spirits when we are down or having a hard time.

    Remain in hope and love, dear Baili. You are such a special lady.


  7. Hi Baili - Some people are so kind and giving. They help make the world a better place. I am glad to hear that you and your husband made it home OK.

  8. Great story about human kindness. Now I have to see what this bike looks like???

  9. The landscape is absolutely stunning

  10. Wow! Not one, but TWO angels on your trip.

  11. The photos are lovely and you were lucky to have two!

  12. Hi Baili, Thank you for taking us on this wonderful journey in your land. You have made me realize there are fascinating places in the world I have not seen in person. I love when you said, “Some time we fail ,sometime succeed but all that matter is how we keep learning from our mistakes and get better and better with each day because LIFE MEANS "GROWTH".” Baili, that is so true! I love the way the angels came to take care of you when the bike broke down. Great post, and thank you for sharing. John

  13. Lovely, heartwarming post, Baili. And I always enjoy the photos you share. I hope you are keeping well, sweet friend.

  14. I love you my friend, and I love this post! It brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for sharing your story and thank you for being you! Life does mean growth! Thank you for being apart of my soul tribe! I love all the beautiful pictures! Big Hugs and Many blessings! (thank you for the beautiful comments on my blog)

  15. A puncture in the bicycle, especially when we are away from home, is a very teasing thing. But I'm glad you were lucky (or God helped you).
    Have a good weekend, dear friend Baili. Kisses.

  16. Dearest Baili...oh how your beautiful post lifted my spirits today!!
    Isn't it wonderful when you unexpectedly encounter such kindness in another human being? Especially in these times we are living, where there is so much greed and selfishness all around us. I am so happy you met this amazing man! Doesn't it restore your faith in human nature!😊😊
    And thank you for those stunning photos of your journey. It looks so wonderfully peaceful there, and reminded me of my childhood in the country, before we became so highly populated. Now, there is barely a space to move...and too many unfriendly people!🙄 But I never stop hoping that things will change back to the way they were someday...

    Have a wonderful weekend, my dear and precious friend 🙏🙏

    Sending you much love and big hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  17. What a wonderful post showing the goodness of people who were unknown to you, Baili. A similar thing happened ot a couple of years ago when we stopped at a rest area and noticed that there as a leakage below the car. The antifreeze coolant had drained out and it would not have been possible to continue without ddmage to the engine. Also, this rest stop had no cell phone service as it was a mountain road. We could only hope for a police vehicle to pass by and perhaps call a tow truck. Then, a driver stopped and handed us a gallon of antifreeze and simply drove off before we could properly thank and pay him. because of his kindness, we were able to drive to the closest town and wait there while repairs were done even if it was a long wait. Since that day, we carry a gallon of antifreeze solution in each vehicle in case we can help someone else.

  18. Wow Baili, what a story! There are angels out there, I've met a few of them! So lovely to read this! :) xx

  19. Que bom, que o problema se resolveu, e se proporcionaram tantas coincidências felizes! Há quem diga que as coincidências, são a forma de Deus mostrar que está a olhar por nós!...
    Adorei a sua história e as suas incríveis fotos, Baili! As paisagens são deslumbrantes!

  20. This really was so amazingly lucky! And what faith in human nature your "Good Samaritan" had. It looks like a peaceful and relaxing ride to see your family, on this occasion a little troubled by the puncture, but waiting there for you next time you want to travel.

  21. Angels come to us in many forms, Baili! I'm glad one was there for you and Ali. Thank you for sharing photos of your lovely countryside. You're braver than I am; I terrified of riding on a motorbike!

  22. This is an amazing story you told - wow. And i enjoyed all the photos. What gratitude you must have felt . I've had times in my life some stranger stepped up to help and it's truly awesome.

  23. A lovely story. You were certainly being looked after on your journey home.


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