Sunday, December 15, 2019

Some Photos And Khitan Event Visit

Hello  Beautiful  Hearts !

Hope  beating  beautifully  in  the harmony  of   life  :)And   absorbing  the  grace  of  your  lovely  days  gratefully  :)

I  had to  take  few  days  break   from   blogging as  hubby  was  at  home  for   three  days  before  last  Sunday .He  took  leaves  out  of  his   due yearly   leaves  as  after  December they  were  going   to  finish  anyway. We  had  some  calm  pleasant   times  together .Lots  of  chat  and  recalling  of  old  days  over  cup  of  tea :)  We  didn't  mind  to overdosing as   nothing is better  than  sipping  warm  tea  with with  some  lovely  words and  smiles  i  think :)

I   am  finding  weather  absolutely  beautiful  these   days ,chilled ,breezy  and  periodically  cloudy  days  seem  magical to me :)))
Sharing  some  images  that  i captured  during  last  week,hope  you  can  feel  the  beauty and  charm  i realized  while  capturing  them .


sky  over  my   front  yard  is being  dramatically  gorgeous ,wind plays  with  clouds  by  pushing  them  here and  there  quickly ,and  my  eyes  find  this  game  divine :) captured this  one  after  evening  prayer ,moon  was  smiling  through  thin  layer of  clouds ,last  touch of sun rays melting into the  clouds soothingly

few  days  after  when  moon  appeared  late behind the date tree ,scarcely  roaming tiny  clouds  seemed   happy  to  have  delightful  company ,my  senses  were overwhelmed by  the  spell  of  those  moment  that  reminded  me  moon from  my  village  sky ,who  used  to  shine  brighter  and  closer  though  ,for  years  i used to  ask  this  city  moon "do you find  me familiar " late  yet  happy answer i got  after  long long times "yes i do:)))"

okay i know it is almost over flow but hey this one is my  second cup of  morning tea :)  i could, but i could not leave the tea behind in my kattle  ,may be we both needed each other in this cold day 14 feels like 10 C at 12 pm

taken  on  saturday when  sun   tried  to  peek  through  fog ,looked  like  having  cold like  me lol seems  like  moon isn't it ? it was around 11 am

 Last  month hubby planted lots of seasonal  plants , rose  plant  responded  well  by  blooming  :) I love  all the  flowers ,each stick of grass yet when it comes to chose most close to my heart only name come in my mind is Rose :)

i  found  these gorgeous roses unfamiliar as those whom i  used to know do not change colors  like these ones ,they grow white and then started to get pinkish gradually ,strange could be scientific experiment  or else ?

it is intriguing to witnessing the  slight change in color of this beautiful flower , Smile of nature that offers more than just beauty ,food for thought may be !

Oh  i love  these  pretty  strokes  on  the  canvas of  sky :) wind  work  like  an artist's brush here ,her  art  varies in  shapes  and  sizes during the day,some  times  huge  grey mountains ,sometimes curving  sloppy  ways and  sometime  scattered  pieces  like  laughter dropped  from  beautiful  heart :)

this  Sunday  we  went  to  attend a Khitan  event (an Islamic way to carried out male circumcision)  The  proud mom on left ,she is daughter in law of the  eldest brother of my husband ,her boy is almost eight years old ,they threw party to celebrate the joy and gratitude of family.She was looking gorgeous doll  in her lovely dress ,on right standing her work assistant  (at party only)

when we reached at her home ,only some guests were sitting ,it took almost three hours to fill this hall with dazzling ladies

one of my cousin and sister in law too, she recently moved to her newly made home and was very happy about it

one of the daughter of my husband's eldest brother ,sitting with her two daughters in lap ,she came from another city near to attend this ceremony ,her baby was constantly trying to get down and explore the scenario by her own ,mom was worried about  dress that could be dirty if she would let her go , reminded me days when my kids were little ,it was so hard to attend such events and keep them calm meanwhile
all ladies who were relative closely in my in laws always choose place where they can sit together and chat easily lol ,it was so much fun to listen and to talk to them ,laughing on  things sound silly in general may be is therapy for senses tired of "routine life"  metaphysical words would burst into laughter seems cure for souls  mostly "reasoned" by circumstances ,i be part of such lively gathering rarely but each time i do i bring fond memories belong to sweet faces and hearts who never hesitate to adopt small pleasures that life offers! i have always loved this way of life 

another  flower from my yard garden ,found it  absorbingly beautiful :)  May you all keep smiling like this my dear friends!
wishing you more happiness ,health and peace in your days,amen!!!


  1. I enjoyed all your pictures. Nature and loved ones are lovely to see.

  2. I love watching a new flower opening up from bud to full blossom. Nature does amazing things. We must take the time to enjoy them.
    A cup of tea is so much more refreshing than a cup of coffee. I like it with lemon. I am happy you could relax with your husband and have some quiet time. Those little chats are worth so much.

  3. Your flowers are gorgeous, glad you are enjoying cooler weather. The tea looks comforting.

  4. Beautiful, colourful flowers and beautiful, colourful ladies!

  5. Your gatherings are always so colourful! I enjoy seeing them!

  6. Wonderful photos, and flowers are blooming amazingly.

    What a great khitan party, the ladies are wearing beautiful and gorgeous dresses, accessories, and make up. So lovely.

  7. Baili, it was lovely to see the sky captures from your home, and also the beautiful roses. The party was a festive event both for what it celebrated and for the colorful dresses of the women there.

  8. What wonderful photos, baili - your roses are stunning, the skies are full of life, and a family gathering is such a good chance to connect with those with whom we have a special bond! Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I hope your pleasant winter weather continues for a good long time.

  9. I was circumcised when I was a teenager.
    And, according to some doctors, my urinary infections come from that lack of protection.

  10. I loved the photos of your family. And the roses! Gorgeous.

  11. Lindas imagens que o seu olhar captou. E que linda família você tem…
    Um Natal cheio de conforto e um ano de 2020 muito bom.
    Um beijo.

  12. So many colorful and happy people. It is a nice looking family. I'm happy that you and your husband had some quiet time together.

  13. your writing is so poetic and beautiful. I really love reading you and your photos are always so pretty.

    Sounds like a nice few days with your husband.

  14. Baili your sky photos are beautiful! I especially love the one with the moon, that tree is GORGEOUS, so unusual I could paint it! Your roses are so lovely and those ladies with their beautiful clothes!!! :)

  15. I am pleased to read that you have spent a few days relaxing with your husband and having some quiet time.
    You've shared some wonderful photographs here, the roses are lovely and so are your sky pictures. The ladies look very colourful in their wonderful colour dresses.

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    All the best Jan

  16. So lovely. All of it. The flowers and the people. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  17. Your photos are heartwarming, Baili, and filled with life. I enjoyed seeing the pretty outfits and jewelry being worn at the event you went to. Such unique outfits with vibrant colors. I especially liked the pictures of the roses. They are a soft pink color, and so pretty. The skies are mysterious and lovely. I so wish I could have a cup of tea with you, my friend. We would talk about so many things. : )


    1. oh that is so sweet of you dear Sheri :)))

      same wish in my heart ,believe me !!!
      nothing impossible in this wonderful world though :)

  18. Dear Baili - Your roses are beautiful. Roses in my garden is almost over due to the morning frost. I have climbing roses similar to your roses (photo #6,7). Their colors on the fringe deepen with age. The rosy clouds scattered on the blue sky canvas is fascinating. Wish you and your family a fabulous Holiday Season.


  19. Wow, those roses are so stunning! What a pleasure it must be to look at them everyday! The sky photos are so pretty, love them☺ I was smiling when I read about the baby girl,tryin to explore, cos my baby boy is the same, he is so active,especially now, when he learnt to walk on his own, he wants to be everywhere ☺ Have a lovely day, friend!

  20. Baili, I just read your comments on my recent blog posts and wanted you to know that I would be happy to send you a snail mail card anytime. I really enjoy mailed correspondence any time of year, not just at the holidays. You can contact me through the email on the blog.

  21. The tea cup is beautiful!

    As are the flowers. 😊

  22. loved seeing the glamorous ladies, I do love a bit of dressing up! Your skyline photography is very pretty, nothing is more beautiful than nature itself. You have some impressive roses there, Baili - hubby must be a good gardener? You can never have too many roses, and the petals make prette confetti or pot pouri when dried.

  23. Family, friends, nature - it doesn't get any better than this. Thank you for another lovely post! You have been gifted with the ability to warm the hearts of others, my friend:)

  24. Le cose più belle della vita non si trovano sotto l’albero, ma nelle persone che ti stanno vicino nei momenti speciali.
    Buon Natale!

  25. Dearest Baili...Oh I am so happy you had those few days with your beloved husband. It is really nice to just be together for a while, isn't it? :)
    And thank you so much for those stunning photos of the sky and flowers...and those of those beautiful ladies. :))
    You certainly do have the ability to warm our hearts...:) :)

    All my Love & Hugs xxx

  26. Your garden has such lovely flowers. Reliving old times with your hubby, over tea, is such a delightful way to strengthen a bond. Best wishes for continued peace and happiness.

  27. Wonderful photos! I especially like the roses.

  28. Your family gathering looks wonderful and I love your flowers too.

  29. Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos, Baili! I especially enjoyed the family photos from the Khitan event. I'm sorry that I am so behind. The last six or seven weeks have been hard for me. I'm okay. It's just been rough.


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