Thursday, December 5, 2019

Labor Of Love !

Do  you have  time   to  stop  and  look at the  features  of  earth .

It   seems she  was  burning  like  coal   in  the  beginning . Roamed  aimlessly  within  the  undefined  vastness  of  universe  for  thousands  of  years .

Like  stubborn child   who  had  anger  and  wanted  to  ruin   everything  coming  in  his  way. 

There  was  no one  to  stop  her  except  her. What  a  privilege. Mostly   we  eager  to  do  stuff  we  are  forbidden  to  do by  others. But  if  there  is  no  one  around  to  stop  ,we  mostly  quit  doing  this  sooner .

Earth   did  the  same. She  seemed  to  got  bored of   playing   around   meaninglessly .She  realized  that  her  rage  is  no  benefit  to  her.  Except  being  source   of  wasting  her  gift   of  enormous  powers. 

She   now  had  tended  to  make  her   existence  useful .She   had  learnt  from  her  observation  that  globs   wandering  around  her  could  make  no  difference  through  their  presence.

She  had wanted  to  make  difference .Unlike  other around ,who were  extreme in  expressions ,she  decided  to  create  Balance within  her.


She   pulled  back slowly  the  wide  spread  boiling  net  of  her  auras . It  was  time  to  make  better  use  of  these  phenomenal  potentiality . She  squeezed  those  flames  in  the  center  of  her  being. That  extensive  and  dense  power  took  long  time  and  effort   to  combine. That   compaction  created   Gravity  within  her  chest. Gravity  that   links  things with  each  other  strongly. 

It  was  really  hard  to  contracting   her  powers , While  doing  so  they  attempted   to  be  out  of  control  so  many  times , These  attempts   we  call  volcanoes. How   amazing  that  those  attempts   did  what  exactly  earth  needed   for  her  next shape :)

They  jumped  high  enough   to  make  ring of  atmosphere  around   her. That  ring  around  her  was  ultimate  step  towards   her  success. Because  it  was  going   to  provide  not  just  protection  from   harms  of  other  extremists   around  her  but  It  was  going  to   Create   "Balance "  Which  was  going  to  be  reason  for " LIFE " here.

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She  went   through this  creativity   sublimely. She   carved  best  out  of  her she  could  by  her   raw  wild   energies . She   transformed   them  into  a  most  beautiful  planet   in this  whole universe. Her   creation   seemed  like sweet   "Song   of  Nature" which  she  sang  exquisitely .

Her   fresh   appearance  was  poetic  and  melodious .She    translated   her   thoughts   and  emotions  gloriously. She  knew  her   job  so  well :)

Job  that  required  Deep   Love ,Unshakable Faith  and  constant  Patience. She  was  determined  to  make  difference . And  she  made  by " Creating"  rather  than  "Destroying". 

She  gave  birth  to  Life .


Life  that bloomed  in  numerous   forms  within  her  lap later. Each  form  was  mighty   proof   of  her  passion  and  love  for  creativity.

Features  of  earth  display  her   being  amazingly. She  created  each   to  show  us  not  just  what  she  has   within  but  to  adopt them  as  virtues  to  sooth  our  lives.

Mountains  arising  from  her  teach  us  Courage  ,Self respect and Honor . Water   shows  Depth  ,Flexibility  and  ways   to support  Others! 
Desert   make  us  realize   that  Lonely  Hearts  Have More  Rich  And  Fertile  space  within  because  they  had More  times  to  Contemplate  and  Absorb  Messages  of  Nature that  enriched  them  enough  to  ride  on  wings  and  reach  to  places  that  are  barren  and  lost   with  illusions.

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Tress  and  Forests  are  source  to  clean,  beautify and  refresh  what  earth  has  between  her  heart  and   ring.

 Her  work  is  labor of  love . Her  love  for  her  inhabitants  is  undefeated.

She  has  made  difference .Turned  her  madness  into   smooth  gentle  harmony  and  gave  us  chance  to " Exist " .


It  is  easy   to  stay  self centered and  self indulgent  .But  hard  to  make  commitment  and  harmonize  yourself  with  others in  order  to  create  something  larger  than  you  ,that  gives  your  existence "Meaning"

I  don't  know  why  i  wrote  this  post.All  i  know  that  i  felt  suddenly  while sipping  my  tea  and  staring  at  evening  star  in  my  yard  that  earth  was  roaming  about  before  my  eyes  ,burning  ,shining  here  and there. Withing  minutes  i  witnessed  her  transition .I  wanted to share  it  with  you  my  friends .

Features  Of  Earth  Are  Fascinating ,aren't  they ?   

Have Lovely ,peaceful healthy life everyone!


  1. This is just wonderful Baili. Very creative and their provoking too. The images add so much. Well done and hugs.😊

  2. I see why you are very good at writing poetry Baili. You have such a poetic and lyrical mind. I love the connections that you spelled out here. Mountains and courage is a good one. I also love the analogy comparing a young Earth to an angry undisciplined person.

  3. It is a paradise we live in, except for the messes we make.

  4. It's a lovely post, Baili, and very relevant at the moment with the all the issues we are addressing worldwide regarding climate change and the way we are neglecting our environment. Nature is powerful. When I was driving home today I was thinking how beautiful the Winter landscape/trees are in this area and thought many people drive past and don't see the beauty, then I remembered my grandmother saying to me when I was impatient to move on from a similar scene 'you will appreciate the beauty of nature when you are old enough to slow down and look properly'.

  5. I think you had a vision -- a beautiful one!

  6. I have been living back in the part of my country where I grew up for eight years. I still gasp when I am driving and reach the top of a hill. I look out over the fields and farms. Sometimes the beauty is almost more than I can bear. The beauty of our world is what we should all take just a moment to see every day.

  7. for now especially in Indonesia in the city of Medan, the weather here is uncertain, sometimes it rains, sometimes it is hot, even in 1 day it can rain can be hot

  8. Un bellissimo post, dovremmo amarla e rispettarla di più queta stupenda terra.
    Buon fine settimana.

  9. What a lyrical acknowledge of the beauty and life-giving powers of our lovely planet, Baili! Your essay captures the wonders of Earth and its journey through time. This is what drew me to study geology, and my wonder has only deepened over my lifetime. Thank you, my friend!

  10. you write so beautifully - and you made this a treat to read.

  11. Lovely post on your thoughts there Baili...well done.

  12. This is definitely a lovely post and I'm so glad you wrote it! It's a beautiful tribute to Mother Earth!!! :)

  13. I loved reading this post …
    Our earth is quite beautiful, we all need to look after it and cherish it far more than we do now.

    All the best Jan

  14. You get the most beautiful and creative insights, Baili, so maybe I should drink more tea and contemplate more too. But I am so awed by the beauty of your visions in this post, my friend.

  15. Um texto lindíssimo e muito criativo! Mas infelizmente o nosso planeta está a ser vítima de muita negligência e só um milagre o poderá salvar…
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  16. A new year is coming.
    Time for us to reflect about what we want for next year.
    Have a great week

  17. There are theories that teach that the earth is round and some say the earth is flat, frankly I'm still confused which is true in science

  18. Beautiful thought about the Earth, Baili!

    Have a wonderful day!

  19. I love the quote, "I'm going to make everything around me more beautiful." I will pass that on to the girls, as I think they will appreciate it. I like the "ego" quote too. It seems that people have such big egos in the world, and they sometimes focus on themselves instead of helping others. I think the earth puts things into perspective, and I want to thank you for the gentle reminder. I will try to go into nature very soon. It brings me so much peace, Baili. Your post touched my heart, and the earth puts us back into balance once again. : )



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