Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sweetness That Made Me Smile And Cry With Gratitude !

It  is  4 pm almost .We just  had  our desert  after  lunch .My  younger  son left  for friend's house where they will study  together. And i sent my youngest  son to deliver portions of some desert to in laws houses .

Yes i made traditional desert with carrots today :) Dish is bit  time consuming (almost three or four hours) and takes little effort constant watch out and occasional stirring  along with addition of ingredients which are carrots ,milk ,cream ,sugar ,cardamom powder and  some nuts .

Mom first and then hubby used to make this one for me for years long ago ,but now i have to make it for myself .It turned out  really good so it was hard to believe that i made it (thankfully)

while  making gajar ka halwa (traditional name for dish) i have been receiving  some pleasant  vibes within  my heart .Like something  really  nice was happening  somewhere in this world and i could feel it right here in my heart .But honestly had no idea what it was and to whom or where it can belong .So i  overlooked my excitement and kept myself busy with kitchen chores though slight smile that i  felt within soul like "lightness of feather"  and sooth  of breath .
Until i came to my living room for break  .My cell laying on table rang and i picked it up without wasting a moment as i could see it was my eldest son from Munich.

He  said he was super busy  but he felt news was worth sharing immediately .First  thought  burst in my head that he has got his new visa card and he will be able to come home soon eventually.But could not think news was even better and happy :)

 Yes His best friend finally got married to his girlfriend :)
The couple was  SPIRITUALLY COMMITTED  to each other since  almost ten years   but there were some family issues  from boy side that kept both love birds waiting .Things  were about to get bit bitter but Lord  thankfully  brought these  Sweet kids Happiest day of their life miraculously :)))
Hearing this happy news made me cry with  happiness and gratitude .I was thankful that  once again God made two soul mates meet each other and live and grow old together !
My son appreciates his friend Mubashir  highly for his kind and generous nature and according to my son the sweet girl who joined Mubashir beta as partner is  equally  an amazing human being :) What a match :)

My heartfelt blessings to happy couple and may they witness all the love and peace in this world together till eternity,amen!!!!! 

4:45 now ,sun  is folding back his  net of  golden rays from my yard wall  swiftly . Sitting on dining table near window i can see the partial sky and hearing the birds flocks returning to their nests  makes me serene and makes me think of happy couple who is in plane this time and will land after few hours in Munich :) My son told that he went along with his friend and cleaned and decorated apartment for  couple :) 
How good it feels when i know that Love and kindness still exist in this world and our children are one of those who spread it where ever they go !
May Lord Keep smiling on them always!
And may lord take away all the worries from all of you and fill your soul with eternal peace and joy ,amen!



  1. How lovely that your son has gone to prepare the home for his friends, congratulations to them on their marriage and to your family for the happiness over the union. I think your carrot dish is what I know as Halva - I love it, very delicious but hard to find in the UK - I can see why - what a lot of effort goes into making it and what a treat it is! You are such a good cook and I bet your home always feels welcoming.

  2. Oh your dessert sounds so good. Congrats to the lovely couple.

  3. I had gajar ka halwa once and enjoyed it. Yours looks wonderful.

  4. I wish the happy couple a prosperous and happy life together. News of marriage shows that life continues. Your dessert looks good. I have not heard of it before.

  5. Oh, sweet. Congratulations to the beautiful couple!

  6. Such a joyous post :)

    Your dessert sounds very good.
    Many congratulations to the happy couple.

    All the best Jan

  7. Such great news for the couple. Best wishes to them.

  8. Good things make us happy . It was a happy day all around for you. Yes, I like dessert!

  9. Long life and happiness to the young couple

  10. Congratulations to the happy couple.
    Your sweets took a long time to make - dedication :)

  11. Do glad to hear about this marriage. It is actually very nice that the couple has been committed to each other for so long.

    Your dessert sounds great.

  12. A very beautiful post and congratulations to your Son's friends. The carrot recipe looks so good. Well done on that.

  13. Happy to see the lovely couple. Thanks for your kine prayer.

  14. Best wishes to the very happy looking couple and glad that everything worked out for them as far as those family "issues."

  15. I enjoyed reading your post. Good news about your son's friends getting married. Your dessert sounds really good - and looks good too. When that feeling you described kind of hits your heart - i can relate to that. i always feel like a wave of "unconditional love" just washed through me - that all is right with the world and it feels so loving. Hope your weekend is relaxing and nice.

  16. Congrats to the happy couple! Beautiful picture! That desert looks very good! Big Hugs!

  17. Dear Baili, I wish the happy couple a long life of commitment that will bless all those who come after them. And . . . I can't help wondering if the good feelings you were having as you cooked were also--beside the news you shared with us, from the fact that here in the United States a new president took office and four years of chaos ended. Peace.

  18. Your carrot dessert sounds wonderful, and very special! How wonderful that it turned out so lovely and that you could share it with your in-laws! Such lovely and exciting news your son shared! I will pray that he gets his visa card soon, so that he can visit, I know you miss him so much! Always such a blessing to visit with you, and share in the happy details of your life. May the Lord bless you with His sweet presence in beautiful and amazing ways! Much love to you dear friend :)

  19. Dear Baili - The happy faces of the newly-wed couple made me smile and the carrot dessert made me hungry.

    Thank you for your concern. Actually school has been constantly open since June and we are mostly free keeping preventive measures with less restrictions. However, I’m not happy about the emergence of new strain of virus. Take care, and enjoy your life.


  20. Hello Baili,
    What a lovely photo of the couple, they look very happy. The carrot dessert sounds delicious! I wish you peace and happy times ahead. Enjoy your day!

  21. Mubarak to the new couple
    That carrot desert must be delicious.

  22. The traditional dessert that you during for 3-4 hours takes patience
    and the results are definitely delicious. Satisfied, the results taste good according to what you want
    How glad your son and his friends are to receive delicious dessert gifts from you.
    Have a nice week

  23. O prato que confeccionou deve ter ficado delicioso, tanto mais que foi feito com o coração também.
    Que bonito casal. Parabéns!
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

  24. wow interesting, I'm just know the carrots can be cooked like that. thank you for sharing

  25. Muitas felicidades para o novo casal! Que linda a história deles!
    E o prato confecionado deve estar delicioso! Aqui costumamos fazer bolo de cenoura também, de vez em quando!... Esta semana, estamos a acabar um de maçã, com canela... mas o desta semana, foi comprado... nas últimas semanas, houve muitas compras a fazer... e de momento, tudo o que entra em casa, tem de ser lavado ou desinfetado, por causa da pandemia, que está muito acesa, em meio urbano, e o tempo não chega, para tudo, conforme eu desejaria, infelizmente...
    Grata, por tão adoráveis partilhas! Um beijinho! Daqui a pouco, estarei de volta por aqui, apreciando mais algumas das suas recentes publicações que se me foram escapando, nestas últimas semanas... que por aqui, têm sido bem preocupantes, e ocupadas, com a pandemia num crescendo imparável, infelizmente!...
    Tudo de bom!

  26. Ten years waiting to be married is a true measure of their love. I'm glad that they were finally able to marry, and I wish them many happy years together. Your son has a good heart, Baili. But that's not surprising. He has wonderful parents! Hugs to you, my friend!


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