Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Source Of Inspiration and a Confession!

Hey   Beautiful   Hearts!

Hope   and  pray   that   you   are  enjoying   all   the   good      and  tough   seasons  of   your  garden   of  life  with   bright   well coming  Smile  :) 

Because   you   know  this  so  well   that,

   no   season  will   follow   your    expectation,    but   you  will have   to    adjust   your  moods   according   to   life 's   all     changes   and  surprises  .

That   come  to  us   with  many   faces  like  sorrows ,Pain 

 ,pleasures , amazement  ,amusement , sympathy ,shock  or 

just   a  slight   touch   of  gentle   breeze!

Life 's  such   various   aspects    inspire   all  of  us  in  different   ways 

Some  of  us   get  depressed   and  go  under  heavy  medication 

Some  get  excited   and   take  them  as  challenge   to   prove  their   strength  and  will  power  

Some  of   us   become  aggressive  and   annoying  for  all  around  of  them

Some  blame  others   for   such  situations   and  take  revenge  from  innocents 

Some  instantly  get   up   and   start   Cooking   ,Knitting 

 Sewing ,Writing   Reading   ,Painting  ,Running   Cycling ,cleaning  

 ,Decorating  ,Singing  ,Photographing , Petting , Chatting 

 Gardening  ,Helping  or  serving  others  volunteerly  Or  Just 
Take  a  Nap!

Such   Changes   of   the  seasons   of  life   touch   my   heart  too!

And   mostly   there   flows   some   smooth   waves   of  poetry  or  prose   in  my  head    suddenly   .

which  i  write   down  sometimes  and  sometimes   totally 

 forget  what  had  came  in  my  head  in  certain  past 

 moments   which  is  bad  obviously  because   according   to

  my  eldest  son  i  should  write  down  whatever   comes  in  my  mind .

He  says  it  is  related  to  literature   which  can  never  ever  loose  it's  value  no  matter  how  long  time  passes. 

Thank  you  so  much  dear  fellows  for   kind  and  sweet   words  in my  last  post   which  was  a  poem !

He sent  me  his  selfie  yesterday!!!

Yes   i  confess  that  i  was  sad  when  i  wrote  this!

Sadness  like   still  water  was   paused   within   my  heart   from   long  time    unconsciously .

 Though   i  was  avoiding to  accept   it's  presence  in  me  !

A tiny  piece  rock  was  thrown  in  this   still  water  few  days  back   which  created  movement   on  it's  surface   and   awakened    the  circles   of   restless  thoughts  .

 My   younger   son  who  was  being  much  naughty   and  was  teasing   his  younger   brother  while  doing  his  homework  made  me  annoyed  !
His  behavior  made  me  upset    and  i  said 

"i  will  not  talk   to  him until  he  apologize  to   his  brother "
He  did   so   but i  was  still   not  talking  to  him . 

After  one  day   my   younger  son   seemed  in  desire  to  talk  with   me  as  we   talk   lot  as  he  is  staying   home  since  few  months   waiting   for  his  college   starts  in  September .

I  was  laying  after  morning  chores  when   he   walked  around  my  bed  and  asked  me  many  times  as  if  i  need  something  or  "can  he  press my  head  to  give  relief  to  my  tiredness"?

I  said  " No " and  he  looked  disappointed !

Within  seconds  my  heart  melted  down  and   i  realized   tears  appearing  in  my   eyes  to  whom  i  pushed   back   with  quite  a hard   effort!

Meanwhile   this  poem   sprouted   in  my  mind  along  with   great  grief   of   being   away    from  my  eldest  son  who   will  be  not  with  us  on  this   Eid  Day  which  is  tomorrow!!!    

Love  and  miss  him  so  much!!!

This   will  be  our  second   Eid   without  him  and  on  such  yearly   big   celebrations   i  really  want   my  all  children   front  of  my  eyes   eyes!

Happy  Eid  to  My  Baba! (in the memory of precious times when we were together (2016)

When  i  see   my   previous  life   i  appreciate   my   positivity!

But   no  matter   how   strong   we  pretend   or  actually   feel  often ,there are  still   some   special   pains  which   start   eliminating   our   inner   life   silently  without   making  us  realize  it!

I  promise  i  will  keep  my  eyes  on  the  filled  part  of  glass   and  never   give   up  tthough  !

You  too  please   stay   strong   and  positive ! 
Take  great  Care !
God  Bless  you  All!!!


  1. Good looking sons! The oldest son's face has matured - not so much a boy anymore. Bet you miss that.
    Have a good day, evening, night!

  2. Aw, sweet lady, of course you miss your son. It is difficult with him being so far away. Sending you lots of hugs xo

  3. He has a bright future ahead, handsome boy!

  4. Love your pictures with your son, great you have such a strong bond even now,when he is not with you, Happy Eid☺

  5. I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling, dear friend. A heavy heart is one of the hardest pains to bear. I hope you feel better after writing your poem and also this post. Sometimes it helps to just get all the emotions out in the open. And remember your other son may just be at an age when he forgets how his teasing makes other people feel. He will grow out of that in time and with help from you, his family. You are always such a positive influence on others, I have no doubt you will be able to return to feeling positive if you give yourself a little time to feel your grief fully. Because having the family part ways - even when it's natural through children growing up - is a type of grief and hard on a parent's heart. Warm hugs, baili.

  6. I only have my one son and I love him so much and miss him when I don't see him. You are such a positive person, I am sure that those around you are always uplifted by your gentle but strong spirit. Stay positive! Blessings on you, always.

  7. As I say often the hardest part of being a parent is letting go. When our children become adults we feel like they no longer nee or want us. Of course that is not true but that is the way we feel.

  8. It can be hard being away from loved ones around holidays. It seems that your son is doing so well. I see why you are proud of him.

    Have s great week!

  9. You are such a beautiful soul! It's good to release your emotions! Sending you and your family Big Hugs and many blessings!

  10. Baili,
    Like the birds, we have to let our children fly.
    It hurts, we miss them, but we have to to it.

  11. I can't imagine my sons one day leave home…
    joining your followers

  12. I understand the sadness you feel. I miss my sons too. Both are grown. One is married now, and they are expecting their first baby. The other is away at school working on getting his degree. We must be happy for them that they are doing well. You did a good job of being a mother and you should be proud of yourself and of your sons.

  13. A very heartfelt post, Baili. Something we share as mothers.

  14. So well worded! I felt much the same when my little ones became grownups with children of their own.
    You will be a great mother-in-law and someday grandmother.

  15. Such a lovely, heartfelt post, dear Baili! A big hug!

  16. It's not nice when miles separate loved ones … they are forever in our hearts and thoughts.

    My good wishes

    All the best Jan

    PS I enjoyed your photographs, thank you.

  17. I know how hard it is to be away from our children, it’s a hard pain to bare , you have such good looking boys, and I think you have raised them with gentle dispositions too, that’s such a wonderful thing, be happy my friend,

  18. So sorry your boy was not with you for Eid, but he's having such a wonderful adventure, try not to be said. One of my sons went to university and I hardly saw him over 3 years even though he was not so very far away! there's a saying here 'absence makes the heart grow fonder' and how true it is :) I hope you will lighten your heart with homemaking and think happy thoughts. Blessings to you. Betty

  19. I love your thoughts and ideas at the beginning of your post, they are so insightful of how people cope with situations that they are not expecting or do not want.

    They are particularly relevant to me right now, my mum is going through a significant change in her life and through extension I am having to go through the change with her.

    I am finding it difficult, because of her emotions and her not listening (for consideration) to sensible advice.

    Thank you :-) Your post has helped me :-)

    1. Thank you dear Cherie !

      i feel so blessed and honored when wonderful wise people like you say such kind and sweet words for my simple opinions about life !

      you have beautiful soul and very kind heart as you are standing with your dear mother in difficult time she is facing right now !
      she is lucky to have daughter like you my friend!
      and i am very much sure that with your help and grace she will be out of this tough situation very soon!


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