Saturday, August 25, 2018

Few updates About my Health Issues and Recent Eid Ul Adha ,and some fun gathering pics sent by my son!

Hello  Wonderful  Fellows!

Hope  and  Pray  that  you  are  doing  great  in  your  beautiful  worlds  and  defeating   all  the  pain   and  hardships   with  your  striking   courage  and   confidence :)

Ah ,i  am  doing   fine  inspite  of  all  my  tiredness  or  health  issues 

Yes  nothing  can  stop  me  from  being   positive  and  confident  that 

 "All  Is   Well"  because  i   have   surrendered  front  of    my  dear  kind  merciful   Lord  long  long  ago ,And  now  


I   Am  Playing  with  toys  of  present  moments :)

If  you  remember  i  posted   few  months   back  about  my  throat  bleeding  .

I  Still  have  this  problem   though  less  then  before  as   along  with  medication   i  am  being  careful   in  my   diet  and   almost   completely  avoiding   fried  stuff.

Due  to   summer   season   my  joints  pain  is  less  but  while  i  was  in  Murree   hill  station   near  Islamabad  where   weather  was   little  cool  i  realized  my  knee   pain  has increased !  

My  left   eyesight   is  slightly  better  than  before   as  i  am  using  eye  drops  regularly !

One   thing  is  surprising   that  my  hunger   seems   to  reduced   slowly   since   some  months  as  after  certain  amount  i  suddenly  feel  so  filled   and  feel  totally   unable  to  take  even  one  bite  more  which  is  strangely  new   experience   to  me .

On  the  day  of  Eid  ul  Adhta we  all  missed  our  eldest  son ,but  when  he  called  and   talked   more  than one  and  half  hour  through  video   call   we   were  sooooo  relived  and  felt  our  day  was  complete with   joy  and  peace :)

Sharing   some  glimpse  of  his  two   different  gatherings  ,one   was  a  birthday  event  of  one  of  his  friend   and  other   was  on  Eid  day  .We   were  so  happy  to  know  that  he  spent  Eid  day  with  friends   and  had  great  time  . 

                            Surroundings  of  area  where  he  lives 

they  were  almost   8   people  who   participated  in  making  various  food ,cake  and  arrangements 

                   Pretty  birthday  girl  with  lovely  smile !

These   young  people  sound   great  at  their  skills  as  cake  is  looking  so  yummy! Her  nick name Bibi is  written  on  cake 

My  son  helped  his  friend  by  his  own  way  lol,  capturing  the  scenario 

In  life they  will  cook  so  many  times  but  these  moments  will  be  a  treasure   of  beautiful  memories  in  their  heart!

Party   completes  with  a  group   photo  because   it   comprises   the  whole  panoramic  view  of  fun Moments!

This  is  fourth  day  of  Eid  ul  Adha  ,we  been  receivingd  lots  of  beef   and  mutton  and  i  was  making  with  them  dishes  for  my  family  though  we  distribute  most  of  beef   to  my  in  laws  because  me  and  hubby do  not  eat  heavy  meat  due  to  weak  stomach!

Lots  of  expected   and  unexpected  guests  i  been  serving  meanwhile  which  was  tiring  due   to   heat  yet  pleasurable!

Leaving    you  my   words   that   


Stay   Blessed   with  Faith  which   creates  hope   and   gives  you  wings   of  strength   to  turn  all   into  your  favor  miraculously !

God  Bless  You  All!!!


  1. Hello, lovely photos. I hope you are feeling better. The group photo of the smiling young people is great. Stay free from worries! Enjoy your day and weekend!

  2. I'm glad to hear that your health is improving and that you had a good, long video call with your son. Happy Eid!

  3. The food looks delicious and so does the cake! Glad you are keeping control of your health. Thanks for the update.

  4. What a lovely photos,seems like they are a great group of fridnds☺ Hope your health will keep getting better☺

  5. it looks they all had a lot of fun!

  6. I'm glad you are feeling a little better and hope you continue that way. Your son and his friends look so happy which is the way they should. Enjoy your holiday but remember to take care of yourself.

  7. I am sorry to hear that ill health is still causing you problems. I hope they sort themselves out soon.

    Lovely photos of your son celebrating with his friends.

  8. You are right, sweet friend. These will be very special memories for these young people!

    I hope that your health keeps improving. Sending you lots of hugs from Canada xo

  9. i am sad to read of all the health problems you are having, are all of those symptoms related to one disease??

    the birthday girl and your son have beautiful smiles. it looks like everyone had a grand time!!

    1. Thank you dear Debbie!

      No I am coping with multiple health issues among which anemea is basic on one hand and stomach ulcer on the other along with joints pain in winter and left eyesight weakness

  10. Hi Baili :)) Your positive attitude is wonderful. I'm so glad your health is doing better, even if it's little bits here and there! My hands feel great lately...but as autumn arrives, I can feel a little pain...the cold is harsh for my joints too! My summer has been busy and wonderful! I'm glad to catch up with you! xx

  11. I am sorry to hear about your health issue. I hope they all improve soon. I am 51 years old and these little things are popping up with me too. I also have some stomach issues.

    Great pictures as always. Have a great holiday!

  12. So nice to see all the photographs you've shared here. I especially like the group one, lovely to see happy, smiling faces.

    I do hope your health and wellness keeps getting better.
    Look after yourself, my good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  13. I wish you health!
    Your son and his friends in Munich are happy young people!

  14. Hope and pray that you get well soon.
    have a great week!

  15. Gostei bastante de ver as fotografias estão todos a divertir-se.
    As melhoras.
    Um abraço e boa semana.

    Dedais de Francisco e Idalisa

  16. Antes de mais desejo que a sua saúde melhore.
    Gostei das fotografias que o seu filhos lhe enviou.
    Uma boa semana.
    Um beijo.

  17. Okay, now I'm hungry looking at all that great food. Looks like everyone was having a good time.

  18. You have a marvelous family! And all are obviously great cooks.

    I will pray for you. Promise.

  19. I hope your health gets better. You have a wonderful family. You have a good outlook on life.

    1. Attitude and outlook can make a big difference in recovering from health problems, keep it up!

      Cooking together is such fun, one of my favorite things. You have a happy looking family, what a blessing.

      Sending good thoughts and energy from BC Canada🌞🌞

  20. OMG - all that food looks absolutely delicious!! Dear Baili, I'm so very sorry that you've not been feeling well, but I'm lifting you up in prayer, as God is a Healer. Sending some hugs your way! RO

  21. I'm glad you are feeling better, and I hope you recover completely very soon. And I'm glad you could talk with your eldest son so long. Hold on… There are only three months left until December. Time passes quickly... :-)
    Have a lovely September, dear Baili!

  22. Please, please take care of yourself! I am so sorry about your health!!
    I love the photos of your son and that great food!
    Big Hugs!

  23. I'm sorry to hear of your health problems. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Your son looks like he is having a fun time with his friends. Great pictures! I'm sure it was wonderful and a relief for you to get to talk to him.


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