Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Darkness Is Mere An Illusion

Hello Beautiful   Friends !

Firstly  sorry for not being  much regular  in blogging  land.I  know  i write this blog as online diary still i feel obliged to visit  sweet  people who take time and visit my really raw and rough  place and share their  valuable thoughts .I feel  honored !

A  construction work was being done in our upper  floor since  last  week . As  we  here, suppose  to  provide lunch  to  labor so  i  was  extra  busy meanwhile .Coincidentally   we  been  having  guests  for two  days  afterwards . And  then my  laundry  and  grainwash took  place  which  ended  today. 

Our  weather  is  smoothly yet pleasantly  moving  towards summer. Temperature  are  springing  to 10 to 20 plus. What   is the  most  joyous  thing  regarding  February , are  smiles  of  nature   that  have  started  to  appear  all  around   me :)))

But  right  now  i am  not  going  to  share  images  as  i  have not  taken  yet with  thought  that  let  the  smiles  be  more  visible and  delightful!

Since  more  than  month  for  some  reason our  power  remains  disappear  for  whole  day  at  Sunday  and  get  back  after  dark 6 or 7pm.

This  Sunday  when  power  came and suddenly enlightened  the  whole room. I wondered   "what was  before light here "?

and "What  is  darkness actually" ? as  we  all know light  is form  of  energy (photons)  but  what  about  "darkness"? what  is it made  up  of ?

Thoughts  kept  hitting my head  and  my  simple  lazy  mind  processed  them  this  way ,

Darkness  reflects  "EMPTINESS" or  "NOTHINGNESS" a  space  which  can  be  filled  with  negativity  ,Until  a light  Vanishes  it  away!

Our  Creator  is  wise  indeed  and  his  wisdom  has  no  boundary .

He  could  have  given  "DARKNESS "  a  body but  he  did  not 

WHY  ??? 

Because  he  showed  us  that  "darkness"   is  nothing  but  mere  an  illusion ! (just  like  negative  approach  that  take  place  in  our  mind  when  there  is  darkness of ignorance)  

Existence  of  darkness  is  tricky.It  is  to  challenge  our  power  of contemplation , ability  to discover  and  use light  that  our  Creator  has  installed  within  us as  supreme  creatures  of  this  planet .

He  created  "DARKNESS" before  he  created  Light , And  then  he  formed    Huge  bodies   called  Stars  to   pierce  it!He  could  have  done  it oppositely  but  he  wanted  to  make  us  think . 

Stars  are  part  of  nature . They  simplify  and  exemplify  how  to  defeat  darkness  with  singe  ray. Nature   work  sublimely  and  gracefully  right  before  our  eyes  to  make  us  learn  how  to  live  and  survive  harmlessly. 

Unlike  humans   who  like  adventures  of  complexities  Nature   work  by  simplest  laws! Her  characteristics   of  harmony  and  productivity  are most  powerful  message  to  achieve  SUCCESSFUL  EXISTENCE.

Darkness  is  also  part   of  her  display. Seemingly  most  obvious  and  dominating  Still  as  frail  that  can  be killed  by  a  tiny  single  ray!

It  is  completely  onto  us  that  whether  we  explore  our  inner  light  and  enlighten  our  worlds  or  remain  ignorant  and  get  lost  within  that  "nothingness"  which  is  actually  totally  NOTHING  in itself ! But  only here  to  make  us  rise  and  shine :)

These  were  my  thoughts   about  darkness  guys .  

But  before  starting  post when   i  googled  about  it  to  know  it's  scientific  definition   i  was  shockingly   happy  to  know   that   it  was   exactly  what  i  though :)))

Wishing  you  all  a  happy  enlightened  life  ahead filled  with  grace  of Lord  ,love  of  family and  health,amen!



  1. We need darkness as much as light. Darkness is when we sleep, rest and rejuvenate. Can't do that in the light. Darkness is where seeds germinate and new life begins. After that, light is needed, but not before.

  2. Lovely post, Baili. I crave the light in winter months but look forward to the beauty of the darkness during the summer.

  3. After a busy day, the darkness can be a relief. Time to rest and get away from the world for a few hours with blessed sleep.

  4. Thoughtful post on Darkness it has an important place in our lives.

  5. When my children were small we took a tour of a cave. At one point they turned off all the lights. It is almost painful to not be able to see. My eyes kept straining trying to focus on something... anything.

  6. Lovely post Baili.
    You certainly have been very busy.
    After having 'light' to see with darkness is a shock until ones eyes become accustomed to the dark. It is amazing what humans can see in the dark when used to it, the feel and touch helps along the way.

  7. Hello, lovely thoughts and post. I love the darkness, to be able to see all the stars is a beautiful sight. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy week ahead!

  8. "Darkness reflects "EMPTINESS" or "NOTHINGNESS" a space which can be filled with negativity ,Until a light Vanishes it away!"

    I wonder if not all spaces can be filled with negativity.

    I like your outlook here, Baili. It rings true to me also. It's the kind if question Isaac Newton and those other scientists would have asked ages ago. What is this and why. Thought-provoking!

    Are you putting new rooms on your second floor? I was surprised to read it is customary to provide lunch for the workers. We don't do that here. Though sometimes we give them water. Usually they bring all their water and food for themselves or go to fast food restaurants for lunch.

    I have to ask. What is grainwash?

    1. Your words are heartwarming dear Sandi
      Thank you!

      Actually some work was left on rooves of upoer rooms ,hubby waited till weather was suitable

      Here most of people provide lunch and tea twice or thrice to mason and labor during construction work you can call it cultural tredition :)

    2. There is a saying that Empty head is residence of evil or in movies they show how vacant places are occupied by bad spirits so i think emptiness must be avoid by filling it up with positive stuff and energy

  9. Thought provoking words about darkness. Nicely said.

  10. You are a philosopher, baili! You think deeply about life and, in turn, you make me think :)

  11. Lovely post, baili! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. We need the light and the dark; it's the yin and yang.

  12. Dearest Baili...oh WOW...what a fascinating post!!
    I have always felt rather intimidated by darkness...I guess that being unable to see anything around me, left my imagination free to invent "monsters"! 😉
    But you have made me look deeper...and, yes, I do believe that darkness and light are within our souls too. I have always had a sneaky suspicion that a huge part of our life path is to banish the darkness within, and replace it with Spiritual Light. And your wonderfully wise words here confirm all that I believe.
    Oh it is such a privilege to find someone who believes as I do about the meaning of life... especially as there is so much selfishness, greed and total disregard for human life everywhere I turn.
    You are a breath of fresh air!😊😊

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    All my love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. Dearest Ygraine !

      you are so kind !

      it is for me a pleasure to learn that i have friends who share my way of thinking ,your words carry so much love and sweetness which is rare i agree
      finding such warmth among cruelties and coldness of this world is truly a blessing and i feel so blessed to have friends like you :)

  13. Oh yes, Baili... you should write a book. :)
    Your text is soothing and thought-provoking and I enjoyed reading the comments too.
    Thank you for these posts.
    And thank you for your kind comments. Today in Finland we celebrate Valentine's Day in its Finnish form: the Day of Friendship. :) I'm very happy to send you big hugs, dear friend! 🌼

    1. Thank you for loving words dear Sarah ,i am a huge fan of your poetic photography believe me :)

      wishing you showers of more love joy and peace ahead :)

  14. Your choice of topics, dear Baili, is always amazing to me. I so enjoyed reading your views about darkness and light and even though darkness can be feared, it is also a good thing in many ways. Without it, we would probably not appreciate lightness. Also, I too was amazed that feeding the workers is a tradition because whenever we had workmen in our home, it was not a custom, only drinks provided on warm days as another person, Sandi, commented. It is always so interesting to read about how customs differ.

  15. You certainly think deeply about life …
    It sometimes seems to me that so many in this world are so busy they don't take time to think … which is such a shame.
    We need both darkness and light don't we.

    All the best Jan

  16. i agree :)
    they both have purpose to serve indeed!

  17. No doubt about it, Baili!
    Darkness, emptiness, or loneliness seems unfavorable.

  18. Your words and thoughts inspire me and remind me to focus on my teacher of light :-)


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