Friday, January 8, 2021

Forms Of Faith


Hey  Sweet  People  

Hope  having pleasant time in new year :) and hope  facing the new challenges with undefeated  courage and determination .

Now when i am learning  through scientific videos about  cosmic facts and how earth happened to be the way it is today ,my faith on this quote  getting  deeper ,stronger day by day.


i wonder how old this quote can be ? because i feel that it has something to do with very first human minds on earth .But how? 

Were they enough clever to sense the weird ,hard ,complicated and  miraculous  process of "earth formation" "

Or they used insight installed within their brains during  various experiences and connected  those experiences  with their belief ?

What  is the  belief  or Faith actually ? Did we just invented it or we have specific information about  it dwelling in our genes and Faith comes out itself when encounters with certain circumstances ?

In my opinion there are few forms of "faith " in this world .

To some people it is a Dress to their social bodies to appeal certain social behavior from society. That dress  Never reaches to their spirit but remains mere a product o show off .

To  some "Faith " is  Shield  that they wear to protect  themselves so  negativity  of  this world cannot touch them. Shield of   Faith that   keep Surface  of their being  safe probably  but  Never  gets to their bones .This is Need based faith indeed.

On the other hand some people born with curiosity  and always try to find out reasons behind physical facts  and put effort  into research to learn answers of what ,why and how  whole life . If they are practical enough  they  get success  to some extent on the basis of science .Their faith is never complete and keep changing  according to their knowledge. This is "Smart Faith" 

In the same world some people i mean really few people born with a Certain ,Particular Longing  For The " Divine Truth "

They  come into the world with  bunch of  strange feeling ,a weird restlessness ,an undefinable  urge ,an Unfillable  Space and  a Never Ending Loneliness . This bunch  of feelings Keeps them uncomfortable even in  Comfortable times .It  makes them appear as alien to others if  the host does not know how to control them . No matter how much worldly success they get ,they Still feel Empty  and Alone Inside .May be Their Selflessness  can create group of  caring and loving people around them But  They Still Suffer  with  Spiritual  Loneliness.

To The  world may be they are weird or pathetic because of their Negligence  For Worldly  Stuff  and Yearning  for  Discomfort  but Somehow they themselves find  all these   difficulties as a "Way  to Find Divine Truth" I don't know(yet) Why ?

But they do believe that " God  reveals Himself  Through  Odds "And their search  for God  make them feel "Easy" while passing through tough times anyway . This is wise "Faith" Such people  Find Eternal Peace When Meet to the Truth or which is Truth according to their Comprehension eventually . 

I can't say that something can ever change this for them or not because i  have reached to only point i mentioned here until now 

"a divine peace " that seems fruit of all inner pains 

"a gain that seems exceptional and forever "

Precious friends ,i am sorry for quitting abruptly as hubby got home and asking for tea so let me say goodbye and see you all soon!

Yes it is almost 4 pm here ,windy cold day a beautiful one indeed!

blessings to all of you!


  1. It's a very human need to search for spiritual truth, whatever that may be.

    1. i agree ,having awareness of our soul and practicing living through it is need for developing better physical existence

  2. "a divine peace " that seems fruit of all inner pains ...

    I would call this the peace that surpasses all understanding. It is from this bible verse, "And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:7

    1. each verse lies in religious books reveal the divine truth and how we can approach it dear Sandi

      surpassing all understanding must mean that all feelings or knowledge that put even a tiny robe thinner than a hair between humans and divides it is false and man made because no sign within nature or universe points out the inequality or difference between humans
      by looking at it we learn that from stars to sand particles everything is part of one same energy ,energy that stands like an eternal tree within universe and has spread us like branches all over in various shapes though
      It contracts Back and spread us forth again
      i wonder since when it is repeating it's action
      but all i believe that we humans have to be smart and learn that Only Unity between can make us Survive only and we can achieve this by leaving all childish concerns behind

  3. I like the sound of smart faith!

  4. Dear Baili I really liked the way you put this point about some people have a 'dress' but it doesn't reaach their spirit - so true. I have come across many like this and in the end concluded I dont need to wear a badge stating my faith, I don't need to attend a club/church to prove my commitment - my journey is with God and nobody else. But there are those wearing the 'dress' that are still on a spiritual journey, they just havent moved on to the next step - posts like yours are enlightening and will help them! Sandi has made a lovely comment above which sums it up pretty well too.

    1. i agree with each single word you said here about your own way to have faith dear Betty

      i have seen just like you so many who wear this DRESS to hide their horrible actual faces ,i believe that God has encountered me to these are the people so i can learn the difference between true and false
      they make me aware about ugly reality that those who don't have faith actually shout loud to have one
      because faith is TRULY A PRIVATE THING for one and connects an individual with his maker from within ,the deeper and personal it is the stronger is relationship between man and God i believe

  5. Dear Baili, I love the way you express your understanding of the complex topics: faith, belief, origin of the universe, and evolution of humanity. There is no doubt, as you said, everything happens for a reason. The scientists say everything started with a Big Bang. If that is true, you and I, are a part of that as we have all evolved from it. Since the very beginning everything has been evolving. I like your “stages of faith”. I wish I could sit down and enjoy a cup of tea with you and your hubby and we could all talk about the stages of faith. Thank you for sharing your blog and for your kind comments on mine. John

    1. i feel overwhelmed by your kind words dear John

      i think we belong to era when our minds has developed their ability to understand very basic realities and facts of life and i truly believe that we only need to motivate ourselves to devote some of our time to think about what we are and why we are
      science gives answers that satisfy our practical desire for knowledge but contemplation over our existence and the ways our truly really tiny selves are acting and progressing within such huge and strikingly organized system can connect us to the biggest fact of all this miraculous happening THAT JUST LIKE EVERYTHING HAS PURPOSE TO SERVE HERE WE ARE ALSO SENT TO DO SOMETHING BIG AND MEANINGFUL

      just like all organs inside us work TOGETHER to keep us alive
      even we both would love to sit with you and listen your enlightening words regarding your knowledge about life and all :)

  6. Your descriptions are clear. I wish for greater faith in my life.

    1. thank you dear John
      i think faith lies within us ,awaits for exploration by us through various observations and experiences of life
      we don't need tough times to discover it ,but an instinct and desire to contemplate and connect to our source of origin ,a simple ,basic demand of consciousness it must be

  7. I enjoyed reading your thoughtful post,
    I hope hubby enjoyed his tea,

    Blessings to you and your family, enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

    1. thank you dear Jan :)

      we both enjoyed it together :)

  8. Replies
    1. thank you dear Emma
      i just follow my soul compellingly

  9. Baili you have a way with words and expressing your thoughts and knowledge. This is a beautiful post and I enjoyed it very much. Have a very nice weekend.

    1. dear Nichole i am so happy you found my simple words enjoyable

  10. Spirituality is an important part of my life. It gives me comfort and reassures me about my purpose in life. This is a thought provoking post, Thank you.

    1. i am getting to know this term "spirituality slowly dear Marie though i never dig for it specially ,i personally think that there are three kind of people in this world ,one who live completely by their bodies and spend whole life in fulfilling demands of their physical desires
      second who live between spirit and body and try to keep balance with both sides according to their strength and insight
      third who have SPIRITUAL SIDE MORE AWAKEN AND ACTIVE and inevitably live by SOULS ,their spiritual life is far rich and nurtured than physical one
      i still can't define my own position among these but one thing is clear that my physical desires never could surpass my spiritual ones since beginning ,i would say my body is slave of my soul simple is that

  11. Blessings to you too, Beautiful Soul. Yes, everything happens for a reason. We heal and keep growing, or some people stop and keep repeating things. We have to listen to our soul! The Universe will show us the way! Big Hugs!

    1. i agree that when we connect and ask for help universe help us back in a mysterious way ,i learnt this astonishing reality gradually ,slowly
      i cannot explain how serene and full i feel inside since i am in direct connection with nature

  12. Very inspiring. I think we all need to know that there is something bigger than us, that we belong.

    1. Yes We need to know the energy that surround us from within and around and waits for our call to response

  13. Dear Baili, this is such an inspirational post and one I enjoyed very much. Blessings to you and your sweet family and A Very Happy and Healthy New Year!

  14. Dearest Baili, oh WOW, this beautiful post literally took my breath away!!
    That "dress" that you mentioned is so very true of many people's "faith" the way they seek happiness in really shallow things.
    I grew up with an overwhelming inner need for a sense of belonging...which manifested in my teens as a collecting around myself of beautiful clothes and other things, and also a desperate search for company in which I would be accepted just as I am. Of course, all these things only served to make me feel even more lonely and empty!
    It has taken until maturity to realise exactly what it is that I was really hankering after...a true connection to Spirit! Until then, I was shunned by other people, and was considered "odd" and "too needy"...and "boring" because I had no interest in the same things as my fellow teenagers. I always felt different, as if I was a stranger in a foreign land. Only now, I am beginning to understand who I really am. And I am more comfortable with me than I have ever been. And that is truly liberating!😊😊
    A phenomenal post, my beautiful have made me feel understood!
    Thank you so, so much.😊😊

    Stay safe and happy, dearest Baili...

    Much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Precious Ygraine

      I felt exactly the same way as you did throughout your life though I found myself much excited and in love with everything I was able to even look at from people to pebbles lying roadside everything spoke to me and I responded to it heartedly
      I knew I was different but I felt good about it
      Loving and respecting those who thought I was fool did not bother me at all nor I ever suffered with inferiority complex despite of being from lower middle class .I used to think I inherited dare and habit of being outspoken from maternal grandma or mom but when I got married and fall in love things slowly opened up to me
      I felt lost when realised the attention a man gives to a woman changes with age .that was like falling from sky to ground
      I long later realised that Pain is gift and holds your hand and leads toward Actual Reality of life .
      And believe it or not I fall in love with Pain :)
      I learnt hard but not disastrous way thankfully that Attention a man gives to his woman through physical eyes or senses is not Whole love in fact
      It is only a part and certain aspect of love
      Nature has ways to show us the reality that everything that we can see has end so we can long for Divine Truth and we can learn how much we are facilitated by Nature and His Designer, why and how we can Survive despite of being truly tiny part of this Huge system.
      All challenges and pains are only to wake us up so we can move further to truth and find peace
      Hugs lovely friend

  15. Nice writing and i enjoyed reading you. I always enjoy your writings. hope all is going well for you.

  16. I confess I was a man of faith before.
    Nowadays not so much.
    Have a great week

    1. sometimes things get blurred out of excitement dear Pedro and we feel different for a while
      if the roots are deep within you ,there will always be way for it to grow once again :)

  17. Você é uma pessoa muito espiritual. Sabemos que a ciência e a fé não se misturam. Há muita coisa que a ciência não sabe nem pode explicar. A fé explica tudo para quem acredita. Que bom você acreditar.
    Uma boa semana com muita saúde.
    Um beijo.

    1. i think i completely agree with you on that faith explains everything to those who Believe dear Grace
      i think One who has created us want us to Long For answers and struggle for Truth First So when he finds us Facing towards Him and Seeking for Knowledge about Him He Opens up window in our Soul to reveal Himself

  18. You have a great faith, Baili, not only in yourself but in your fellow mankind. This is a wonderful trait and not one which many of us can claim. Thank you as always for a thoughtful and thought-provoking post. Some days faith is harder to hold onto than others, but we should all keep trying not to lose it.

    1. i too am so scared for future when Faith will be hard to find in hearts Yet i don't give up and keep praying for that so humanity can have hope to survive and thrive not only physical way but in a spiritual way too because spiritual advancement leads to more reliable future and fate

  19. And in here it's snowing beautifully☺ Wonderful polst, yes , everything happens for a reason and faith us so important, gives us strenghth! Happy New Year to you and your whole family!

  20. a good new year entry, i loved the text. I liked the blog and I'm already following.

  21. I think we are supposed to search for the divine truth from within our soul.

    My Grandfather wrote this in a book that he gave me for Christmas, just six weeks after my birth:

    If you would enter the house you must have the key.
    Christ is the key to the Household of God, Christ is the key to Scripture.
    Who said, suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. (St Luke 18,16)

    The same truth has been taught be historical prophets/teachers in all faiths.

    1. i agree "that search of divine energy " seems to be installed within our bones ,i too feel like a child lost in fair and crying for mother

      yes i inevitably shed tears sometimes and since then when i did not know what is this all about

  22. Uma publicação deveras inspiradora!
    A fé... sempre um tema tão fraturante, pelo mundo... pois há imensas religiões... não achando eu, que nenhuma seja superior, ou inferior... mas todas de alguma forma procuram atingir um ponto comum... a evolução espiritual de cada pessoa, para que ela se torne num melhor ser humano, em valores, carácter e exemplo para os demais...
    Sou agnóstica, Baili, pelo que não sigo nenhuma religião específica... mas gosto de saber e aprender com todas elas... acreditando que há mais coisas entre o Céu e a Terra, do que a ciência pode explicar... e essa é a minha fé... acreditar que há algo mais do que o que olhos veem e os sentidos alcançam, e que o mundo é demasiado perfeito para ser obra do acaso...
    Sempre um prazer imenso, ler as suas profundas palavras, Baili, que nos fazem refletir sobre tantos temas enriquecedores do ponto de vista espiritual, e a sua nobre e admirável formação, e valores!
    O mundo está a passar por uma fase bem problemática, em que as nossas crenças e valores, por vezes, parecem estar a ser testadas... só com fé, se ultrapassam períodos assim... que nos restituem as forças, para sairmos dos problemas, mais fortes e preparados, do que estávamos antes...
    Um beijinho! Tudo de bom!

    1. precious Ana

      thank you for honoring my simple writing and finding it worth it to drop such insightful comment !

      i too think that religions though leads to the same ocean like rivers yet they divide people when it comes to restrictions ,i believe that Divine energy or Creator who ever he is has designed better ways for us to UNDERSTAND AND FOLLOW him ,all we need is an observant eyes and longing heart that seek for TRUTH
      either think that this whole scenario including our universe has not come to being accidentally because ACCIDENT DON'T WORK AS LONG AND WITH SUCH ACCURACY ND MANAGEMENT
      Creator has created all for the reason and unfortunately we have lost our track and wasting times in ways and things that only can divide and harm us rather than compose and make us useful to each other and to this planet
      i truly believe that or salvation depends on our characters and our INTENTIONS BEHIND OUR ACTIONS

  23. Husbands ~ LOL! They do love to be taken care of and appreciated!

    Your words, "What is the belief or Faith actually ? Did we just invented it or we have specific information about it dwelling in our genes and Faith comes out itself when encounters with certain circumstances ?" resonated with me so deeply. I have thought and thought about these questions. Like you, I am curious about cosmology and why things are the way they are. Everything does happen for a reason, although the reason may not be apparent.

    My sister Donnie gave me a beautiful, thought-provoking book by Richard Wagamese. It's called "Embers: One Ojibway's Meditations." One of his meditations made me feel comforted on the idea of faith, more accepting of the concept of faith. This is what Wagamese wrote:

    "Me (Wagamese): What if we're wrong?
    Old Woman: Wrong about what?
    Me: All this ceremony, prayer, meditation. What if, at the end of it, all there is is nothing?
    Old woman: Then we still come out better people.
    Me: How?
    Old Woman: Can you think of a better way to live than in gratitude? Can you think of a better way to be than to be kind, loving, compassionate, respectful, courageous, truthful and forgiving? Even if we're wrong, can you think of a better way to breathe than through all that?
    I couldn't, I can, I continue..."

    This struct me as profound, quieted my restless questions, and increased my faith. Wow!
    Hugs to you, my dear friend! I always think of you, even when I don't visit. Every day ~ and I say a prayer for you, Ali, and your sons every night.

  24. dear Louise what a bliss to have you as friend !

    i miss you more in my comment box when i find my posts bit thoughtful like this one ,your opinion (like others) matters to me more specially when i see you as an ocean of thoughts and wisdom ,i would love to have some drops to fulfill my thirst

    thank you for sharing the book about meditation
    yes i agree with the old lady though i believe strongly that there is reason for this creation and all and the messages dropped by DIVINE energy are IMPOSSIBLE to turn bind eye
    i agree that there is no other way to live peaceful life and fulfilled one except absorbing the love of creator springing like fountain around me and sprinkle it where ever i pass by ,for me it keeps me connected to Him DEEPLY !
    oh your kind words made y eyes teary ,believe it or not i too keep you and all friends in my prayers ,i am greatly grateful for having you my friend!


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